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What's In a Name?

Connor comes from a long line of prestigious philanthropists, men and women who step on everyone so long as they get to where they need. The St. Jaimes name goes back to the time of the Crusades. A single man bedded a princess, he was the first archer in a long line of archers but this one was the purest. Seeking to help those in need, his name was Robin Hood. His birth name was Edward St. Jaimes and he saw the horror that was power and money, an wished it was nothing but a distant past. Robbing the rich and giving to the poor is what he sought for, and in many ways he helped the world turn into what it is today. Princess Marrian was his first and only love, she was a sight to behold and her beauty brought strong willed men to their knees. Edward wasn't any different, and once she seduced him with her words they laid down to bed. Soon a child was born from the two, and for a short time Edward was happy in his life. Until he found out that his wife and lover was at her heart a traitor. Never wishing to give up her lavish lifestyle she betrayed Edward and slit his throat in his sleep. With the death of Edward Princess Marrian's rule began, washing over much of England without a single soul to stop her.

Years pass as her reign of terror continued, but this was never to be in the history books. Much like the actions of her mother, the child was swept underneath the rug and raised in secret. Marrian was beheaded after her six month long reign of terror, the Templar's were just beginning to form and they knew if the world knew of this act of terror it would erupt. So they hid the child and mother's secret, no one outside of the Templar's would know of the truth. And Edward aka Robin Hood would remain nothing but a fairy tale, and the lives of his childrens children would be changed forever.

A Name Born in Honor, Soon Corrupts

For a line born out of love, Connors was not one to stay as good natured as it started. Soon the line of St. Jaimes filled with the cogs of evil. Power and Money corrupts and the Jaimes line was not immune to its reaching grasp. As the line came into the 21st century its pure nature was all but gone, a few in the blood line changed its nature and aligned itself with good. These few were hunted mercilessly by one single person, Connor St. Jaimes the heir to the family line. The Last of the St. Jaimes, he hunted down and disposed of every single blood tie within his family. Seeing the families blood having been tarnished by mutant genes, he believed he was the only pure St. Jaimes. Training in every form of combat imaginable made Connor a force that no one could match, becoming a superb archer like his ancestor was no a coincidence As each St. Jaimes had an innate knowledge of the Bow and Arrow, but each blood line fell even though each held their own ability.

Now the head of Jaimes Saint Industries, Connor has one goal the eradication of those who tarnished his blood line so many years ago...mutants. His hate for mutants soon grew into a full blown lifestyle, chasing down and killing mutants for the thrill. Travelling the world three times over, combing the world for the best of the best. Many have fallen to his bow an yet has one laid a hand on him. In his travels he came upon the Ultra Sapians, who felt that the world would be better off without mutants. He found their goal worth investing in, so now Jaimes Saint Industries helps fund the Ultra Sapians and their plans for global conquest. He is a single cog in the machine, but his own abilities will bring down the fall of mutants.