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I hope this is like a "Well....Batista will do it for less so how bout you toe the party line Momoa" situation

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Is it just me or do Cannonball's and Sunspot's costumes look like the Order?

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Bet that's Skaar and not Hulk. Dunno why just a feeling

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Loki should have won over Bane. No contest.

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@Nefilim927 said:

Hoping they include Vision in this event seeing as how I think they forgot he was in the #0 issue of AvX

I guarantee you Vision is Ultron. Like a year or so ago in one of the Avengers books they found Ultron code. Then Vision miraculously fixed himself after Tony couldn't figure out how to do it.

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Is this like an event or a series like Age of Apocalypse is?

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@BoyWander said:

So this is like his second mutation now? That'll be kinda fun to see. I believe the X-men anime brought up that you can mutate twice like Emma Frost (I also personally believe this is true for Wolverine as he can heal and has claws). So I'd like to see Scott Mutate further.

His secondary mutation is trigonometry

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Alright, I'm just going to call it now. I think the creators made a huge continuity goof between episodes 2 and 4. In episode 2 we have Andrew locked into that outside place with Rick telling him " you better run" and when the latter shuts the door off, we are left with the sound of bloodcurdling screams to indicate that death has come to him. And yet for Episode 4, it is Andrew clearly doing the shenanigans, like opening the gate and turning on the generators to let sound attract every walker from the area. Now I know television shows leave things like this up in the air all the time but, that just seemed to me to be an obvious goof that should NOT have been made. Sure, its possible that Andrew could have escaped for freedom, found that axe and plotted his vengeance against the group but it just seemed highly unlikely to me. Then again that's consistent with what this show is never know truly what will happen next. I mean on a side note, I'm inclined to think that Carol is dead now on the show, but who knows? Still, what a great episode and it seems that the creators are staying fairly consistent to the comic with what is happening here. And now a fourth of the season is finished. Amazing!

That's not a goof. They never showed him die.

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@HortonDrawsAWho said:

The comic has always prided itself with the concept of ANYONE CAN DIE/ NO ONE IS SAFE. I feel like the show wants this concept but can't reach it. Normal TV and Movie rules apply. Carl after this episode is now Invincible, as is the baby. Maggie (if she takes the caretaker role) is also invincible. I will be SHOCKED if the characters ever even take a step inside of Woodbury now. Most likely there will be no Woodbury entertainment, the Woodbury army is essentially 6 guys with a Hummer. Tyreese will never exist. I'm not going to be surprised if the show eventually gives up what the cause of the zombie outbreak was, only because thats the type of thing a tv show would reveal in a season 4 or 5 finale. The writers don't care what the comic readers (us) think, and it's easier for them to just kill off someone then write them a story. T Dawg could have very easily been turned into Tyreese, Woodbury could have very easily been more thunderdome and less Pleasantville, and Lori could have been likable and not written as a moron. At this point I've completely stopped myself from wanting the comic parallels, were not going to get them. Give rick a machete instead of a hatchet, why? because it will anger the comic fans and its change for change sake.

Wait. You have an episode where two people die out of nowhere and it's proof that the show can't do this concept?


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This idea that Wolverine is suddenly against using children in combat is so Frakkin contrived its not even funny. He's the damn poster boy for training and using teenage girls as soldiers! It's been a core part of his character since the 70s(?). Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and Armor recently. The only reason he was on the other side of the schism was because he's the biggest X character. =\ Also #ScottSummersWasRight and @hyenascar and @LeeSensei are absolutely KILLING it earlier in these comments. Saying it way better than I could