Should X force be bigger?

The whole concept behind X force is some enemys are too powerful/deadly to remain alive a concept i have long since believed in.. but there are many enemy's like that... & there are many superhero's that are willing to do what is necessary for the survival of good people. one kill squad is not enough for taking on a world full of dangerous enemy's now multiple kill squads all operating under wolverines command... that would help the world out alot more...

now its no secret that some superhero's are just plain made for killing.. they just have the tools & power for the task I'll list a few people who would totally fit

X force...


Punisher V8 #12

even though Hes not a mutant had the ''evil is better off dead'' mentality for a very LONNNG time he would be a perfect addition



she has diamond hard razor sharp skin & claws that can cut threw the second hardest metal on the planet... thats deadly



she would be a great addition &....


Ok... This choice was a little less serious but this is me just throwing this one out there... people have managed to reprogram sentential's & many things of the sort i personally think a modified Predator X would be a good addition for the team. it tracks it hunts & frankly it seems like wolverines dream dog...



I think this pic speaks for itself on the killer intent.. but he should come back

Laura & Jubilee

X23 #20

Laura should return she was great for the team & jubilee is no a vampire currently getting mentored by the forgiven

so.. vampire & ninja she should come back as well...


Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men
Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men

Wolverines X should deff come back she just fits so perfectly....

I mean dont get me wrong Wolverine , Deadpool, Deathlok, fantomex, Psylocke , nightcrawaler & EVA

are a good crew.. but multi black ops units are better than one...

What do you think?