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Lydia is a red-skinned Twi'lek girl who was raised by adoptive human parents on Coruscant. 
Like many natives of Ryloth, Lydia was sold into slavery when she was an infant.  Her human parents "bought" her in the hopes of "freeing" her.  They ended up adopting her and raising her like a princess. 
Lydia was pretty much spoiled rotten.  Her family was quite wealthy and wanted for nothing, having all of her whims and desired instantly satisfied. 
In addition, Lydia had a natural affinity for the Force.  Her parents refused to let the Jedi Order take to be trained, not wishing to be parted with their baby girl. 
Everything changed drastically when the Sith took over Coruscant.  Her family was killed and Lydia was left to fend for herself. 
She eventually attracted the attention of a Dark Jedi who took her in and trained in the Dark Side