DC War Comics characters

  1. The one and only Sgt. Rock of Easy Company
  2. The Unknown Soldier
  3. Blackhawk
  4. Mademoiselle Marie, she of the speech bubble French accent and the beret (was that her in DC: The New Frontier?)
  5. Johnny Cloud, of the Losers
  6. Capt. Storm, of the Losers
  7. Gunner, of the Losers
  8. Sarge, of the Losers
  9. Capt Hunter, of the K for Kindergarten Company
  10. Hans von Hammer, the Enemy Ace
  11. Hop Harrigan
  12. The Boy Commandos, an idiotic idea from the 40's.
  13. The Balloon Buster
  14. Jeb Stuart, THE luckiest tank driver in history, with the Haunted Tank
  15. The crew of the U.S.S. Stevens
  16. Ulysses Hazard, code name: Gravedigger
  17. Wayne Clifford, American correspondent in Dateline: Frontline.

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