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Except for the wiki, whatever I've Done on CV is indexed here, or can be reached from here. Explore the links, and as always, thanks for reading.

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FCPg. Date#Current TitleWhat it Is Now
F-9/8/141.Test page 4.2.-
--10/6/142.WGP 44 dupe.Disco Fever templates- Comic Ads and Hostess Ads templates in comments
-C7/19/ page #6.Temp pg for Recycle tracking
-C7/19/ page #7.Breakers rework
--9/23/135.Comic Ads Index (categorized) [dupe].Rough Co 2
--7/28/ page #22.Batman vs. The Woman in White (10 yrs later scene w/White's child)
--10/20/107.New page #23 - 10/20/10.OCbishop - Creatures
-C7/16/138.Special Projects.Voting Stats template
--7/16/139.CCC Index (for cb's entries).Writing about writing 1
--9/17/1310.Hostess Ads Index (cover date order).-
--7/23/1311.temporary - working on something.Black Magic Woman
--7/14/1212.temporary page.Vote Stats workspace
--7/14/1213.the new working mess.Time Share- The Time Phantom Interview
--7/11/1214.Working on something.templates w/6 comment boxes
--10/23/1015.IN ORDER POSTED: Lists (cbishop's Index).OCbishop - Locations
--10/12/1016.Working mess: WUBI.OCbishop - Characters
--7/10/1217.Working Mess: 12-MT.Capt Mv Bunny origin chapter
--7/14/1218.12-MT template.Ringo Saturn and the Vault of the Heavens
--7/28/1219.Working Mess: CCC Voting Stats.Rough Co. aliases work
--7/28/1220.CCC Voting Stats Template.CCC 45 (news- bank robbery)
--3/19/1321.WUBI 2 Template.SBS 2 (99 Red Balloons)
--7/16/1222.WUBI template.-
--7/16/1223.Blog template.-
--7/16/1224.Working Mess: Blogs.-
F-01/07/1525.accidental double post.Idea Space
--10/13/1027.Blog Index (alphabetical order).OCbishop - Concepts
--7/4/1228.Blog Index (categorized alphabetically).Awesome Art Picks Archive
--7/10/1329.Fan-Fic Index (alphabetical order).-
--7/10/1330.Fan-Fic Index (categorized alphabetically).-
--7/10/3031.Fan-Fic Template.-
--7/16/1332.Original Fiction by cbishop.-
--7/12/1233.12-MT Index (alphabetical order).-
--7/12/1234.Full WUBI Index (alphabetical order).-
--11/13/1035.Homages Index (alphabetical order).OCbishop - Teams
--11/12/1036.Homages Index (categorized numerically).OCbishop - Objects
--07/16/1237.Review Index (alphabetical order).-
--07/23/1238.Review Index (rating order).-
--09/23/1339.Comic Ads Index (alphabetical order).-
--7/28/1240.List lndex (categorized alphabetically- deleted).-
--7/25/1241.List Index (categorized numerically- active).-
--7/25/1242.List Index (alphabetical order).-
--7/25/1243.List lndex (categorized numerically).-
--7/23/1244.Titles Index (numerical order).-
--7/20/1245.Welcome to the Seeing Double Index.-
--7/20/1246.Working Mess: Fan-Fic/ Seeing Double Index (numerical order).-
--11/13/1047.Homages Index (numerical order).OCbishop - Unnamed
--9/17/1348.Hostess Ads Index (numerical order).-
--9/23/1349.Comic Ads Index (numerical order).-
--7/20/1250.Stuff I Like Index (numerical order).-
--7/23/1251.Forum Topics Index.-
--9/23/1352.Comic Ads Template.-
--9/12/1353.Hostess Ads List template.1st...cut out eyes...
--3/28/1354.This is a test page.-
-?8/17/1355.Testing features - nothing to see here.-
-?10/8/1356.Grandma's Books: Dictionaries and Tides of the Heart [dupe].-
--11/11/1057.Review Index (numerical order).-
--07/11/1258.Full WUBI Index (numerical order).-
--07/11/1259.12-MT/ AIT Index (numerical order).-
--07/10/1360.Fan-Fic Index (numerical order).-
--2/14/16-.Title to b edited.Intended for Cupid story.
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07/24/1009: After OMD, does Venom remember Peter?..Venom.
08/16/1010: NEW USERS! Lend us your "follows!"..Quests.
05/17/1311: What's the Scavenger Hunt?..Contests.
12/18/1312: THIS IS MY 1,000TH POST TO THE FAN-FIC FORUM!..Fan-Fic.

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DateTopic .Editing & Tools Forum.
08/30/1001: How To Create a Link Name?.
11/22/1002: Can we get a "Post Edit" button, please?.
03/10/1203: Is there a way to have single spacing, instead of double spacing?.
11/10/1304: Dial H For Hero Characters.
11/24/1305: Publisher page doesn't show issues attached to it.
03/06/1606: Q1 Cover Dates?.

Bug Reporting:

DateTopic .Bug Reporting Forum.
03/26/1301: My profile page is displaying HUGE.
03/27/1302: Blogs are messed up in several ways...
05/18/1305: I didn't create this status.
06/25/1306: Pop-Up Ads Blocking Page.
07/07/1307: Cannot Edit Blogs.
08/22/1308: Volume tabs seem to be missing.
09/14/1309: Broken Link on Heroes vs. Heroes concept.
04/09/1410: (locked) Cannot Rate Reviews (and so can't post reviews).
04/24/1411: Everything going to the "SF" page.
02/02/1512: Edit button gone on forum mirrors.
04/09/1513: 500 Error When Posting.
05/17/1514: "Error loading image viewer: invalid model data.". (FOP)
05/27/1515: Spoiler block links won't open on blogs.
05/28/1516: PM notification number is stuck. (FOP)
06/06/1517: Information not saving in either lists or tables. (BITN)
07/17/1518: Issue dates not showing up in search.
09/30/1519: Strange view on one of my blogs.
12/04/1520: Cannot transfer blogs to specific forums.
01/27/1621: (locked) Went to post a blog and got kicked out.
03/04/1622: 2014 Status showing up on profile.
03/06/16:23: Odd Posting Credit on Added Image.

Not My Topics, But Keeping Track:

DateTopic (alphabetical order)Forum
03/28/11.Are Delays a Good or Bad Thing?..Gen. Discussion.
09/17/10.Do you think John Wayne was racist?..John Wayne.
07/05/10.Is America's Mythology actually our comic book characters?..Americana.
11/22/10.Off My Mind: Should Supervillains Wear Costumes?..Gen. Discussion.
10/26/10.Rob Liefeld's New Project: ZOMBIE JESUS..Rob Liefeld.
11/13/10.Safest Place in the Universe, The..Fan-Fic.
06/13/10.Trading Views: X-Men: Mutant Massacre..X-Men.
08/17/10.Twins: The Redundancy..Gen. Discussion.
11/22/10.Which Green Lantern Has the Best Costume?..Green Lantern.
2013.Writers you dislike for some reason..Gen. Discussion.
09/02/10.X-Men Faulty Premise, The..X-Men.
Fan-Fic Extras: (Stuff I don't want on my main FF index)


09/09/13.Fan-Fic Long Box - Authors.(Blog) (Forum)
11/07/13.Marvel Iron Age Library.(Blog) (Forum)
01/20/14.Fan-Fic Long Box - Groups.(Blog) (Forum)
08/04/14.5th Column Comics Library.(Blog) (Forum)
10/06/14.Writers Guild Presents Library.(Blog) (Forum)
10/21/14.The Tomb of Horror Classics.(Blog) (Forum)
03/26/15.Wild Western Roundup.(Blog) (Forum)
05/15/15.Fic-O-Pedia. (as FicOPedia alt)(Blog) (Forum)

OCbishop: (aka Cbishop Wiki)

C'Wiki forum links:
Other:.Fan-Fic Disclaimer for cbishop..Round Robin Contest #26.
-.Awesome Art Picks Archive.-

Temporary Fan-Fic Checklist:

This is a list of the contest entries I have left to post as individiual posts on the Fan-Fic forum. I probably won't repost the story from CCC 16, but never say never, right?

CCC #ThemeRead the EntriesCharacters
#016Medieval Space.Voting.
  • Cosmaximus
  • cybergato
  • Inquell
  • Longwood
  • Longwood Acres
  • Princess Kaligrofi
  • (unnamed daughter of king 2)
  • (unnamed king)
  • (unnamed king 2)
  • (unnamed messenger/ dragon)
  • (unnamed sorceress).

Didn't participate in these contests, but would still like to write the stories for them at some point, just to say I did. The idea I had for the "Villain for Gambit" contest I wound up tweaking for the "Marvel Mayhem OC" contest.

CCC #Theme
#039The Devil You Know
#037Star Wars Ep. 4-6 OC
#019All OC Humans vs. Aliens
#018OC Hero in a Fantasy World
#017OC Villain Team Doing Heroics
#010Armored/ hooded OC
#008Villain for Gambit

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Thanks for stopping in! :^D

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@cbishop: Have you tried upgrading to Google Chrome? It should fix most issues that you are having. Comic Vine isn't very IE-friendly. What about the description needs to be changed?