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Mega Mind vs the Incredibles !!!....... Nuff Said !!

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no plastic S !!!

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 Justice League vs Trigon ,Justice Society vs Darkseid ,Avengers vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants,Squadron Supreme vs Sh`ir Imperial Guards,Defenders vs Zodiac ,Young Justice vs the Cadre ,The X-Men vs The Masters of Evil,The Fantastic Foundation vs Hydra ,Superman vs Mordru, Captain Marvel vs Bizarro,Wonder Woman vs Deathstroke ,Batman vs Brother Blood ,The Green Lantern Corps vs imperiex,The Inferior Five vs Ambush Bug (hahahah),The Legion of Super-Heroes vs Secret Society of Super Villians ,Lobo vs Doomsday,The Teen Titans vs The Crime Syndicate of America,Captain America vs Juggernaut,Iron Man vs the U-Foes,Guardians of The Galaxy vs Ultraforce,The Invaders vs Kang,the Silver Surfer vs Dreamqueen,Doctor Doom vs Ultron ,Werewolf vs Wendigo,Marvel Monsters vs Marvel Zombies.

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You  Guys forgot about the most troubling one yet ...Rouge ! She was before Jubilee .If Marvel decies to make a new comic it should be Wolverine and his girls.Seriously Wolverine just like all us me would probadly want to be a good father ,so yes he should get the chance in my opinion .He also would be good because he has the natural ability of protecting the troubled ones who seem weak and building them up  to be strong women .What a proud poppa he would make !
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I will always Remember the Times I listened to his music and how it moved me when I was sad ,happy or just chillin`.Yes he was an Icon but the main thing I `ll remember about him is the many  Characters he created (smooth criminal,the zombie jackson ,the ghost jackson the werewolf jackson )What a talent now MJ is moonwalking on clouds ,bet that`s a sight to see.

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It seems to me that since they are zombies "undead" wouldn't dracula be able to control them as well since he is the lord of the undead? Imagine a battle between them.

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If Batman starts killing villians these are a few points  i have .....

1) no more rouge : hell villians wouldn`t have a chance against the worlds greatest detective where could they hide ?!
2) It would make his origin mean nothing : It would make it more like batman eye for an eye
3) Hero?! not anymore: It would also have heroes who believe in JUSTICE go after him maybe even kill him or be killed by him.
4) Lastly , Bat-Man is a Legend ,an Icon ..a Hero .Don`t we have enough dark times in comics already why corrupt more heroes for the sake of comics sales if you really want a Batman type that kills bring back the Wraith ,make him be a Vilgilante that kills .And then we`ll see who the hero tostop him and it will be no one but our hero ...THE BATMAN!!

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i`m having the same problem it`s driving me NUTS!!!!! What should I do close this and start all over with a new charater?that would suck but seems my only answer .Please Help!

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