SO After much delay I finally Saw the Dark knight Rises....

Ok so I just left the theater after seeing the third aand final installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan. I have been dying to see it but as in comics, things happen(money issues). First off I was on a total DKR blackout from the moment I heard about the movie, I saw nothing, no pictures, no previews and no blogs. I was the guy in the theater with his fingers in his ears humming the Theme to Indiana Jones during the trailers at Avengers and Amazing Spiderman. I avoided all my favorite comic and nerd sites and have been on a facebook blackout since the day of the premier. So here.. we..go:

I am going to start with the positive: Ann Hathaway was outstanding as Catwoman. From the very beginning she brought to life the characters style and spunk with sleek sexiness and grace. She was witty, charming and in a catsuit, and should give Scarlet Johanson a run for her money as best supporting actor in tight leather.

Ok sorry my mind is blocking the good so bear with me for some bad. Bane was a severe disappointment! Darth bane and his respirator of doom... seriously Nolan What happened did you get so tired of the franchise you figured if you wrecked it enough on the third one all the little nerds would go away? And Chris where is the venom? you mean to tell me that bane, as a slightly large man destroys the bat when he is just some guy who was SAVED from the prison and trained by Ra's and his evil league of evil? Talia now she should have been the one beating batman because apparently she is the only one around who is determined enough to do anything. And Banes voice he sounded like some wise old man who might help you identify items in a village in a video game or maybe an evil old mastermind, but not a Columbian Bat-slayer. However I have to quickly thank you CN for doing us all a favor and killing Talia before she could give birth to the wretched little devil spawn Damion, the worst of all the robins.

There is so much more to say.. Some of the characters remain great such as Jim Gordon, who is in my opinion the truest to the original character. Alfred is still portrayed well by Michael Cane. Morgan freeman as Fox is still one of the best parts of this trilogy.

And so that is all I can bear to say now; however Thank you CN for your time and effort bringing another great look to the Bat mythos and Bat Cinema. And CN I respect your work and this is just the rambling opinion of a very large nerd, but I have 4 words for you : Dont F%#$ up Superman!

Stay nerdy my Friends!

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Literary Snobs

Ok so I am at the movies the other day sitting around with a couple of my friends and we start cracking a joke on someone in the group who cried during a movie in the past.  So the zings/burns are flying and everything is great.  Well one of the people in my little nerd group says something about how the aforementioned person cried almost as bad as he did when they found out that a character died in a movie that come out around a year ago.  This kinda bothered me a little because this person knew i had yet to see the movie.  I of course commented back something about spoiling parts of movies to which he replied that it was no excuse since it is based on a book and therefore I had no excuse for not knowing.  Now this is why I am ranting, people who look down on people for not having read a book or following every comic series.  First point is there are SO SO many books out there why must I be expected to read everything?  Now dont get me wrong I love books, I have more books than some libraries, but I am also a slow reader, its just the way I am.  I read all the time between books and comics and magazines and other reference material, so i understand the value of the written word and I prefer books to several movies; however I also love the movies and when I know a movie is coming out I refuse to rush out and read a book or series just to get the inside scoop.  The main reason I refuse to do this is the book is most often better and so if I read the book the movie wont be as good, but if I wait to read it after I have seen the movie I will get to enjoy all the extra material that is left out of the film.  Also sometimes I dont like a book, just preference and so I dont sit down and read the whole series.  This is probably because it will take me weeks-months for me to read a book and if I am not impressed with it I cant justify wasting my time on more of the series.  And I know some things are classics or amazing works of literature but there is no reason to hate on those who havent experienced them, you should instead incourage them to read the books or listen to an audio tape or even just let them enjoy the movie and when they find out it was also a book they might find the time to pick it up. 

New ThunderCats Tv Series

SO after watching the new Trailer for the new ThunderCats Animated series on Cartoon Network I got really excited.  I also just started rewatching the old series again, which i havent done in a long long time.  This brought me to the realization that the new series will be taking place on Third Earth, the place where the original series took place.  This got me thinking.  Maybe its a sequel.  From what we can tell in the trailer we will be seing some characters we have seen before, Lion-o cheetara, mumm-ra, etc.  However if you think about it, couldn't it just be their descendants?  I mean Mumm-ra is "the ever-living" so obviously he would be the same character but the rest could just be another generation of ThunderCats.  Plus the Voice of the older king of the Cats is the same as the original Lion-O.  Now im probably just rationalizing the changes so as to not get nitpicky about the show, but it does sound awesome.  What do you think?

The Next Lois Lane....

So ive heard talk of the next Superman movie and sure there is a lot of talk about who will play Supes but i have been trying to ponder the almost as important character of Lois Lane.  So i was watching tv the other night and i saw her Cobie Smulders who plays Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother is perfect for it.  She has the look and the ability to play a strong female role.  Thoughts?     

Johnny Storm as Captain America?

Ok so i am checking to find out more about some of my movies i keep track of and i of course check the captain america movie cast, and i find that Chris evans is being cast  as Captain America.    I am stunned.  Personally I think this is a bad casting choice, plus he is already Johnny storm of the FF.  I don't like when they do that with characters in the same "universe" it takes away any possible crossovers.    


Riddler in batman movies again

Ok so i hear talk ( i guess technically i read it but you get the idea) of Johnny depp possible playing the riddler in a new batman movie.  This sounds good to a lot of people but i just feel like they are doing what they did in many other movies and finding a big name to fill a role in a movie.  Now i think Johnny depp is a very talented actor but i have to say that he is not the best choice to play the Riddler.  I think Jude Law would be perfect. Any thoughts?