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@teerack said:

Is everyone really still pretending Snyder's Batman run hasn't been one of the most boring comic runs of all time?

Except for Batchappie I wouldn't say boring. I would have used other negative adjectives though.

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I never thought he was slow I just thought he wasn't agile. SW Rebels didn't really do anything to dispel that idea.

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Like the Technosapiens story from his own book

What a mediocre story. I didn't even like it visually. The whole thing felt like a waste and was only an excuse to give him the power to give him back his body because of all those people complaining about him not having junk. Something I find ridiculous in more than one way. What makes it worse is it took away an interesting aspect of his character.

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@warrior100: Well the reason he's getting a chance probably is because he's on the Justice League. Which I'm still against. Personally I think he lost far more leaving the Titans to go to the JLA than he gained.

Seems some people are more interested in the status and power bump than things that worked good for his character.

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@warrior100 said:

why don't they push other black superheroes, like Black Lighting, Vixen, Firestorm Jason Rusch, John Stewart, Static ? Why all the Focus on Cyborg now ? what makes him so special ?

I'd like to see some Firestorm or John Stewart action.

Does Firestorm count considering he's the backseat to Firestorm?

Why not push Cyborg? They're just not creating something good right now. Which can be said about many of their books.

Static doesn't count. DC doesn't have full rights and they don't like to share.

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@poeticwarrior said:
@kgb725 said:

No one cares about cyborg

It seems like people keep talking about promoting existing minority characters instead of changing the existing ones, but the problem seems to be that people just don't support the existing ones or the new ones. DC and Marvel tried many times but they just don't stuck.

lol smh

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People do care about Cyborg it's just the book isn't very interesting. I gave it a chance and was looking forward to it but was disappointing in what they gave us.

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@bruxae said:

@wut: I almost never see anything else, which is why they look so freaking booooring. Glad to hear it's not the case though.

He's right. Like I said up top many get a mix of things. What you describe (cheese and one meat) is just a basic.

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@bruxae: I prefer linguica to peperonni personally but that must be the Portuguese in me.

American Pizza >>> Pizza from anywhere else. :p

Not sure where you get the idea it's always just this or that. That's just a basic. Most get a variety of things on their pizza. Though I do admit I prefer the basic cheese linguica myself.