Hooray for Cosplaying in church!!!

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ok, sorry it's sideways, but that's my friend cosplaying sollux captor from homestuck in church, xD people were jerks about it tho, but hey, haters gonna hate, cosplay will just keep getting better

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ok, everything is sideways, but thats me using her sollux glasses, but I look more like leopard print obsessed shino aburame from naruto xD

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ok, it worked for once, so after I got home from church, I messed with an old pair of glasses, and to show my comic love, I did a picture by my avengers poster

ok, thats it, but I wanna tell all you cosplayers out there: ignore the haters, they just wish they were as awesome as you are!!!!

BTW, the top two pictures are taken in our church lobby xD

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About my last post

Lets just say im nuttier than before, and my obsession with gajeel has drastically increased... god thing star wasr 7 and iron man 3 are gonna come out and help me out of my issues ha ha ha have fun with that

Also, I officially found a boyfriend so lets hooray for that xDD he's an otaku and a comic nerd too

Always remember kids, the cake is always and will always be a lie :D


I need help really bad

1. I am creepy obsessed with some weirdo on a show called Fairy Tail... he looks like a retard, but for some odd reason I think he is extremely good looking... I don't want to be obsessed with him because Iron Man is SOOO much better, But for your view here he is:

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2. I got an email today asking for me to help someone stop cutting... anyone got advice on that? this is a complete stranger, don't even know their gender or anything O_O

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3. Let us have a moment of silence for the deceased savage opress, he was a personal favorite of mine and I will mourn him for a while before seeking comfort from my otakuness. Let us view this other picture in remembrance of him:


Anime FTW

I am a proud anime fan, I love FMA, Hetalia, and Fairy tail

I am an envy cosplayer (FMA charrie)

Proud Otaku!!!