Exotic Pets

Do you own any exoctic pets, what do you consider an exotic pet what is considered an exotic pet in your city and is prohibited? 
Why do you think they would be prohibited in your city or why do you personally think certain animals should be prohibited in your city?
what are your thoughts on spade, neutering defanging, debarking or declawing animals.  
I have owned several animals from iguana, lizard, birds and  even Wolf Dogs. I personally dont think i should have been allowed to own small animals as a child nor do i encourage kids to own small animals due to how irresponsible children are and the price being paid by a small defenseless animal dependent on you to live.
It might teach a child the value of life and responsibility and give them a basic understanding of death but at the cost of an animal which my spiritual beliefs tells me it has as much value as you or I.
The exotic animals that i have owned were two Wolf-Dogs, i had them since they were 3 months old and they looked like any other puppy with floppy ears and overall appearance till they started getting older and starting taking on more wolf like behavior. I loved having them b/c they were not fragile as a bird or lizard and they were very self dependent, i lived in an area slightly outside city limits up in the hills with trees and fields and my neighborhood was not as heavily populated as today.
My City Laws allows for people to own wild exotic animals so long as it is not within City limits so many people in my city own wolves like a person would own a dog. We even have one guy who owns a large bear on his property and others who have mountain cats others own horses, another cattle animals and so on.
I am conflicted as i think animals should be free but some animals cannot survive on their own or would have a harder time surviving in the wild and i think that if one person can provide them with a good home and room to run and the animal is happy then i am okay with a person owning an exotic pet. My problem is when i see an animal on a person's property being caged up b/c he is too wild to be allowed to run free let alone on his own property, i get angry when i see a dog debarked and i i think if  you cant raise a pet and give it the time then you shouldnt have it.. 
I currently have my Wolf-Dog and two small Jack Russell Terrier and my ferret past away last year after 8 yrs of raising him.


Violence a Good Thing

We are often told that violence does not solve problems but i disagree. I believe that if you are being bullied physically or emotionally  force can stop a person from bullying you. Of course an individual cannot win all fights but it is better to fight and show that you wont take it lying down. 
I mean how much can a person tolerate from another person without retaliation?
you have people who hide behind the law while abusing their freedom, laws and authority while they take your money, land or run their mouths harass or insult you.
Yet it can easily be stopped if a person is willing to physically harm them they would think twice about abusing their power and authority.
I have often times have settled things by a simple intimidating look  that says i will harm you with people who have gone their whole life taking and saying whatever they want. Once they realize that the law wont stop me they start to behave and be more respectful, now i am not saying i am bad@$$ what i am saying is the threat of violence or violence can and does solve many problems.
Of course violence is also used and abused but no more than those who hide behind the law, power and authority who threaten a person's life style or career . I know that one cannot always intimidate or beat someone in life and that is fine but in a world where one is held accountable for their actions one also learns respect. It is the reason some of us can go into a certain bars and mingle with other people while others are too afraid to enter certain places. 
just my two cents.
Can anyone name when violence was used and the results of the action was a good thing?
it can be personal life experience, historical and more modern time.


Is College a Scam?


How much money will you actually make compare to someone with just a high school education?
Are job opportunities better for someone with college diploma than it is for someone with a high school diploma on average?
It seems the reality is that college education is nice but it is not necessary for actually making more money than the average person.
Is making 10% more than someone else worth spending 4 years in college and risk putting yourself in debt with having to repay student loans?
Is hands on experience not better than text book knowledge and a Diploma?
A good suit and and good attitude can get you just as close to a job as can a college diploma so long as you are willing to learn and know what it is you need to do.
I know mathematicians who are  physicist who make about 20-25k a year some how that doesnt seem fair or right nor worth doing when a labor job can get you the same if not more. 
Same for Lab Techs people who get college diplomas only to work alongside people who never went to college straight from high school or starting at a low position and moving on.
If you are gonna go to College or planning to attend a University you might wanna watch the Video above.
This is my 1st blog in a week.

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My Life & Trials: Chapter 2

After the night with the talking jaguar i make my way through the forest to open clearings to find the 1st of soon to be many pocket villages, tribes and clans. I become more disturbed the people make me feel uncomfortable as they bow before me offering bowls of fruits and meat. An old woman cries as she crawls on her knees and backs away as i try to lift her up to her feet..

Please do not bow before me grandmother and do not cry, rise, please.

Nonononono... i am unworthy to stand before you My Lord.

as i lift her up to her feet she shuts her eyes refusing to see me, i look around me an at the rest of the villagers who all lower their heads and bow before me. Something is wrong this is not respect but fear for why they do this. A woman comes running out from her home sobbing as she attacks me and beats on my chest..

Dont take our children, you've already taken our young Warriors  is that not enough?!

she beats on me as i try to make sense of her words, the men of her tribe come to her and drag her away, one of the men with his head lowered speaks on her behalf..

Please excuse her My Lord she is overwhelm with grieve having lost her husband several days ago  to be an honored sacrifice.

I understand now what has happen to this village and its people.

i am no Lord that you should fear me, i do not come for your men or children!
nor em i of the people who took them your men.

One of the Men slowly raises his head as he listens to my words...

But, your Clothes, it is for royalty the colors?

hear my words and do not fear me, stand up an on your feet as an equal.

i look as they slowly rise and begin to raise their heads to meet my eyes already some have noticed that i am different and do not look like them.
Many do not know what to make of my appearance, the children who were in hiding begin to peer out from their hiding place their courage exceeding their size as they run out to investigate my odd appearance.

The villagers look at me in awe as they come forward to look at my face and clothing, The Old Woman cups my face and strokes my beard as she asks her questions..

Are you a spirit, have you come to help us?
will you bring back our men?

The children pulling on my robes as they run around me and hide from each other, the men and women begin to gather  wishing to know what i am having already made the decision in their hearts. I dont know how to respond to her question as i look deep in her eyes a lifetime of hardship can be seen...

I am not a spirit, Grandmother. i am made of flesh same as you.
Had i the power i would bring back your men but, i do not.

She lowers her head already knowing my answer would be painful to hear, the men and women begin to speak.

We had heard that a child was born many years ago that he was the son of the Great Spirit is that not you?
That is what they say of me.

Can you not help us?

The people begin to argue among each other  each competing to be heard.

* you cannot ask the spirits or gods to help you* * bow before him*  *No, he is just  a man!*
*Do not say that!*

They start to become confused many not knowing how to act or behave a few doubt themselves unsure if they should bow before me. I begin to grow annoyed at their bickering and start to walk away and begin my journey again. I have known many people in my life and more often than not they are all the same..

Wait! dont go, please!

A woman's voice calls out to me in desperation a part of me wishes to ignore it but the light touch of her hand on my shoulder forces me to acknowledge her. As i turn she pulls back her hand in fear that she should not have touched me. She cries as she speaks to me...

My Lord, please i did not mean to offend you.
i have a child, he is sick if you can help him i would do anything..

* do not beg this stranger, he can do nothing!*

i look at her and i feel her sadness mirror my own.

I do not know what i can do for you child, mother.
are there no healers better suited to the task?

My words cut like a dagger as her pain grows.. i place my hand on her shoulder as i answer...

I will see your son and i will pray for him...

she takes me to her home where her son lies on a straw and fur matt, he sweats profusely. he has a fever brought on my unknown forces. i sit beside the boy as the mother watches waiting for me to do something.. I feel overwhelming sadness knowing that this boy may die and be taken from his mother, i grow angry as i close my eyes and pray over the boy on the mother's behalf for the boy  to whomever may hear me.

* why must you take a son from her mother?*
* you took all those i loved from me*
* can you not give something back?*
* give her back her son,  i ask that she not share my pain*

As a tear falls from my cheek landing on the boy's chest while praying i open my eyes and see where the tear  had struck had begun to shine, i soon realize the light is emanating from within me as well as my chest begins to glow. I stand up and place my hands on the boy's chest as he begins to breath normally. The Mother having initially backed away begins to approach as her son is revived from his sicken state and rises from his bed. The mother and son hold each other as she cries tears of happiness..

I walk out of the woman's home and to my surprise i see the villagers kneeling before me having witness the light display from outside. The mother coming out to show them her healthy son who is laughing and giggling. The boy runs with the rest of the children telling them his story of what waits for them on the other side in the world of spirits and gods.


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My Life & Trials: Chapter 1

It has been several moons since i  buried my Mother, the village people gave her a funeral fit for royalty. There is nothing left for me here, she was the last remaining blood tie  after my grandparents had joined the Great Sun many seasons ago.  It hurts each day as the longing grows my cursed memory once  thought of as a gift to remember sights, smells and words now  brings me  the growing painful sorrow with perfect clarity, it is now my curse that i must bare...

I return to my Mother's home as i pack  my belongings and stare at a shell necklace that once belonged to my Mother, i reach for it as a tear of sadness falls on my hand.
This is all that i have of her that i will take with me, it's radiating colors shimmer like the colors of a Hummingbird's feathers, it flickers like the flapping of butterfly wings.. I lower my head as i don the necklace and reach for the bee wax candle that i use for lighting,  the flame dances as i pick it up and light my home on fire.

I walk out of my once childhood home as it is engulfed in fire, i  carry with me nothing but a small traveling pack and my robes that my Mother once made for me of fine colored cotton of bright red, green and bright white with trim gold, my hair braided to keep it off my face decorated with an eagle feather. The village people come out to witness the conflagration and see me leave, none speak to me as i leave the village and enter the forest.

I spend the 1st of many nights in the forest alone sitting in the dark being watched by unseen eyes of animals and things that live in the dark, natural and supernatural. i stoke the fire with a large stick as i try to bury the sadness of my recent loss, i conquer my emotions and banish the sorrow from my heart. As i wrestle with my emotions i hear a growl emanating from the dark, it is close. Most animals would not come this close to a fire yet this thing appears to be stalking me.

I peer into the dark forest and see two glowing eyes reflecting the light of the fire as it steps out of its covering.. I stand up ready to face it without fear to my surprise it simply moves back and fourth and walks  up and down before taking a seat in front of me as it stares at what feels like my soul, it is a Jaguar.

I try to scare it away as i reach into the flame and pull out a flaming branch waving it in front of him in hopes that it will retreat back into the forest, it does not move as i feel its gaze studying me. 

Shoo, go away! go!....

to my surprise it answers back..

where would you have me go, Brother?

what?! you can speak?!

i cautiously keep my distance as i stare at it hoping it is some kind of trick or pondering if i had lost  my mind...

why are you so surprise do you not speak to animals?

Yes, but they do not speak like men do but sing, chirp, growl and move.....
 I understand them and they in turn understand me we do not always do as asked.

I came to see the man god, i had heard he was the Son of the Sun.
If this is true he should know me but, i see you do not.

It turns to walk away excitedly i scream to it:

Do not go! i would know what you know!
It is true they say i am the son of the Great Sun.
That i too was once a great spirit but i do not know if this is true.
I do not remember the stories that many claim i was a part of before i was born in the world of man.

It is true you are different not like any other men....and you do look like he that i once knew.
but, he is gone buried beneath the flesh.
where do you go, Brother?

To the great floating city where the gods dwell.

what do you hope to find there, family?

My family is dead, i go to seek answers  there is where i feel i will find them.

you are sadden because of your loss?


 He who i knew  would not be sadden for the loss of life, he would know that all things come to an end.

tell me  what do you know of me  before i was born into flesh?

The animals of the forest speak to each other and bring news of you.
that you are special not like others and that you can understand them.
i came to see for myself, i knew of the spirit that was you before you were made flesh.

Are you a god ?
What do you know of me, tell me..

gods, great spirits we had no need of such titles or even names prior to the 1st  Cycles .
it would take too long to tell you and relive the old stories...

Please, i wish to know who i am..

The Jaguar moves closer to the fire as he takes a seat and stares at the flames... it plays with me knowing how anxious i am to hear what he has to say....

why do you suppose your memories were taken away, do you think he would want me  to tell you of who you were?
perhaps another time...

It leaps over the fire and runs back into the forest  leaving me with more questions than answers angry i kicked the fire scattering the ember and wood..

Is this what you gods do, play games with us ?!

i yell at the forest but i dont expect the jaguar to listen or answer back, it entices me with answers only to take them away. I sit on a log  in the dark alone frustrated with not knowing who i am or am expected to be.  The thought of my dead  family creeps up on me during my moment of weakness as i try to hide from it and bury my head between my crossed arms... I sob quietly in the forest as sorrow overwhelms me.



Would you change your Religion for Love?

If there was someone that you felt you loved and you felt you had much in common or complimented each other but for one thing would you change it to be with that person?

I've often seen people walk away from someone who feel would be perfect for no other reason  that they are not Jewish, christian, catholic and even for supporting a different political party.

how important is it for you to have a partner who shares the same religion? 

Does this also extend to your sexual partner?

Do your parents share the same faith as you do you think your parents would walk always from you for their religion or you walk away from them?


My Sun and Life

I remember that day, it was the day that would change not just my life but the world itself. I was just a young girl in a field picking flowers thinking of only what young girls think. And it came i felt the change in the wind and when i looked up i saw a beautiful ball of feathers carried by the wind, i heard the whisper from the wind not to be scared as the feathered ball kissed my head  and vanished with in me.

I felt the warmth of new life within me, i went home to my mother and father who did not believe my story it was many weeks before i learned i was with child. I was scared and sadden for i was too young to be a mother. I cried in my room scared of what my parents would say and what i would tell them when they ask me for the name of the child's father.

What would I tell them that the Wind and Sun gave me a child? How could they believe me when I cannot believe it myself.

I would cry myself asleep in my room and one day i dreamed a special dream. I dreamt of staircase leading up to the stars, i walked it and as i reached higher and higher the night sky turned into a beautiful white Palace in the Heavenly Court. i noticed that i was wearing white cotton dress pure as snow.

And a voice called to me and told me to come as i walked through the clouds, do not be scared it said.

I walked to the voice who was a bright light unable to see the being's figure.. i had no fear but a calmness about me.

He raised my hand as he spoke, I give my son to you to raise and love, he will be there to protect  and save you.
teach him kindness for you are his mother and what he learns from you will make him who he is.

He leaned forward and kissed me on my forehead, i felt so at peace that i close my eyes and when i open them i was back in my room wearing the dress from my dream.

I came out from my room to speak to my parents and told them my dream while showing them my dress. My sadness and fear  was replaced by Joy and Happiness.
My parents where skeptical but they knew i could not afford such a dress nor had i left the house that night.

They were scared for me as my pregnancy began to show in the months that followed although they had their doubts of my story. It soon became evident when my Sun was born, he was my light and warmth. His hair was like the rays of the sun, his eyes like the bluest of the deepest ocean, his skin soft and pale there was no doubt that my child was the son of the creator..

Men, women and nobility  came to see my Sun as i raised him in our small village out in the fields. He had a gentle soul a kindness that can only come from being loved and taught the goodness of respecting life. As years came he grew into a strong man, a man of peace among a race of warriors, it was hard for him as some would love and  respect him others would fear and hate him.

It wasnt easy for him but we loved him, he would leave our village as he would explore the world and learn and teach others... Now he returns to me a god man with power to shake the world and to me he is just my Sun, a boy who would cry and hide behind me while girls and young boys would chase after him in play...

He sits beside me watching me  while holding my hand as i draw my last breath, he cries and begs me not to leave him......... Death to him has always been very hard for my Sun.. I wish i could stay...

Dont cry for me, i go now to your father... know that  I love you....

As I see myself rising  I see my Sun crying over my dead body... He will be strong, the sorrow will pass, he will be the protector he is destined to be.


Judeo/Christian Usurping of Cultures

i've noticed that a lot of traditions that one considers Judeo/Christian or Catholic did not originate with the religion and yet it is continued to be used well into modern times.
Most often the religion usurps other cultures to establish a foot hold in a particular region of the world and i have often wondered how can a religious followers, Pope, Cardinal find this acceptable and meshing with their religion?

I have heard people claim that you have to be married by the church, priest, witnesses in order for you to be married by their religion as if it were gospel yet not once is that  ever explicitly stated and has actually been the opposite statement when it comes to marriage or being considered to be married in the bible.

the tradition of the modern wedding is actually rooted in pagan religion and has nothing to do with the judeo christian religion and yet men and women continue to accept it as a christian tradition and ignore all its pagan symbolism. i can accept this with your less versed followers but i dont believe the Pope, Cardinals or anyone who preaches the bible should be enforcing it and claiming it as a judeo religion belief structure or that God commands it.

I have seen this time and again the more i study cultures and religions even to the point that their saints, angels, demons and even God have taken pagan religion attributes that was never stated as a judeo christian belief structure. The churches and religious institution go from one region to the next and blend merge their beliefs structure in order to assimilate them as quickly as possible. It has taken the shape of turning regional gods into demons, saints, and angels without it ever being justified by the  old or new testament but simply modern people saying those are demons.. Now you can go online and buy books that name the judeo religion demons and the majority of the names have never ever been mention in any old or modern testament but you will find them in there and when you study the names they are actually gods of ancient religions that the church usurped.......

Now on the opposite end of this we have some gods turn into Saints or Angels without doctrine support to justify such an action. I would think the Judeo Christian religion would be against turning foreign gods into angels or saints with you know God not liking  competition...

An example of this is the earth goddess/spirit/ Mother of the Americas being turned into a saint and even attempted to make her interchangeable with The Virgin Mary.
I am talking about Our Lady of Guadalupe whose actual name was   Tonantzin which Catholicism has tried to assimilate and take what little remains of the native culture from the Americas.

The story is that a Native Pueblo boy had a vision of Tonantzin which means Our Mother who wanted her church rebuild which the head priest refused and asked for proof of her appearance. The boy later had another one and she gave him a painting and roses within a satchel... anyways the natives did not refer to her as The Virgin Mary although that is what the Catholic church wants people to believe and even if they did they wouldnt canonize her as a saint as a separate person if she was already the Virgin Mary.

I can go on another  the lighting of candles although the church had this belief which was something that was taken from other cultures the Natives of the Americas also light  fires in remembrance of the dead, family and warriors and even some say to remember their own savior god who sacrificed himself and was consumed by fire so as to restart the fire of the sun and let the sun rise once more....

I want to know when you take everything that is not pertinent to the Judeo/Christian Religion what else do you have left that is itself?
is the simple message of the Old and New testament not enough, do you find it okay for the Judeo Christian Religion to take qualities of other religions?
what does Judeo christian Belief leads you to believe of doing such a thing?
how can one decide which god will be turned into a saint, angel or demon?
what cultural traditions do you know that the judeo christian have taken from other religions?
what gods do you know were changed  or merged to fit the judeo christian religion?


Double Standard in the Judicial System

when will the double standard in the judicial system stop when will we say enough is enough,,,

4 women tie, blind fold and sexually assault a man and belittle him while naked.. and all they get is minor probation if it was a man who did this to a woman he be in prison for at least half a decade.

ooh forgot to mention they crazy clued his penis to his stomach

CHILTON, Wis. — A Wisconsin woman who tied up a cheating lover and glued his penis to his stomach said Tuesday that she didn't mean to hurt him and only overreacted because he had tried to contact her 12-year-old daughter.

Therese A. Ziemann, 48, of Menasha, said she and three other women only meant to confront the married man about his cheating ways. Her decision to grab the bottle of nail glue from her makeup bag was "a stupid spur-of-the-minute decision," she said.

"I had just found my daughter's number in his cell phone," she said outside a Calumet County courtroom. "It was just a warning from me to him, to stay away from the kids."

Ziemann, her sister, another lover and the man's wife were all sentenced Tuesday to one year probation plus community service for their roles in the revenge plot. A judge also imposed and stayed jail sentences of 60 days for Ziemann and 30 days for the other three, meaning they would only serve the jail terms if they violate the conditions of their probation.

Ziemann, a mother of six, acknowledged that she lured the 37-year-old man to a motel bed.
The 48-year-old mum-of-six then slapped Davis in the face, cut off his underwear and used nail glue to stick his member to his stomach.


what do you men, women and in-between have say about this?