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Rushed 0

One must not mistake In Media Res with Rush and botched. Why do comic-books make the very same mistake as TV Shows? If They're Not Like Us was not unreadable, as far as I'm concerned it is certainly not as thrilling as others number one issues that I've read.Characters are rather superficial and the story, even though extraordinary, feels weary already. Of course this is not to be mixed with such a graphic style that plays on the minimalist touch and then adds up a little to the feeling of botch...

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Farewell ! 0

Such an amazing serie deserved a proper finale, and Brian K. Vaughan closes the Y chapter with brio ! It is probably not what we expect, but that's not important when we come to enjoying the results even more. The more page you turn, the more nostalgia, since you know you will never see Yorick and his supporting characters again. Bravo to Mr Vaughan !...

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Even if I had not read Ennis' work, it would be bad.... 0

Wow, I love the Punisher and I really do not understand how Rick Remender could go so far in absurdity. Be careful, I may spoil some of the action, but for what it's worth....First of all, we have such a caricatural Frank Castle and it is shocking even if we've got used to it during this Marvel Era for the regular Castle lines. Then the story couldn't be more disjointed. How did the Punisher get a hold on Daredevil's stick? We know that he has found Iron Man's glove, Doc Ock's tentacle or the G...

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Even kids deserve better. 0

For every fan of Starlin's work, the question : "Who Will Get The Cosmic Cube?" is frightful. Unfortunately Jim Starlin does not belong to the creative team of Spidey Super Stories #39 ...Nick Sullivan, Michael Siporin and Jim Salicrup wrote a naive story for children. Of course no one can blame the fact that comic books are for children and that stories for the youngest ones should be simple. The question is now about how simple...The issue is divided into three chapters. The first one is prett...

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