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All awesome but the occupation lol I expected I don't know maybe a surgeon or lawyer ;p

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That's a smart assumption, your more clever then she despite being wrong

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You should be more inquisitive and less energetic, shame the worlds made up of you neanderthals

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@jina: on the upside the Flower n Rose stuff still is game :D still got to figure out where to move Apex

(Self count that's Ult Az Azylum Syapt Salem Lioness Blades Apex Reaver Bloodstone Bloodcroft total 10. Vocal Azra Razor Haven Coven Tophat Proxy Pyro Diamond Raven Dragonfang Antidoll Nevermore Hexcraft No One Lonely rose live total 17) kind of funny stone and Croft are gone being essentially the dead ones lol

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The bow was returned in kind showcasing a knowledge of a time so long ago, executed in a fashion that said it might be more then an act or replication. In the world of such heroics and fantastic conceptions traditions did carry into the present however so it might not have meant much. That and normally one would expect a level of class not found in the bed head hair styled ronin. "Hotoke no last name."

Her youthful features were quick to turn to a scowl however. "Excuse me! I can take care of myself damn it. Don't act like you know me. Besides I have thick shoes got thorn resistance up in this bitch." Her dialect fit in with the modern times, her self bravado however couldn't convince a single living creature. In fact one might be inclined to think even the spirits would briefly rise to say she was full of shit. Standing proud and defiant however she once more bit into her apple.

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Legend told of the decaying rose, a rare beauty of the feudal lands with a ferocity of unmitigated horror. They said the rose was undying and possessed by death itself, that she bathed in the blood of her countless victims. Stories told of villages reduced to simply limbs and parts brought on by murderous wrath that dared to treat corpses like playthings. Hotoke dreamed of this oni carrying on horrors upon those who dared crossed her. Dreamscapes over saturated in barbarity where it became absurdity, she'd thrash and sweat in this fever dream but eventually it always became boring and trivial at the end.

The jade eyed misplaced samurai, the term perhaps used loosely in her case woke with an out stretching yawn. The gesture bringing her head to bop into the tree and cause the girl to wince in pain, though she snatched the apple that fell attempting to score another hit. "You strike me once only you foul demon" she quipped to no one but herself and the tree. She treated this moment like a victorious endeavor and savored the fruit of her conquest as she began walking down the beaten trail. Steps were in the distance but she ignored them curious to see who she'd bump into. So instead she continued to savor the apple.

Within a minute her mind was blank and she forgot someone was approaching. Her movements were a fumble barely dodging a collision. A act of juggling saved the fruit almost dropped rising back to an upright position the messy haired ronin leaped backward in shock. "Who the hell are you! The apple is mine bro you can't have it." Bro was a saying of the modern world but Hotoke found she liked using it.

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Kayle had the disturbing job of taking care of the fallen ninja. Sakura had prepared for her survival removing her stomach before her final move. After the violent surgery she made an attempt on the speedster that'd been posing such an issue in the Tokyo takeover. He was to fast though, his movements created a heat that eradicated her existence. There was nothing after her attempt because for the flower of flesh and blood nothing of her was left. Her organ that remained sat on a table tubes flowing into it in a sickening way most doctors would be apauled by. What those tubes delivered was even more haunting.

The fluids being pumped into the organ was a grinded paste of corpses. Kayle had to go through the gross act of recovering and grinding the dead. As this pored in however the figure once belonging to the organ began to grow back. Organs before bones and muscle before flesh. The mess made of the room was abysmal foul and gory an unnatural rebirth that shouldn't ever come to pass.

With in a few hours though the ninja of the nameless clan had screamed as she awoke from her should be death. Her naked figure quick to grab a towel as well as move off the blood soaked metal she'd laid on. "I hate speedsters" the ninja professed in annoyance, they were the one catagory of people she couldn't get a drop on.

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@ravenna: the good news! I find this awesome and if wanted you has a sister. My alt(old main @614azrael) is daughter of Vlad Tepes aka Dracula

The bad news...gota go through Empire Claim sir I'm pretty sure

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Much to Sakura's displeasure even the grand portal oriented plan failed to perform the necessary steps to remove the mutant speedster. If he'd have gone into the stadium he'd have actually fallen for the trap. What was designed to help edge him into the stadium however backfired. There was a moment of failure in his performance that also showed that no blade of hers would do. Her metal rivaled those in use but did not surpass them. That fact followed by his speed meant she could not win in a standard confrontation. And his speed was just enough to surpass any following portal based traps. She'd need to improvise. What could be assured however was that he was a physical combatant giving Sakura one final idea.

Firstly she touched the flat of her chest and created an internal rift allowing her to extract her stomach. Passing it to a ninja who then teleported away from the fight. It hurt like hell, left mass internal bleeding and meant that within a minute at best Sakura would be dead. However the flower of flesh and blood had removed the one organ the clan would need to resurrect her. She'd return to the land of the living regardless of how successful her next move was. That said the next move was her last. She followed the impromptu surgery with the creation of a second portal beneath her skin. A slight coral shimmer accented her physique and yet again the pain was excruciating. It didn't matter however as soon it would be over.

Teleporting with a characteristic blink sound Rose sought to jab her sai into the temples of the apex of acceleration. Her blades were sharp and rivaled his armor her movements were clean a testimony of exceptional skill. She didn't care however if this hit or miss however. It was a plan to simply encourage reaction. Her threat didn't seem one to run from a fight, one to let someone get the drop on him. It was safe to bet he'd lash out at her. And upon impact her skin was set to teleport her and whatever touched her to the stadium now at the ocean floor. There was no way for the flower of flesh and blood to escape being hit so she counted on that being her one move.