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Deadstroke's Indepth Review of Deadpool Issue 900. 0

900!!!! Who knew that Deadpool has finally hit 900 issues....oh wait according to the opening introduction page this issue is actually from the future. How it got here in the present, I couldn't care less because I'm just happy that it is here.  Issue 900 is a commemorative issue that has several short stories all written and drawn by different people. Today I'm going to give every short story an in depth review....let's begin. ...  The first story is called "Close Encounters of the @*#$ed- up K...

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Amazingly funny, and entertaining 0

I'm a big fan of Deadpool, anyone could guess that. Once I heard Joe Kelly was back in the groove and was going to write Deadpool again, I freaked and had to get this issue on a priority basis and I gotta say that I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.  Joe Kelly proves that he's the best there is when it comes to writing the Merc with the Mouth, and it seems like he had a lot of fun writing this issue. The whole issue is like a Micheal Bay movie, ridiculously pointless but action packed to the...

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It's Bruce Campbell...nuff said 0

What reason is there not to watch this movie? It's Directed and staring Bruce Campbell, and if your a fan of the Evil Dead series that alone is enough to urge you to watch this movie.   Bruce pulls off a perfect performance as a alcoholic, out of work, version of himself and its absolutely hilarious to watch. All the other actors do a decent job but most of them are pretty forgettable when standing beside Bruce Campbell. That's the best part of this movie...throughout the entire movie you can't ...

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Meh.... 0

Seriously that's all I can say....meh.   I wasn't a huge fan of James Bond till Casino Royal came out, that movie is easily the best of the series. However does the sequel live up to the first movie.....not really.   There are a lot of great things in this film, mainly the actors. Daniel Craig is easily the greatest James Bond that has ever walked on screen and throughout the movie you really feel for his characters and unlike Pierce Bronson (Mamma Mia...ugh) he can easily slip away from the fra...

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Nothing new, but yet still a decent slasher flick 0

With all the crappy Hollywood remakes, reboots, and re imaginings it's hard to find anything that is original and a breath of fresh air. Friday the 13th isn't that kind of film, nothing in this film is new or original. However that doesn't make it necessary a bad movie, it still has the Nostalgia factor whenever Jason is on screen, however when he isn't on screen your usually just watching some stupid teenagers drinking, smoking, and having sex.   What Micheal Bay seems to be doing with all thes...

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Not bad, not bad at all. 0

I'm not a big fan of many animated movies mainly because hand to hand fight scenes are hard to draw and choreograph when it's an animated character. Very few animated movies have great hand to hand action scenes, Avatar The Last Airbender being one of the select few that has action scenes that make it almost like your watching a real film. If action isn't done right, then we need a good story to fall back onto. Luckily this has a good story.  The film is based on the comic book arc written by Je...

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If it wasn't for Snake Eyes....I wouldnt have liked it. 0

That's all I can basically say about this movie, if it wasn't for Ray Park as Snake Eyes then I would have only gave this movie two stars.   This movie is definitely better then Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen, however that isn't saying much since that was a terrible movie only made to show off some eye candy.  This movie however at least has a plot and no racial stereotypes and characters that are fun to watch, where Transformers 2 lacked in all of those. However the eye candy isn't all th...

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The First Movie was Better... 0

I can't do this movie review without a few SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you don't wanna be spoiled, then don't read. I am really pissed off, so I'm just going to point out everything I liked and disliked rather then good into a huge amount of detail. GOODThis movie has some great action and special effects, however those are the only things that were good in this movie. Like the first Transformers movie, whenever the robots weren't fighting I was bored. Not to mention every scenes with the humans ...

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The Godfather of Comic Book Movies 0

What can I say about this movie that hasn't already been said....This Is THE GREATEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!Christopher Nolan has shown the world that Batman isn't a franchise that died off after Batman and Robin, he shows that there is still an audience for this type of movie. Chris Nolan has pretty much made the movie of his career it'll be hard for any of his other movies to top this movie. This is the Batman film that we've all wanted to see, it's dark and very violent for a PG-13 mo...

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Not Your Typical Terminator Movie. 0

Okay first of all I'll be right up front and say, I LIKED Terminator SalvationI hated Terminator 3, mainly because it's the same thing as Terminator 2 only with a sexy female terminator. When Terminator 3 came out and I saw it, I said to myself "Why didn't they just skip the sequel and do a prequel set during the war", well then they announced Terminator Salvation and I had to say "Finally a movie that doesn't use the same old stuff we've seen before in Terminator 1 and Terminator 2", lets face ...

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Deadpool makes this what it is. 0

Hulk vs Wolverine is the wolverine story we've always wanted with The Hulk as a side character. The short film runs about 30 minutes in length, however if you ask me that isn't enough. The DVD should have just skipped making Hulk vs Thor and make a full ...hour and a half Hulk vs Wolverine movie. However just because I wanted the movie to be longer, doesn't mean it doesn't have flaws. First of all for a movie where Wolverine is suppose to fight The Hulk, there is only on fight between the two an...

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A Fun B-Movie ....Nothing More 0

The only way to describe this film is balls to the wall crazy fun. This is as good as a Punisher film could get, I honestly don't think a better film staring Frank Castle can be made. The film is great for anyone who wants to shut their brain off and just watch a fun movie. Sure the acting is chessy, but to be honest that only comes from Dominic West and Doug Hutchison. Doug Hutchison is great in the movie and plays a character I'd love to see in the comics eventually, however I felt that maybe ...

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They Did The Best They Could 0

Many have said that Watchmen is a graphic novel, that is impossible to make into a movie. Director Zack Snyder has showed us that it is possible. The movie begins in the best way possible, The Comedian and the Mask killer fight to the death, and boy is it a kick ass fight. It's easily one of my favorite fights of a comic book movie yet. Then we are treated to a ....decent...opening credits. After the credits we get a movie that is pretty much exactly like the graphic novel. I give props to Zack ...

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A Fun Beginning and Middle...Really Terrible End 0

The main problem with this movie is that (like X-men 3) it's nothing more then a large feast of cameos. Many of the characters in the movie serve little purpose in the movie, but are there simply because people wanted them there. The Film opens wonderfully, with flashbacks of Wolverine's childhood and how he first found out about his mutant powers and that his mom was cheating on his supposed father. It's a great way to start the film and also shows us the relationship between Logan and Victor C...

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Same old Sh!t, Different Story. 0

Well what can I say about this issue...Well first of all... the writer Marc Sumerak is doing a really good good at capturing the essence of Wolverine while at the same time making the comic friendly for all ages, However the story could have been a little better. The problem with this story is that everything in it has already been shown through previous comic series before. We all already knew the origin of wolverine by the time this book came out, so why did they have to go back and explain it...

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The True Ending to Heart of Hush 0

This is the true ending to the Heart of Hush series (Which I think is one of the greatest Batman stories to have come out)Paul Dini proves that nobody knows how to handle DC comic book characters like him. This book is written to perfection and is probably the greatest ways to have end the Heart of Hush story arc. The comic also has a ending I honestly didn't expect coming, and the final lines spoken by Hush is a great way to show the inner psychosis of the character. +Hush is a schemer and is o...

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Fun in some parts, but Kinda Boring 0

The entire series has been really great so far, however seeing as Deadpool's involvement in the Secret Invasion is over now Daniel Way was to be creative and think of new stories that doesn't tie in to major events happening in the Marvel universe. And while his idea is creative, and the humor has actually become a bit more funnier (The two little boxes aren't used as much). Besides the regular Deadpool gags, we get an interesting story that involves ....ZOMBIES!!!! actaully like Deadpool says t...

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Just a little bit more Better, then the first. 0

I liked the first issue, and after that surprise ending I just couldn't help but pick this issue up. I found this issue just a little bit more better then the last one. The series has a story now, and its actually quite interesting. We have some more gags and less action with this book, but its all important in understanding what Deadpool is trying to do to help the skrulls. The story wasn't in the slightest predictable, everytime I thought something would happen, something else completely diffe...

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Just Plain Nuts, and It Works !!! 0

I have been a Deadpool fan for a long time now, and when I heard that Daniel Way was going to be writing the new series, I was a bit worried. However after reading this first issue, I enjoyed it. Daniel Way has added new aspects to the character that makes him a little more interesting, I enjoy the Pool-o-vision, but I'm not a big fan of the two talking boxes. The entire book is nothing but Deadpool killing off all the Skrulls who have the misfortune to walk in his way. All action with just a hi...

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