The Best of the Best, My Favorite New 52 Series

Okay, so this is my first blog post and I just wanted to outline my fave DCnU series and why I like them so much. So, without further ado, I shall start.

- Red Hood and the Outlaws: Okay, so this one is controversial for many people, but I personally love it. With a great and engaging story, a cool twist on Jason's training and what could possibly be the start of the greatest team of this new universe, I have nothing, but excitement for where this series is going (especially if Lobdell gets Raven and Wally in here. Load Jason's team up with Dick's old teammates and that would be awesome). Despite all the nasty comments made about this series and its author, I personally love it beyond all belief. Judd Winick and Scott Lobdell have made Jason my favorite Robin through their perspectives on the character, as such I cannot help, but love this series.

- Green Lantern New Guardians: This one has my fave GL (Kyle Rayner) who introduced me to the potential and awesomeness of the GLs themselves so I can't not read it. Also, with what has so far been revealed of the plot, I am super excited to see the title 'New Guardians' play out. Green Lantern is one of my favorite super heroes in general, and the color corps idea was so cool, that to see it play out this way is amazing and intriguing. A series that has my excited for each new installment.

- Batman: An obvious choice for many people, but for me Scott Snyder's writing is amazing and has me eagerly anticipating the next chapter. If this story can truly rival Hush (my fave Batman story) then I will be so happy to have been there collecting it from the start.

- Justice League Dark: I'm a sucker for supernatural stories and so this series scratches that itch very well. With its intriguing cast of characters (many of whom I know next to nothing about, if anything) and hintings at a larger threat from the group itself, I cannot help, but love this series.

- Batgirl: The best female superhero comic I have ever read. That's right, that is my perspective on Barbara Gordon's return to being Batgirl. I'm a big fan of Wonder Woman (and must acquire the back issues from my local comic shop for the new 52, budget constraints and all), but Batgirl had my interest due to them bringing Babs back into the spotlight as a physically active superhero instead of just Oracle (a move I did not originally like). However, now I am a firm believer in this comic and recommend it to everyone.

- Aquaman: I've always like Aquaman. From his appearances in Justice League (TV) to even the horrible, horrible Super Friends. He has been an enjoyable character who I haven't understood the extreme hatred for. I was probably one of the few people who was excited to hear that he was getting a new series back in March or April of this year as it would provide me with ample opportunity to become knowledgeable about the character. I was even more excited when it turned out that this was a reboot and I have not been disappointed. I love this series and am excited for each new issue.

- The Flash: This is the best comic that came out of the DCnU. As much as I love Red Hood and New Guardians, this comic defines the fun and excitement that I want from my super heroes. It defines why I loved Batman Beyond, Static Shock and Teen Titans amongst many other super hero television series when I was younger. It defines what's great about...well...everything. This comic gripped me from the moment I purchased the first issue and I can not wait for each new installment. Every page, every piece of dialogue or artwork is so masterfully done that I am just blown away. This is why I love comics and as long as this is the quality that the character's stories hold to. I will be a very happy fan for years to come.

Now these are my picks for the best DCnU comics. I know that not everyone will agree with me, but for the time being, this is how I feel and unless something drastic happens, this list won't change. Now, if anyone would like to let me know their faves, please leave a comment.