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I apologize, but I suddenly feel compelled to post this.....

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Ra's will definitely be a brilliant Moon Knight rouge.

Ra's has been able to fight and stalemate Batman on multiple occasions and he has centuries of experience under his belt. Moon Knight definitely is no slouch in hand-to-hand combat and has been able to fight on par with Shang Chi. He also has a huge threshold for pain tolerance. While Ra's might possess some advantage over Moon Knight in terms of skill, I believe that Moon Knight can definitely take a solid majority if he uses those equipments at his disposal. Moon Knight 7/10.

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I see deadshot taking this.

Gambit has his advantages in melee, energy projection and speed.

That being said, he is outmatched by Floyd. Perhaps Deadshot isn't as agile as Bullseye, but his aim and marksmanship is definitely on par with the latter. Besides, just see his arsenal and firepower which he tends not to waste. Deadshot will quickly go offensive, trying his level best to make each bullet count. Thus gambit can't use his advantages properly to engage Floyd.

All gambit can do is dodge (which sucks because he is being shot at by deadshot). He will last for a minute or two. He does have a slim chance if deadshot runs out of bullets (unlikely). Deadshot 8 or 9/10

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Team DC takes this easily. However with bloodlust, Marvel can take this. This is how it will go-

Blue Marvel vs Doomsday-Blue Marvel wins if he fights smart. Being a scientist, he is the only guy who has some legit shot at taking Doomsday. He has the arsenal and the smarts to use it.

Sentry vs Fernus-Sentry has smarts, telepathy and molecular manipulation besides his vast power which is compared to billion exploding suns. He is best suited against Fernus. It can really go either way.

Gladiator vs Black Adam-A confident gladiator puts up a great fight before being clobbered by Black Adam, who would then engage Blue Marvel.

H'el vs Hyperion-Which version of Hyperion? All of them can put up a good fight. Honestly though, I have no idea how powerful H'el is.

Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Hulk, Hercules vs Despero-Stalemate. While Despero has taken on Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Hourman and Power Girl simultaneously, I think that Marvel powerhouses fare better due to Hulk's rage, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. If God Blast, Anti Force, Thermo Blast or even Lorn Bolt is involved (they never are), Despero loses.

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Juggernaut is one of the most established powerhouses in Marvel and possibly the only brawler who can engage the Hulk for all eternity. Besides his vast strength and complete physical invulnerability, he is completely unstoppable for all intents and purposes (Excluding plot devices like War Hulk, God Blast or Onslaught).

Or is he? There is one thing that he is possibly susceptible to....gravity.

Throughout his entire career, Juggernaut has always been shown to come back to ground whenever he loses contact with it, for example- his clash with Onslaught or Skaar. What if he were to jump? Will he really escape earth and travel to far reaches of space for all eternity? These are my views.

In my opinion, sometimes the story does not show gravity appropriately...I'm talking about magical enchantments on mjolnir.

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There is no such thing as zero gravity, even in space there must be a negligible resultant gravitational field, Red Hulk should not even budge the hammer.

I am also suspicious of why Juggernaut never tries to jump, let alone emulate Hulk's leaps. Perhaps, he is afraid of jumping, hinting at a past incident (speculation). This suggests that he does have a weakness that no one has exploited throughout the years.

If his weight does stop him from hovering (as his past showing against Onslaught and Skaar suggest), there will be this irony that instead of relentless efforts of Hercules, Hulk and Thor combined, the force that takes to slow him down is so negligible that wolverine can apply it-his weight. Think about it, he weighs around a ton, and the gravitational force exerted by earth is sufficient to stop him. This makes him a lot less dangerous. Graviton, Silver Surfer and possibly Thor and black bolt can all use gravity against him.

Maybe he simply does not realize this aspect of his power, who else has ever been juggernaut, colossus?

It is extremely likely that his being unstoppable is solely due to an additional magical enchantment on his physical strength, when he loses contact with the ground, he cannot exert any physical force making him susceptible to gravity whereas on ground he can always push the ground back. This is really likely because it has been consistent with most of his showings. (One of the exceptions being Red Hulk stopping a punch from colossonaut in AvX Vs #3)

What do you guys think?

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Wait, Wolverine picks a fight with Thor after he has lost his healing factor?

*Dies Laughing*

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There have been instances where Thor acknowledges that he often forgets how strong he truly is. Thus it can be argued that his statement in the Hulk annual or the Fear Itself issue is invalid. As for speed, his speed has been shown to be rather inconsistent. More often than not, however, he is shown to be having trouble against Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man and Quicksilver.

It is likely that Nul is one of the stronger versions of Hulk, as Thing, Attuma, Juggernaut etc were total powerhouses as the Worthy.

As for this fight, I think that Darkseid wins 8/10 if he relies on omega beams and maybe 7/10 if he decides to slug it out.

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Winter soldier is no pushover, however Batman can handle everything Bucky can possibly throw at him.

Batman wins 7/10

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Having a low showing is one thing, getting totally pawned by a B!t@# is another. Thor has been beaten by phoenix and its avatars countless times. X-men should have captured him earlier in avengers vs x-men #6 or Avx: Vs #4 to spare him the misery. Thor is supposed to be a god who chooses to fight among mortals, that alone makes him one of the most respected and revered heroes. He is not just another dumb and unstable powerhouse like sentry and wonder man, he is truly a hero and a god, and deserves to be treated as such. The Phoenix 5 are more powerful than Thor, fine. But does he have to be beaten several times to prove the point? I wonder why Emma Frost didn't humiliate captain america like that. The point is that if thor is not as powerful as any of the phoenix 5, why feature him in an AvX issue where he is paired against such an opponent? Red Hulk and Cyclops didn't get a single issue featuring them, although both of them are crucial and important members of their teams. Think carefully, will marvel ever publish an issue where captain america is totally abused like that?

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I usually agree with Vance, but thor is being treated like garbage in the past few months. Also, classic Thor was portrayed being FAR more powerful than current Thor. How many strength feats has he displayed recently, besides jobbing to tutinax, hulk and taurus? He has failed to handle a single phoenix force host, losing to captain marvel(twice), rachel, namor(twice), cyclops and even emma frost while gladiator killed one and it took 2 of them to kill him. Did you even read Avx:Vs #4?