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Hmm, looks like I am out for Dejah Thoris, Vampirella, and Red Sonja next year.

I was on the fence after this year anyway, and this update has given me the push to tell my comic store to take them off my pull list (they would pull anything to do with these characters previously for me).

While Simone's Sonja started out real strong, to my dismay it got more and more uninteresting after the first arc.

Vampirella became sort of neat being in a Torchwood style occult investigation unit but that isn't Vampirella and got way to predictable in the end.

Dejah Thoris, she was the least interesting of all as a backup character to John Carter in John Carter: Warlord of Mars.

I like the fun, pulp old school feel of these characters, and now they have all be transitioned into Lara Croft styled crime fighting adventurers which to me is a complete bore. Normally a redesign wouldn't be a big deal for me but look at that Vampirella outfit. If that doesn't broadcast a 'I am a Vampire Lara Croft' then I dunno what does. So its reaffirmed what I disliked about where these series' were swaying.

Don't get me wrong, I may return, but this is a good place to break it off and if need be become a trade waiter for these series in the future.