First blog post!

Despite the fact that I'm studying in a writing course, I've never written a blog before, so this is quite a change for me. So where do I start?

Well, I hail from the beautiful city of Melbourne, and the comic scene here is quite strong, when you consider the population in this city is around 4 million. There's four stores in the CBD alone, and about another half-dozen stores scattered around the suburbs. Not too bad when you think about it.

I could go more into my life story, but I'm not here to put the one person that reads this to sleep, I just want them to get a little drowsy.

Since Marvel isn't currently releasing any cosmic stuff, the one title of theirs I read is X-Factor, and I read it in trade. For those of you that don't know about this book, it's about a team of 'x'-mutants that work in a detective agency, however, they're able to look into things that normal detectives can't. The writer for this book is Peter David, who is in my top two favourite writers along with Grant Morrison, and the combination of quirky characters, witty dialogue, and an over-arcing storyline keeps me hanging out for the next trade more than I hang out in front of primary schools (which, I should elaborate, is never, so that analogy fails). Well, a couple of days ago, I picked up the holy grail in my X-Factor collection: the long-out-of-print Madrox mini series. I don't really know why Marvel doesn't keep this in print, as it was a very enjoyable series to read, but the collector in me saw this as a highly sought-after prize. It was made even worse when I bought a copy on Ebay, only for the seller to inform me that they had made a clerical error and had none in stock. But you always seem to find these types of things when you least expect to. I was at my regular comics store, All Star Comics Melbourne, and I found it while flicking through their discount trade bin.

Sometimes it's ridiculous how easily you find these things after all that seeking. Now I just need to find all those other comics I want. :(