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East of West #1 0

This is a great new series coming from the team that previously worked on FF over at Marvel (Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta). If you read any of that then you know that their work is amazing and if you haven't then you are in for a treat. This is about three of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse going after the fourth. It also involves the President. Don't want to give too much away.The Writing 5/5:Hickman consistently delivers when it comes to comics and it is amazing how easily he can create an e...

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Avengers #5 0

This issue of Avengers focuses on the new Smasher, a woman by the name of Izzy Dare. To be completely honest this series is my first time hearing of the Smasher mantle and even though she was in previous issues, I did not particularly care about this character probably because I did not have an understanding of who this character was. This issue completely changed this. Smasher has already proved herself to be a valuable new addition to the Avengers and now a member of the Imperial Guard.The Wri...

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Scarlet Spider #5 0

Writing 4.5/5Christopher yet again makes a great issue. This one is completely self-containing. I would like to see a real story arc but if the stories continue to be as good as this one, I don't really mind. The problems that I had with the writing of this book were very small but nevertheless there. With this issue, they try to connect Scarlet Spider to the rest of the Marvel Universe using S.H.I.E.L.D, which comes off pretty forced. It is not terrible and is understandable but it feels unnece...

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The Flash #8 0

Writing 4.5/5Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato did a great job in the writing of the this book. The feel of being inside the speed force was very well conveyed and the origin story of Turbine was very interesting. Despite the excellence of this book, I did have some slight problems with it. I felt like the fights with Turbine felt forced. The second fight especially, first of all, felt like it added nothing to the story, but also, felt like it was started for no reason. Also Turbine felt very...

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The Flash #7 0

During the battle between The Flash and Captain Cold, The Flash must risk everything to save the woman he loves.The Good:The art in this book is spectacular. It just is. Manapul has done a great job with the penciling and the skill of Buccellato with colors is easy to see in this book and series. Both covers for this issue, the regular and the variant, are great and the regular cover has finally neared the high caliber of the third and fourth covers, which were amazing. The story for this book a...

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It's About Time 0

The Good:This issue was great! It is about time that this comic has finally shown how good it can be. Some of the last few issues have been pretty bad, mainly #5, and it is good to finally pick up a good Nightwing issue for a change. Now onto this issue in particular. The story has really picked up and I loved how they brought Nightwing into the Court of Owls storyline. You end up with a lot of interesting "What Ifs" at the end of this issue and I feel like the next issues will be greatThe Bad:I...

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Carnage U.S.A. #4 0

The Good:This series is nearing its end, but that by no means that means that the action will be stopping. This is actually probably the most action packed of the series. The fight has come down to Carnage and the symbiotically possessed townspeople and Avengers vs. Spiderman, the remaining townspeople, the Mercury Team, and Venom. I've been really enjoying this series. The writing is very good and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The art is exceptional.The Bad:I personally could not find any...

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Manhattan Projects #1 0

The Good:The concept is really good. It is a interesting take on historic events. There is a very strong sense of... oddness? in this book. There is a very cool battle that takes place during this book and the story seems like it will continue to be very interesting. The art is also very interesting. Not necessarily great, but pretty good.The Bad:I really do not like what they are doing with the main character. I don't necessarily see why a main character is necessary in this book except for jus...

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Green Lantern #6 0

The Good:The issue is a pretty good filler issue. It shows how Hal adjusts to being without his ring, and somehow, he likes it. The writing is pretty good. The parts with Sinestro are good and the artwork really works with him.The Bad:The art is good but it doesn't feel like it works with the Hal parts of the book. The art makes Hal seem way to young and the dialogue doesn't do much to make it seem as though this is not in the past. Also I feel like Sinestro's partner added nothing to the book e...

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