Christmas 2015

So I figured now would be a good time to share what I did for Christmas last year since I figured how to upload my pictures from my camera. This is the first Christmas my gf and I have spent with each other. The kids got a bunch of presents as you can see below. And in the 3rd picture we both accidentally got each other the same present :P

This has been the best Christmas of my 21 years, and I'm hoping to spend many more Christmas's with my new family. Enjoy the pictures! :)



My 1984 TMNT Figures

4889170-dsc_0171 (2).jpg


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The Leo figure looks great and is able to rotate each joint effectively like most of the other figures. The grip on the weapons are perfect, not too lose and not to tight. I like the look of Leo from the back due to the sword cases. The swords are great too, none of them came bent, and they aren't made of soft easily bent plastic. The poses you can get from Leo is a bit limitless considering he has two swords and great joint rotation.


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You can certainly find various amusing poses with the Mikey figure. It's my favorite to mess with. I haven't had any problems with his joints or weapons so far. I like the goofy smile he has on his face, it helps tell him apart from the other figures.


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

This is really the only figure that has given me problems. The right shoulder is stiff. The left leg joint is really lose, like to the point of breaking. The head pops off too easily. And he can't hold his weapons tightly by handle. The Raph figure does look great and I'm able to still put him in some interesting poses, but it really disappoints me the type of condition this figure was given to me.


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The only thing that upsets me about the Donnie figure is that his bow staff is crooked as hell. It's a pain to just put him into a pose with out the staff ruining it. The best I can do is to have Donnie hold the staff with both and and it will look a bit more straight. Having to do that really limits the poses I am able to put him in. The other thing I don't like about Donnie is that the hands are closed to the point were it's tough to place the stick in his hands.


Ghost, Aliens, and Hallucinations

Are ghosts and aliens real? Or is it just all in our heads?

"Nightmare" by Abraham Abildgaard

The focus of this blog is not to disprove the existence of God in anyway, but to use science to explain why people see ghosts or aliens.

What is Sleep Hallucinations?

There are different types of sleep hallucinations, but the one will be discussing today are Hypnagogia hallucinations. The most common place people claim to see a ghost or alien is in the bedroom. This may be explained by hypnogogic (wakefulness to sleep) hallucinations or hypnopompic (sleep to wakefulness) hallucinations. Hypnogogic hallucinations is when you start to have visual or auditory hallucinations just as you start to fall asleep. Hypnopompic hallucinations happen just as you wake up from stage one of sleep (sleep stages: link 1 and link 2). People who experience these types sleep hallucinations don't realize they were asleep and when they wake up they won't remember the things they saw, or it will be hard to recall it clearly. Some of these visual hallucinations will be of people, shadow figures, shapes, animals, etc.. these objects will be either stationary or move around the room. Auditory hallucinations is when you hear a noise that isn't real. I could be of a baby crying when there is no baby in the room, or a woman's voice speaking to you, etc..


People claim to have seen dead relatives or ghosts at the foot of their bed just standing there or even speaking to them. The ghosts would then disappear, sound familiar? With aliens you have people claiming to have been experimented on or even rapped by these creatures. They come in with bright lights, some victims claim they were floating above their beds suggesting some type of lucid dreaming. And the aliens disappear.

Personal Experience

This is part of my blog where I usually share my personal experience of the topic I am writing about.

Shadow figures are common to see
Shadow figures are common to see

I've experienced these types of sleep hallucinations all my life, they started when I was really young. It used to be I would see a shadow figure in the corner of my bedroom or some odd shape moving around my room. It would scary me half to death. And it didn't help that my mom told me these demons in my room and that I should keep a bible under my pillow. After doing so the hallucinations wouldn't come back for a while.

Fast forward to my adult years and I am still having them. I would wake and see snakes all around my room, beside the bed, on the floors, and even on the ceiling. Some hallucinations are powerful enough to get you scared and running out of the room. The most recent thing I saw was too terrifying to remember exactly what happened, all I remember was I looked to the right of my room and saw my room twisting toward me, and I looked to left of my door and saw the same thing. I ran out of my room into the living room where I saw someone laying on the couch with his back turned to me. It was my father but my brain didn't quite process that, all I saw was a stranger. I once woke up and didn't see my brother in his bed so I went to look for him, when I got back to my room he was sleeping in his bed.

But the strangest thing that I've seen was these odd symbols all over my walls, writings if you will, they reminded me of what the biblical king Daniel saw. I always wondered if these strange words or symbols meant anything, even if they did I wouldn't be able to record it, because these symbols were only visible for a few seconds.


Daniel 5: The Writing on the Wall. If you never read Daniel 5, the story is about Daniel the king, one day while at a party drinking wine with his many wives and servants he noticed that there where fingers on the wall. And from those fingers and unreadable language was written by God. The king said he'd make anyone who could translate this message would be rich and be the third highest ruler in the kingdom. If you wanna know what it says you'll have to read the story.

Next I will be exploring more into hallucinations in ancient times.


Little Albert Experiment (Psychology Series #2)

The ''Little Albert'' Experiment


The Little Albert Experiment was a case study to prove that there was classical conditioning in humans. It was conducted by a famous behaviorist John B Watson. The experiment began by introducing "Albert B" to various animals and objects such as rats, dogs, bunnies, masks, etc.. all of which was white and furry. The boy of 9 months showed no fear when exposed to these animals and objects. Albert would reach and touch the rats and other pets that where in the room.


Elements of Classical Conditioning

Continuing with the experiment, Watson released a white rat into the room with the the child. But this time when Albert went to touch the rat, Watson would strike a metal bar with a hammer. The baby would cry out in fear, loud noises is an innate fear (Psy Series #1) that each of us are born with, little Albert was conditioned to fear the white rat.

Watson wrote:

"The instant the rat was shown, the baby began to cry. Almost instantly he turned sharply to the left, fell over on [his] left side, raised himself on all fours and began to crawl away so rapidly that he was caught with difficulty before reaching the edge of the table."

Watson demonstrated emotional responses could be conditioned in humans, but Albert also displayed what is known as stimulus generalization, meaning he feared things that were white and furry like a white coat or a person wearing a Santa beard.

What ever happened Albert?

Little was known of the fate of Albert after the experiment, but years later a facial recognition team found what they believed to be ''Albert B", his real name was Douglas. Douglas died at the age of 6 from hydrocephalus, it is unknown if he continued to fear white objects before his death.


Say Hello To My New Cat!!!

Say Hello to Maggie!


She is named after a character in one of my favorite movies A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Maggie, played by Elizabeth Taylor. She was very affectionate in the movie, and this cat is the same way. She's always trying to climb up stuff to get on me or get close to my face. And purring in my ear while perched on my shoulders.



Stop the Batfleck has "no neck" comments


We all know comic characters have exaggerated bodies that are often disproportional, but their muscles must be exaggerated to an extent to complement the impossible feats they preform. The same must be said about movie actors who take on such iconic roles such as Batman and Superman. Let's not forget how images differ from the actual movement of the character in the movie. Because the facts are Batman looked epic in the recent Batman v Superman trailer.

But of course comic book fans can never be satisfied, even if we get Ben Affleck who looks exactly like Batman from the comics.

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Just like in the above image comparing Batfleck to Jim Lee whose Batman doesn't have a neck, you wanna know why? It's because his neck muscles are huge. This isn't the only case of "no neck syndrome" in comics or even games. But keep on complaining it just makes you look childish.

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Suicide Squad Trailer: Joker and Harley Quinn

Joker tortures Harley Quinn


In the trailer it shows Joker and his goons attacking a mental health facility where "Dr. Harley Quinn" is working. When Joker says "I'm just gonna hurt you really really badly!" he was speaking to Harley Quinn (see images below).

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

These are most definitely flash back scenes where it depicts Joker "creating" Harley Quinn. Joker does show up later in a chase scene with Batman on top of the roof of his car, but I doubt that will be the last scene with the Joker. I'm expecting Joker will have caused a lot of chaos and then Batman shows up to stop him, by then Harley has separated from the SS group and is with Joker.


Harley Quinn as a Stripper???


In Joker by Brian Azzarello, Harley Quinn was a stripper, maybe this is the scene before Joker and Harley speed off in that nice red car.


But that's not the only thing we see from the comic, in the image below you will see a goon dressed in a skinless human costume. Which I think is nice that a few comic elements from this story has made it into the movie.

The guy standing above the dead cops
The guy standing above the dead cops
4686177-jokergnovel3crop (1).jpg

Here is a few other snapshots I took from the trailer.

Killer Croc in a Hannibal mask!!!
Killer Croc in a Hannibal mask!!!
Killer Croc's cave (red arrow marks skulls)
Killer Croc's cave (red arrow marks skulls)

4 days and 3 nights at work

As a Hab Tech, my job sometimes requires me to watch over a person when the parent or guardian is away from home. Sometimes I have to stay an hour or two after work, and in rare occurrences, such as these, I am responsible to stay at the home of the client for an extended amount of time. In this case, I had to work from Saturday until Tuesday. I was hoping that my job paid over time hours, but I since then I have learned my job position doesn't require them to do so. I couldn't tell you why even if you asked.

Week 1: I worked 55.75 hours. Normally I only work 28 hours a week.

Week 2: I worked 46.25 hours.




















When working respite, I was told to clock out for at least 4 hours a night, but apparently it was changed to 8 hours. I was disappointed to learn I would get paid less hours for staying 4 days and 3 nights. But I was happy to do it, and I enjoyed my time there. So that's my experience, if you have any to share of your own, I would love to hear them.

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