Things and characters that just seem too odd, silly, or ridiculous to believe.

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Posted by monsterstudio

in a way these are the types of characters that keep me interested like grasshopper its funny how he always dies. along with any body else who is killed off quick 
Posted by Deadknight
I'm not saying that these are bad characters in any way (at least not all of them), I just feel the need to point out some of the more bizarre comic characters that I've found. I agree that sometimes silly characters are what can keep a comic interesting, but that doesn't change the fact that they are just plain odd.
Posted by Ston3face

Funny stuff. Great list!

Posted by eldestrisk

I had a great time looking at the list. =)

Posted by Video_Martian

Funny list!  =D

Posted by doomsilver

this is the funnest list on ComicVine period(.)


Posted by Zaber

Two thumbs up on your ironic list! You got that right with these ridiculous things.

Posted by Kairan1979

I forgot if Forbushman was on your list ot not?

Posted by Deadknight
Why would I add him to this list? He's just a guy with... a pot... as a... hat... ... HOW did I forget about him? I guess he was such an obvious choice that I accidentally overlooked him. Thank you for pointing him out, as well as the recommendation of my list.
Posted by Zapa

very funy list!!!

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Ulysses Archer, as soon as I read his power is a CB radio in his head I was like "has to be a trucker" clicked on the wiki and sure enough, they describe him as a trucker in the first sentence haha. Great list!

Posted by oldgum
Posted by Deadknight

@oldgum: Good point. Heck, if I ever get the chance, there's probably plenty of characters from the Empowered series that I could add to this list. (I just first need to add them to the Vine.)

Posted by Toastalchemist

Really good list.

Posted by EganTheVile1

Roadkill and Splatt The Cat..... Splatt really needs an image scan if anyone has a copy of Secret Defenders 4 or 5 handy, basically their origin was that they were hit by a car on route 666, and that's it.

Posted by tamabone

Long live the misunderstood and underused bizarre characters of the comics.

Posted by ms__omega

Long Dong from the Freshman isnt on the list.

Posted by superstay

Name: Elf with a Gun

Power: He's a Elf..... with a Gun.


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@Ms. Omega: He is now. I was certainly able to come up with some of my favorite comments so far for him.

Posted by Freakyfred224

Snowflame is watching you READ!

Posted by name_already_chosen

This list would be far better if you didn't mix the humor characters with the idiotic characters.

Posted by Deadknight

@name_already_chosen: Eh, either way they're worth a laugh. That puts them in my category for humor!

Besides this is my list of "Things and characters that just seem too odd, silly, or ridiculous to believe", so both humorous and idiotic characters fit that just fine.

Posted by name_already_chosen

But it does look as though you can not recognize the difference.

Posted by Djinn

Great List. The People Are Very Weird and Shocking to Know someone created them.

Posted by BlackPan1her

Liked the list, although they market MODOK to be like the most dangerous tech-based villain (besides Ultron) ever in some continuities.

Posted by Deadknight

@BlackPan1her: Just because something's dangerous, doesn't mean it can't seem silly or ridiculous. That's why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Rocket Raccoon are also on here; I think they're both awesome, but that doesn't change the fact that they're unbelievable.

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Beating up to Poison.. doesn't count as encourage hate crime??? Weird.