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The reasoning given in the comic do make sense (sort of), but they are not taking into account the events in Throne of Atlantis and the 'new recruits' that were called into action.

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The questions is 'Could' he kill him, and we all know he has that in him to do the deed. The question is actually 'Should' he do it. And that comes down to him choosing his father over his mother. I do not think he 'should' kill the Joker because it would be a Talia act and not a Bruce one. BUT... If I was writing this arc, that would be where I was leading it, and change it over to either Tim or Dick actually doing the deed at the end (neither normally has killer instincts nor do either of them have serious grudges against Joker like some of the others).

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I will have to do the same. I would rather it be Donna than another 'child of' from Earth 2.

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Forgive if I missed a thread along this line, but I was wondering if anyone had an idea who the new Fury will be? I was looking at her and from the tidbits we have received, I wondered if she would be the New 52's Donna Troy. It would explain her not showing up in any titles. It would also fit similarly with past history in which she was kidnapped and raised away from Amazons. That most recent image with her brandishing the whip brings to mind her with a red lasso. Cannot wait to see who Fury is. And wether or not we will get Donna back into comics. What do you all think?

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I agree there aer also similarities to Batman Beyond, I had not thought of that when reading Talon. As for the title continuing and Calvin being in the BatFamily... I do not think that Bruce has to totally embrace Calvin. He could accept him but not want him too close at hand... Thus Calvan returns to NYC. Of cource those are only my opinions.

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I have to agree that Calvin has a Gambit flare to him. I was almost seeing Gambit mixed with Azrael. I think Talon will have to be a pull for awhile.

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I was thinking when I first saw the teasers that he was Bizarro, but I dont see it now. I think with the Zero issue, he is more along the line fo a Clone that sided with House El and did not revolt. I cannot wait to get all of the issues so that I can read thru this at one time. I would love to find out he was a clone of Jor El or some other El family member and that is why his loyalties are with the family. So much could happen with this character. I hope they do not use and destroy him, but find a way that he could be a recurring issue, advesary, ally (or all 3) in future Supes stories. As a Clone, he could actually be the one Hel Kon El learn to control his powers (especially since his seem similar to his more so than Kal or Kara).

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I am not sure that I would consider Grifter a Hero. Not sure how they are handling his history since the beginning of the DCnU. Before he had a conveluted history (almost as bad as Logan). He was the step son to a Mafia member. Was arrested for taking part in robbery and given choice of Prison or Military and chose Military. Not much is mentioned about his normal Army service, but he was selected to be a member of Team 7 (all SpecOps - all BAD@$$es). After leaving Team 7 he spent time freelancing (various jobs including Wetworks- assasinations). It was during this time he met Zealot and began his training the in the way of the Coda. Later he joins the WildCATs (never really called heros but considered so). He has no issues with killing, but its not killing for killing. He has a moral code (similar to Punisher) but likes to use verbal banter (Deadpool) as a distraction while fighting. IF I was to draw a corrorlation with any other hero/anti-hero in comics it would be Punisher. Simply put, they are both soldiers out to win a war nobody else is fighting (Mafia vs Daemonites). But there they seperate. Cole craves human interaction and does not hide (well not litteraly, he hides in public places) and loves the sound of his voice and the attention he gets from women.

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With Morals on you easily hand this battle to Batman. IF not, then Moon Knight might (slight) stand a chance of winning. Without morals, Moon Knight could easily slip into one of his other personalities and killed Batman (not big chance but slim one to consider). Winner... Batman!

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Its about time. Since the hints of her connection to Pandora, I have been really anxious to see what they do with her. Now... bring on the issue, so I can see how they handle her.