Disappointment at the Movies

Why is it that a lot of movies made about comic books are terrible? Not only that but there are some disappointing T.V. shows as well. I understand that mistakes can be made, and that a movie or TV show can't always live up to expectations, but when they mess up, they mess up! Although I will admit I do have some guilty pleasures (Batman from 1966) most of these bad films just make me upset that they took a character I love and screwed them up. (Hulk) Some have good qualities though. (Like the Batman and Robin drinking game, every time you see Batnipples, lame Bat-refrances, hear Ice puns, or see Alicia Silverstone try to act you take a shot.) I feel that Hollywood needs to leave the comic book related stuff to fans of comic books, I feel that if fans were the ones creating the movies and TV shows then they would at least try and do it justice. But thats just my opinion. 

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