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I know it isn't a popular thing to do but I'm going to go ahead and not get pissed off or cream in my jeans over this news. I'll wait and see the flick and make my judgments based on the finished product.

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I'm pretty sure I've seen some Deadpool comic/twitter crossover action happening. I think a great example of this type of cross-promotion is done by Misha Collins, the guy who plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural. While his twitter account (@mishacollins) is not a faithful character portrayal of his Supernatural character, he often tweets as a completely outrageous tounge-in-cheek version of Castiel (example: "I have good news & bad news. The good news is the reality show I like about the two brothers who take acid & hunt ghosts gets a 7th season.").
Not really the same as the above article but I think in that it helps to build and promote the character it is similar.

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I think you've sold me on trying out Invincible, Mat. I do love Walking Dead and I've been a big fan of Haunt (which is also written by Kirkman) since it came out so I can't see why I wouldn't like it.
Actually, Haunt should probably be on your list as well. It's a very interesting take on the magic super-suit or sybiote-giving-powers style of hero with lots of great dynamic relationships going on.
Also, everyone who doesn't already, really needs to start reading Chew. Chew is honestly one of the most interesting titles you're ever like to read.

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@ForbushBug:  Excellent point, it's only fair to mention that The Thunderbolts were originally a group of villains masquerading as heroes for purely nefarious purposes. Besides, being a government controlled operation these days means that bureaucratic corruption is bound to come into play eventually.
As for the moral barometer of the Secret Six, I'll have to take your word for it. I've only read the first trade and couldn't really get into the characters...for some reason I have that problem with pretty much all DC books that don't include Lobo.
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@soundbite:  sure, that all works in a perfectly black and white, absolute setting when anybody who does good is a revered hero and anybody who does bad is an evil villain. Comic book universes have stopped operating under such boring rules and existences though, which is to the good (for readers anyways).
The people and groups under discussion here though are those that do things, one way or another, that has a net positive influence but is done from the shadows so that the way they do things doesn't have the effects you point out. Yeah, the Secret Six save people and kill scumbags in questionable and terrible ways, but nobody puts them on a pedestal to say "Look here, this is how one should act!" No, Superman stays on the pedestal as the token and the Secret Six get busy doing what he can't. I'm speaking in broad generalities...I don't mean to say that there are any agreements set up or anything like that. More specific examples are like the public Avengers and the shadowy Secret Avengers.
Now that I think about it, I'll need to reconsider my stance on heroes like Supes and Spider-Man, since they are so often placed upon the pedestal I guess they can't really have their images sullied by murder. But Batman operates from the shadows...he can still axe the Joker! :P
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Well, I think the Thunderbolts are a slightly more acceptable group since they represent a form of rehabilitation for the criminals involved and are controlled in such a way that they cannot go completely off mission.
As for the Secret Six? If the so called 'heroes'  (like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man) would stop being posturing ponces and letting their bloody villains continuously escape and keep murdering innocent civilians then maybe the Secret Six wouldn't be required! A true hero should be willing to take a moral black eye and re-evaluate his/her self-righteous moral code of conduct when his nemesis escapes for the umpteenth time and blows up yet another school-bus full of children! No?
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Nope, we need the Thunderbolts.
Everything that is useful about the Secret Six with the bonus of having some authoritative control and oversight over their actions.
Plus, the modern Thunderbolts are a far more interesting crew of characters, in my opinion.

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I sincerely hope not. Much like music, movies and videogames, digital versions of media are far more ephemeral and less valuable than hard-copies. Regardless of the reliability of the source (for instance amazon isn't likely to go out of business anytime soon, so your digital licenses through them are safe for now) and regardless of the quality of the digital copy you have umpteen redundant backed-up versions of, the fact of the matter is you don't own a real thing. If you have a book, it is your book. Maybe I'm a cave-man sticking to outmoded ideals but I require that feeling of ownership. With music, movies and games, I don't mind the digital distribution model but for reading materials, I doubt I'll ever make the switch.

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I don't think I fully agree with the crowd on this one, though I've not yet managed to hunt down all the originals yet (I've read most of them though). I think the problem is mainly that Way hasn't done any major or important story arcs yet, which is unfortunate.
If you look at issues #15 and #16 of the current run (the story where Wade seems to be out to royally screw over the X-Men but he ends up hatching the whole crazy scheme simply to help give the X-Men a major PR boost when they need it the most) it gives you a pretty good indication that Way can do a phenomenal job of seeing into Wade's screwy brain...I wonder if he is just limited in how big he is allowed to take his story arcs. I suspect Way is not the problem.
Plus, the Deadpool vs. Bullseye story (starts in #10) is so damn good!

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Interesting topic! I've only been back into comics for about two years now and the main reason is because of the fine folks at my local shop (4Color8Bit Comics and Games in Kingston, ON). I started going there to buy my vidja games after getting sick of shitty service from EB Games (i.e. GameStop) and within a few trips to the store both the owners knew my name and started talking me up when I was in there. It didn't take me long to go from the occasional graphic novel and TPB to starting up a pull list and getting back into monthly comics again.
The comic shop experience can make all the difference in the world!

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