Most POWERFUL in Marvel Universe - Top Ten

Power: Definition: (1) the ability to act or produce an effect (2) physical might (3) the source or means of supplying energy

If you have a character that you feel was left out, make your case and I will update this list accordingly.

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Posted by Raw_Material

Cool list

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Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

Awesome list. although I feel Sentry is a tad to high and so is Black Bolt. Thor should be on here in place of Gladiator though awesome list though.

Posted by Cyclops4President

@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: I actually took a lot of painstaking time to legitimately place these characters in order of total power. Sentry has actually never even really been tested as it relates to his total maximum potential, and I really don't know if he has any. I believe Galactus is a more powerful being than Thor and would beat Thor 1 on 1. Gorr the God Butcher has been beating 3 Thors at once, so as I was trying to place Thor, he just kept getting booted lower and lower. I believe all these characters on this list would beat Thor 1 on 1 which is how I ranked them. Could Gladiator beat Hyperion 1 on 1, no so he goes under and so forth. Thor would probably be number 11 or 12 though.

Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

@cyclops4president: of course all these guy's can beat Thor one on one but Galactus would stomp Sentry. Thor has beaten both Sentry and Silver Surfer one on one and it's a proven fact that Thor>Silver Surfer. Thor has easily stomped Gladiator and he would easily crush Black Bolt. BB can't beat Hyperion Thanos Thor or Gorr or any one else on this list since some are either to fast or powerful for him. Thanos should also be after Galactus since Thanos has nearly killed Silver Surfer and has shown that he is above Surfer on every level. This i just my 2 cents but I really like this list and am glad that Sentry and Hyperion are on it.

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Good list but I'm not sure if you intentionally left out (The One Above All, Living Tribunal, Eternity, Infinity, Death, Oblivion) or not.

Posted by Thermal_2000

Good but what about Living Tribunal? He turns stars to super novas with one blast!

Posted by 239461

what about the one-above-all? Or the living tribunal