L.A.-Y-L.A. This call goes out to the streets...

I see my cat-like reflexes ain't enough ta get the job done. We need a higher power to save our sister from the streets L.A.-Y-L.A. from the oppression of the Siryn. You hear a Siryn on the streets, you run, fool, posse's on Broadway to get they hits on. But you shouldn't oughta mess with my pipe-hittin' ninjas of the night, we don't slop when it comes to trading blood for blood times ten, yo. But take a listen to a true great and vote straight for the femme that'd run with his crew 'cause she knows stuff, 'stead of crossin' the street away to wail her Siryn for the po-lice!

Layla M and her butterfly need your vote to rise up against Siryn's player-hater cry. Bust a 4 plus for Layla M an' a fo' minus for the one samplin' Black Canary's act here: