Uncovering the Future of Marvel U (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Ok allow me to present my point viners...

(Avengers vol 4 006 2010)

showed us this map of everything thats suppose to happen

and so far Pretty much everything on this list has happened even aspects of AVX are mentioned in here. I think thats kinda cool that they wrote marvels future plans into an old plot and seems to be coming to pass....

Marvels plan

Currently were at ultron war according to this story line ultron let kang win to prevent damage to the time stream...

Whether or not thats gonna take place remains to be seen however in this pic it shows kang built an army composed of Hero's and villains to deal with ultron people like magneto, Doom, Silver surfer ect.... most are very powerful gathering powerful people into an army thats cool right?....

and just like that we see Kang show up with the Apocalypse twins this might be the start of his army....

Now after age of ultron we see the next avengers a group of kids who's parents are the Avengers, Thors daughter, Captain Americas son ect....

and they were lead by The Maestro (Older smarter Hulk basically) Thats funny folks cause that same hulk showed up in the first issue of A+X with Old man logan (old wolverine) looking for Red Hulk for some reason.....

a little after this time period there is a giant question mark and it says Infinite futures..... that too is interesting cause look what marvel announced....

Their going somewhere with this and marvel now is just the beginning i think marvel hero's will be considerably different after 2013


A superhero should always kill their most dangerous enemies...

I posted this on another site but I wanted to see what Comic vinners had to say on the subject... & I know It sounds harsh I know but allow me too explain...

See most become superhero's to save lives & protect people from dangerous super powered people & that is a good thing but the issue with that is sometimes in the process of saving others you create enemies that personally want nothing more than to kill you or ruin your life.... when you have people like this with superpowers most of the time you can't afford to just be the nice wonderful hero who beats people up & sends them to jail because that is really only a temporary solution to your average super villain they always escape & unlike the kind hearted hero they won't stop until your dead & unless you can do what needs to be done.... you end up Spidey :(

''NOBODY DIES'' except you.. unless your willing to do whats necessary to those that would destroy you...

I'm not saying heroes should be like punisher to every villain they see but at some point you have to recognize threats that have to be permanently dealt with. As a hero some of your villains just have to die... some could argue that act would make you no different from a villain cause your taking the law into your own hands but here's the thing...

Thats what being a vigilante is all about enforcing & taking the law into your own hands... long before hero's made giant groups that are supported by the government of course...

  1. if peter wouldn't have saved ock this wouldn't have happened...
  2. if batman would have killed joker he would've saved so much heart ake and death
  3. if spiderman would have dealt with osborn.... omg wow so much stuff wouldn't have happened

Some would argue that killing makes you a villain not a hero but....

  1. Captain america: has killed nazis like there was no tomorrow
  2. Thor: Hostage situation but still killed innocent family's & children
  3. wolverine: well that just goes without saying
  4. Superman: he killed doomsday
  5. X force: participants are still hero's even after the many assassinations & murders
  6. batman: he hung a guy that was undone by writers but never the less my point stands...

they are hero's just like a soldier is still a hero even after killing the enemies of the country, Once again Im not saying hero's should murder everything in sight... but being unwilling to kill an enemy who is hell bent on destroying you only leads to your inevitable downfall...

RIP PETER.... ( though you'll be back soon cause your an A list character)


The Next enemy of the Cyclops's Uncanny X men

The evolutionary....

for those of you who don't know I'll tell you who he is...

They where once primitive creatures until the eternals stepped in & helped them with there tech & gave them God like powers, since then there job was to be protectors & help new species move forward, When a species ceases to evolve, they become a threat to the next species. The Evolutionaries watch over them and protect them until they can protect themselves... so they wanted to do this with mutants destroy humans so that the mutant kind (that was close to extinction at the time) would be able to move forward. they are the reason the neo no longer exist... & they wanted Cyke dead cause they feel he wasn't able to keep his kind safe... but long story short & very tough fight later... they beat them but the main on the leader was left and....

hes a prety strong villain hes pissed at Cyke dude could totally be coming back... in uncanny x men.....


How would you react if DC verse & Marvel verse merged as one?

Just a random question out of curiosity its not happening or anything nor am In anyway saying or suggesting that they should do this, but how would you personally react if the corporations decided to make a drastic random change said there was gonna be an EARTH SHATTERING COMIC EVENT &....

Marvel & DC's entire universes Merged completely & permanently?

Just a hypothetical situation they just put all the the characters in the same place same earth,

How would you as a fan react to this?


Miguel is superior

.... it makes sense....

1) Superior spidey has claws

2) Superior spidey has no problems with doing things in an unspiderman like type of way (scratching your face off)

3) his eyes lenses have changed....

1) spidey 2009 also has claws

2) hes been known to scratch people up pretty badly, bite them,

3) he has genius-level intelligence Superior to peters

4) his eyes are messed up so.. he would need some lenses...

its looking kinda obvious now really...

there are so many similarity's plus when you look at Dan Slotts twitter tweet... well he kinda spoils it


Yeah... so I think its safe to say its O hara... Though I personally like his 2099 suit better...

what do you think?


The X men are about to have a lot of new recruits... (SPOILERS)

It seems hope has undone wanda's mess & the avengers are now going out of there way to help mutants...

this is so epic... but what does it mean for events after this?


i respect cyclops decisions but due to him being manipulated by the Dark phoenix hes caused much chaos all over the world & might be some what of a step back for mutant relations... plus there were less of them so the world didnt have to deal with them like that but now mutants are popping up everywhere so people are going to be more exposed to them so bigotry could be at its all time high (the purifiers probably have so many new recruits right now)


The new mutants means they will need somewhere to go

either wolverines school or avengers academy

or with cyclops... from what i understand at some point he gets out of jail

regardless they are bound to get new students more hero's & more stories to write about


where there are good people there are evil people as well. no doubt we are gonna have new super villains

something with an X at the beginning... the X terminators or something lol

whatever but seriously were gonna have new villains

will villains became good due to the mutants extinction return to there old ways?

one of the main reason magneto became good was due to cyclops's ability to join the mutant race together & the fact that the mutants were on there verge of extinction but... now thats no longer the case so what would stop...

old magnus from coming back....

I can see him becoming an epic villain again... but maybe not you never know


Magneto might try to rise that title

professor x is dead

Apocalypse is in the future somewhere....

Cyclops depends if he can get out of jail & after all of this i dunno

Cable... maybe

hope... well she did bring mutants back so she is a good candidate but she lacks the mind to do so

Scarlet witch... Lol

but i seriously wonder who is gonna rise to the occasion mabey the younger versions of x men will rise who knows...

but the point is...


(I wonder if the neo came back)

But Whats going to happen after this?



The Nimrod had came from a reality that killed or imprisoned most of the Super Heroes/Mutants in the Northern United States.. This means that at some point in time super heros / mutants / aliens / god ceases to matter & the war on people with powers have been declared. I had a feeling it would eventually come to this.. but the recent events of marvel have basically confirmed this...


One big happy family

The Avengers have allied themselves the Mutants & even though that seems to be a step in the right direction for Charles Xavier's dream... its essentially putting a target on the backs of the Avengers seeing as how now the mutant haters have to get through the Avengers to deal with the Mutants (as seen in the latest AvX tie in when the Avengers were attacked by the Purifiers to get Emma frost even though she was prisoner it still makes my point they had to get past the Avengers to Strike) now & they both have powers & some of the super humans looks inhuman as well so the lines will be blurred... & they have already blurred

John Standish: the deceased psycho leader of the Purifiers

by X force he is currently Dead.. but his Ideology was that "super people" - not just mutants - were responsible for everything that was happening in the world, and that all of them were the Devil's minions. due to the recent unity of the Avengers & X men the Union of the Superhumans & the Mutants other purifiers & Mutant haters could very quickly adopt this mindset


I'm not saying this is going to happen anytime soon.. you know with marvel now running & stuff... but eventually every superperson will have to deal with mutant haters. they issues dealing with the X men but they will mostly likely step there game up to deal with the superhuman as well. they will attack anyone that stands in there way & now more than ever all superhero's stand in there way.. which means superhero's could see more of the mutant haters & there various weapons...

but im sure the superheros are up to the challenges :)

what do you think?


What if Hulk & Banner became freinds?

Over the years banner has been plagued by the Hulk. Hulk ruined his life in many ways & he has tried EXTREMELY hard to separate himself from Hulk. recently.. he got his wish. Dr doom separated them

but banner went crazy Hulk killed him via Gamma bomb.. (its ironic cause thats how all this started) but it seems the gamma bomb though destroying banners body seems to have molded them back together.. but now its the opposite instead of Hulk ruining banners life Banner is ruining Hulks life.. the roles were drastically reversed.. so yet there still enemies but two sides of the same coin however what could they accomplish if they became friends?

there in the same body are are to sides of the same coin what one has the other lacks they complement each other similar to Naruto & Kurama...


a regular person leads a life like banner does


filled with hatred & misunderstood by the world as a monster like the hulk... but both stuck in the same body but then they put aside there differences &....

together they become someone more powerful

banner is a genius hulk is a rampaging powerful being if they worked together as friends.. they would accomplish so much more. & this could definitely happen cause many things have changed in the marvel U...




stuff happens so its not a matter of can they become friends.. the question is what would comics be like if these two..

actually got along?


Pro's & Con's of the Avengers & the X men becoming one team

SPOILERS! if you havent already heard.. MARVEL NOW! after avx will have the Avengers & the X men merging to join one team...

there are upsides.. & some serious down sides.. I'll start with the pro's


For years the x men & mutant kind in general have been bullied by sentential's & anti mutant groups such as the purifiers but now by merging with the avengers these anti mutant organizations have to now deal with an army of powerful mutants + famous superhumans, Gods, Hulks & Sorcerers. its going to be ALOT harder to kill mutants now


there arent to many individuals that can handle the combined strength of both the X men & Avengers there like a gaint super army backed by S.H.E.I.L.D


With the Avengers ever growing it seems like all the hero's are working together Fantastic 4 , Avengers, solo heros & the x men kinda reminds me of the days when they all teamed up on onslaught

now lets talk about the Cons...


Its an unspoken rule but a very true one.. if you aren't Spiderman, Captain America, Iron man, Hulk, Thor or Wolverine .. you will eventually be a bench warmer when the big games come around. I love them all except cap but lets be honest.. why do you think the Avengers are the MAIN team? these 6 superhero's

yes yes storm has a huge fan base, cyclops, x factor ect.. but these 6 have fans that dont even read or know anything about comics but know & love them completely if the x men join with the avengers. many of the already over looked characters in both of the teams will be HEAVILY overlooked


The number of hero's grow every day.. there are 2 giant army's of them called the avengers & the X men.. but where are the villains?

High evolutionary is off exploring the cosmos, stryfe is dead & Apocalypse is in his body somewhere in the future, venom is being worn by a good guy, magneto is good, emma frost is good, exodus is locked up, Shaw is good, Doom isnt on earth, Loki is good, Ares is dead, Osborn is in a coma, Graviton is dead, Doc ock is jailed & currently dieing, the neo are dead, Bastion is dead, mastermold dead sentential's disassembled... what is this giant team of superhero's suppose to fight if almost every top bad guy is dead?


in older comics everything was less joined together but that seems to be a trend now a days.. its good but there are barley any solo fights events & major arcs are filled with giant team superhero fighting which is epic but still.. everyone is becoming an avenger or has connections to them The X men are merging with them soon the Future foundation, FF, X Factor , Defenders, Thunderbolts might do the same thing.. its getting old..


Should X force be bigger?

The whole concept behind X force is some enemys are too powerful/deadly to remain alive a concept i have long since believed in.. but there are many enemy's like that... & there are many superhero's that are willing to do what is necessary for the survival of good people. one kill squad is not enough for taking on a world full of dangerous enemy's now multiple kill squads all operating under wolverines command... that would help the world out alot more...

now its no secret that some superhero's are just plain made for killing.. they just have the tools & power for the task I'll list a few people who would totally fit

X force...


even though Hes not a mutant had the ''evil is better off dead'' mentality for a very LONNNG time he would be a perfect addition


she has diamond hard razor sharp skin & claws that can cut threw the second hardest metal on the planet... thats deadly


she would be a great addition &....

Ok... This choice was a little less serious but this is me just throwing this one out there... people have managed to reprogram sentential's & many things of the sort i personally think a modified Predator X would be a good addition for the team. it tracks it hunts & frankly it seems like wolverines dream dog...


I think this pic speaks for itself on the killer intent.. but he should come back

Laura & Jubilee

Laura should return she was great for the team & jubilee is no a vampire currently getting mentored by the forgiven

so.. vampire & ninja she should come back as well...


Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men

Wolverines X should deff come back she just fits so perfectly....

I mean dont get me wrong Wolverine , Deadpool, Deathlok, fantomex, Psylocke , nightcrawaler & EVA

are a good crew.. but multi black ops units are better than one...

What do you think?

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