Cvnu Celtic

Height: 6'8 (7'4 in armor)

Age: 375

Weight: 450 lbs (550 lbs in armor)

Gender: Male

Name: ??? rumored to be Zero (Real name is a secret and will only be revealed IC)

Sex: Straight

Occupation: Bounty Hunter (True Chaotic Neutral)

Powers & Abilities

Zero has no actual super powers just the physiology of his species and incredible advanced alien technology that allows him to be a threat to even large and powerful factions.

  • Genius prepper (Zero has never lost a battle in his life as long as he had preparation)
  • Enhanced Durability (His suit allows him to soak up a minimum class 100 ton punches as if it was a infant trying to harm a skyscraper, even with out his suit he still has durability on par with his suit so head shots are not effective either)
  • Enhanced Internal Durability (Just as durable inside as he is outside)
  • Enhanced Strength (He's broke threw blast doors with one kick and punched tanks several dozen meters with ease)
  • Enhanced Speed (Capable of reacting to MFTL beings in Combat)
  • Enhanced Marksmanship
  • Enhanced Intellect
  • Tactical/Strategic Genius
  • CQC Master
  • Ultimate Energy Absorption (All kinds, whether it be magical,meta,cosmic or technological he's capable of absorbing all forms of energy negating practically any energy based attack he's capable of absorbing all energies from very far distances instantaneously)
  • Weapons Of Mass Destruction (With prep)
  • Telepathic Resistance & Attacks (Zero is actually an Omega level Telepath)
  • One Man Army
  • Resurrection (His race has an ability which allows them to regenerate from a single cell, after the process is done he gains a resistance increase to what ever killed him.
  • Master Psychokinesis (Capable of doing some Ultimate feats but only with great strain)
  • Regeneration (High)
  • Super Natural Survivability
  • Toxin Immunity
  • Reactive Adaption (Gains permanent resistance to attacks at a steady pace making him nigh invulnerable to the attack if it is continuously used)
  • Reality Manipulation Immunity (Immunities to Matter Manipulation,Transmuation,Destruction and Magic)
  • High Pain Tolerance (Fighting at optimum efficiency even after getting impaled and shot multiple times in vital organs)
  • Nigh Fearless (He only fears one thing)
  • Coincidence Resistance (Bad Luck,Good Luck, there's no such thing for him his resistance to reality being manipulated by external forces or beings grants him protection from Probability Manipulation which is also a con because he can't get blessed by luck no matter how powerful the being is)
  • Pheromone Manipulation Resistance (People like Poison Ivy will have an incredibly hard time seducing him)
  • Danger Sense (More like intuition than an actual power, he tends to use every ounce of the experience he's gained in his travels for any task predicting and preparing for the worst or best of scenarios, he always has a back up plan or on guard)
  • Phasing & Teleportation Immunity (This is the primary reason Zero wears the armor, made by the Consortium this one of a kind unique metal prevents it from teleporting away or allowing things to get phased through it [NO EXCEPTIONS] while it sounds good at first it's a pain for Zero some times as he won't be able to utilize teleportaion technology to travel around)

Pk Attacks

  • Concussive Blast

Zero fires a blast of telekinetic energy from his mind, this blast is fifty feet in diameter and moves at ma

(Under Construction)

Standard Equipment

(Under Construction)

M-22 Eviscerator shotgun

The M-22 is Zero's favorite three foot long shotgun which he created, with an energy out put of 10 Gigawatts in a super compacted and efficient energy magazine.

The gun fires a beam of super heated particles, the weapons projectile has three effects the first is the heat which is approximately 2,375 K, the second effect is a energy out put of ten Gigawatts which is surely enough to critically injure a durable opponent if they had an immunity to heat based attacks, thirdly if the target is immune to heat AND energy the final effect is matter destruction as when the particles are moving at the speed of light they can by pass the durability with in some extent or completely and destroy them at a molecular level.

If the gun were to say shoot a regular human the sheer energy of the ten giga watts would leave nothing but spattered blood and red mist, if it were to shoot a generic meta human with high levels of durability...the point of entry will leave a large hole one foot in diameter and completely pass through destroying the mass of its target completely however it will not destroy any more mass than it's radius of one foot and it will leave smoldering remains inside the gap.

The guns light speed particles allow it to go through cover (the weapon is significantly less dangerous of the target which he is attacking has a very simply design or anatomy) and basically most inanimate objects, for example should he shoot at a being in adamantium armor the particles will find a way to slip through it and attack the wearer behind it internally causing insane damage inside his body.

The gun has a maximum range of 300 meters and forty shots per mag with absolutely no recoil, however despite all of its impressive abilities it can still be countered the easiest being magical or meta human shields as the particles can by pass that and thus only the heat and energy will be doing the most damage however IT WILL have to be a powerful force field to with stand 10 gigwatts worth of energy moving at the speed of light.

Mega Bomb [No Image]

The Mega Bomb is Zero's most powerful device it is essentially a foot ball sized bomb with a yield of 250 mega tons, he always carry this on his person as one of his counter measures should he

  1. Be captured
  2. Get surrounded
  3. Face overwhelming numbers
  4. Need to cause as much damage in a small amount of time as possible
  5. Suffer from mortal wins with no possible means of surviving

Zero carries three of these powerful bombs on his person at all times, one is built inside his suit so should his life signals go off the bomb will detonate, these bombs can be armed via voice command which has a six word pass word only Zero knows he will than have to say another different six words to either start the count down on the timer or activate it instantly.

These bombs can not be stopped by a technopath as it was designed with countermeasures making a technopath no matter how skilled or powerful unable to stop it at the same time the bomb is covered in the same metal Zero's armor is made out of preventing it from being teleported away or phased into the ground and even from transmuation,matter manipulation,destruction,good fortune,bad fortune,ect.

Zero has the ability to combine three of the bombs together to create an amazing yet ludicrous explosive yield as with just three of these bombs combined perfectly he can create a one Petaton level explosion.

Omega Nanites [No Image]

Built inside his suit is an Omega Nanite there is actually two one inside by his heart and the other inside the back of his armor, these special nanites are extremely small Submicroscopic in scale however despite their size these unique nanites are capable of creating an unlimited supply of nanites with their power source being the multiple beating hearts of Omega.

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Hanta Weapons & Equipment

(Will be updated again)

Hanta Wrist Blades


The Hanta wrists blades are the primary close quarter weapons of the entire Hanta race, used by military,hunters,rogues alike...Hanta prefer the use of their wrist blades due to its versatility not only can it be used to slash but also thrust giving a Hanta many options in combat, the Hanta wrist blades are made out of a very durable metal much,much,much stronger than the best of adamantium which is pale in comparison. Not only does the Hanta blades have the advantage of durability but at prime condition are extremely sharp being able to cut or pierce through tungsten and tanks as if they were weightless or air...the most impressive piercing feat a Hanta wrist blade has shown was cutting through a small amount of adamantium. The Hanta blades versatility from piercing and slashing also come useful especially due to the shape of the you can see the Hanta blades are uniquely shape this is because they are designed to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the least amount of time or hits, once a Hanta blade pierces flesh it will brutally mutilate the flesh and muscle as it enters and than rip it out on its way out due to this deadly design the majority of time (let's say a human) a person gets hit the muscle and flesh in that area would be utterly destroyed or at the very least weakened severely and not only will the muscle be damage to the point of limiting a limbs function severely it will also deliver blood damage, blood damage usually happens when a Hanta blades leaves his or her opponents body the majority of the time a Hanta will cut something important such as an artery or vein even if not due to the exit wound the opponent will suffer rapid blood loss. Those who manage to survive an attack from Hanta wrist blades will need immediate medical attention less they bleed to death. Hanta blades are usually twelve inches long but some can be customized to be a full thirty six inches.

Hanta Wrist Gauntlet

The Hanta wrist gauntlet is the most valuable piece of equipment that a Hanta ALWAYS carries, it functions as a dimensional storage device that allows a near unlimited capacity to carry weapons such as disc blades,plasma mines,spears,ect, the gauntlet also functions as a console to control the Hunta bio mask and works as a device to camouflage a Hanta

the camouflage system is one of the most advanced in the universe, little to no technology has been able to detect a cloaked Hanta...the system bends light rays around the Hanta which makes him invisible even enhanced humans don't stand a ghost of a chance in detecting them...multiple visions have been used in an attempt to detect Hunta's that are camouflaged including thermal,x-ray,radar,echo location...but all have failed.

(more to come)

Hanta Plasma Caster

The Hanta plasma rifle is the primary mid-long ranged weapon of a Hanta, it's extremely powerful and at 1% is capable of destroying adamantium for every percent a Hanta increases in the plasma caster (via wrist gauntlet) the power doubles so at 100% it can be millions of times more powerful than at 1%....although the gun has limits.

Maximum effective range: 500 meters

Delay time per shot: one second

Cool down time: 1% = 40 shots before needing a four second cool down time 100% = 4 shots before needing a eight second cool down time

Speed of projectile = 10,000 miles per hour


  • The Plasma Caster gives off three red triangle aligned laser dots as it aims, the users has the option of shooting with out them but it hinders their accuracy by 50%

Hanta Spear

The Hanta spear is four foot long contractible/expandable spear that is made out of the same metals of the Hanta wrist blades.

The Hanta

Bio Mask

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Hanta/Hunter (Alien Race)


(This will be a narrative perspective of Celtic IC translated into human language)

"Everything has a beginning, five eons ago my race came into existence" using his wrist gauntlet the Hanta summoned a holographic projection of a galaxy and than a planet

"We originated from a desolate and barren like planet we call Kibishii"

the holographic image of the galaxy dispersed and the holo planet enlarged

"Kibishii had very little oxygen,water,life and the gravity was much greater than that of earths"

pressing a button on his wrist gauntlet the hologram dispersed and Celtic crossed his arms "My race has gone through much, three massive scale wars, The Great Schism,Kuro Oni infestation and the Promethean Invasion"

Anatomy, Abilities

(Now a narrative point of view)

Hanta's evolved from the planet Kibishii, Hanta are a mix of reptilian and insect like species...their was many times larger than earth and thus had much more gravity followed by the fact that their planet was very close to the sun only a handful of creatures survived in this environment...due to little moisture there were very few plants which meant low amounts of oxygen which allowed only a select few to survive it was literally survival of the fittest. The Hanta evolved to withstand the heat of the planet which was an average of 134 Celsius and the Oxygen would have barely been enough to support a man....The Hanta were able to survive and live on this small amount of Oxygen and manage to survive very long periods of time with out water sometimes weeks.

TRIVIA (Since it's just plain quicker)

  • Hanta at their peak can hold their breath for an hour and use up 75% less oxygen than a full grown man, however the more oxygen rich the environment is the stronger they are
  • Hanta can lift 25 tons with ease due to evolving in a planet with greater gravity than earth, they can also survive a dozen punches from kryptonians before they even start to show physical damage making them an extremely durable opponent
  • The Hanta have a very,very,very, high resistance to heat and cold allowing them to survive in the vacuum of space with out protection
  • The Hanta have a reaction time of one Femtosecond and can also think faster than a super computer
  • The Hanta are very fast capable of dogging rail gun projectiles and rockets casually
  • The Hanta have twenty times more strength under water
  • The Hanta have the ability of high level Psychokinesis but only the highest ranking or most skilled Hanta are allowed to use this the exception or rogue Hanta
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The Hanta Dark

Name: Dark

Height: 7'0-

Weight: 450 lbs

Build: Muscular

Species: Hanta/Hunter

Age: 1,000


Celtic is an alien coming from the race Hanta, Celtic is a inter galactic bounty hunter coming from the enforcer branch of the Hanta military...his job is to capture rogue Hanta and any space bandits that roam across space and than bring them to justice

(that's it for now)


Hanta Wrist Blades

Hanta Plasma Caster

Hanta Wrist Gauntlet

Hanta Plasma Mines

Hanta Disc Blades

Drozinian Metal

Atomic level solvent

Hanta Plasma Rifle

Hanta Plasma Pistol

Hanta Net Gun

Hanta Spear

Domesticated Kuro oni's

(Here is some info on his physical stats)

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