What Villain would u pick to save the world?

If you had to pick one super villain to save the world who would you choose and why? Think about their resources and talents. What makes them capable of pulling this off. Lets say there are no heroes left and its all up to this person. They can use anything at there disposable but no heroes can help them.

If its Marvel villain they have to save the world from a Shiar and Kree Invasion.

If its DC villian they have to save the world from Darkseid and his armies


Who likes the Avengers Alliance FB game?

There is a fb game called avengers alliance and ive been playing it for almost a year now. I think its pretty awesome. There are a ton of characters to choose from and i think they did a good job designing the characters and moves. I have a few problems with the pvp which i think is unbalanced but overall the game is good. The story is great though and i love the mission chapters. What do you guys think of the Game? Any complaints or opinions? Share em here


Which Marvel Hero would Make the most Dangerous Villain?

Alright who do you think would be the worst Villain if they went bad? Think about resources, powers, intelligence, and potential of this person. Lets say this persons only goal is to conquer the world and they will do it by any means necessary. They are not blood lusted but they will eliminate someone if they have too. How much damage do you think this person could do. I personally think Mr. Fantastic or Tony Stark would be the worst because of their intelligence and resources. I think it would take a lot of people to take them down. Pretty much the full resources of shield and the avengers to do so. The avengers or shield would have to really get a plan together to take either of them down. What do you guys think?


Who else thinks Marvel and DC need to do another crossover?

I personally think its about time the Marvel and DC heroes had another go at each other. Im a massive fan of both universes but i feel the General Consensus is that The Justice League is Far stronger than the Avengers. Whenever i see battles all i read is stomp stomp stomp. In some cases i would agree. I feel like the only avenger that gets any chance of a win against the founding league members is Thor. Thats why i think its time to do another crossover so we can see these fights again. Maybe even things up a bit. Thankfully the New 52 and Marvel NOW has helped with this a bit but It has been so long and there have been so many feats that i dont really know who would win or what feats to go off of. I hope they do it so us fanboys have many more debates in the future. What do you guys think?


Are video game Characters underestimated in the battle forums?

Ive been on this site for months and i love it but i always see people bashing video game characters in the battle forums. Well known characters that i think would be a great match for many marvel and dc heroes/villains. For example Kratos Alex Mercer The Assassin creed characters and so forth losing to heroes by the majority of comments that really surprise me. Most people use feats and so forth. I figure its just that most of the people havent played the games through all the way. In the end i think a lot of video game characters are underestimated in the battles boards. Lemme know your opinions please.

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