The Best Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain

There are a number of solutions that are available for natural lower back pain relief and most of them can be achieved right at home. Of course, there is no single home remedy that will work for everybody and that is precisely why a list of remedies are mentioned here.

· Exercises – Perform back stretches that will help you give the much needed exercise to your back muscles as well as nerves. Necessary fitness equipment can be purchased for use in your living room.

· Yoga – Yoga is not really comparable to conventional exercises. It is more about controlling the flow of air in order to bring general health to mind as well as body, including the lower back.

· Ayurveda – Ayurveda is the use of naturally occurring medicine to cure a number of problems including lower back pain. Oil made of herbs called as Enema as well as Basti has been found to have a profound impact on those who are experiencing severe back pain.

· Right Posture – This is not exactly a remedy but more of a practice. Learn to sit the right way, with the back straight up, feet flat on the ground and the computer screen at the correct eye level. Making this a habit can get rid of any work place related back pain from every happening.

· Pain Killers – If Ayurveda medicine and herbal oil messages do not sound very appealing to you, worst case scenario you could always pick up a pain killer. There is a risk of getting addicted to pain killers, so use pain killers only for a quick fix or until other methods like Yoga and Exercising start taking effect.

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