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Anti-mutant paranoia reaches new heights. 0

Well this is it. Anti-mutant paranoia stops being a subplot and becomes one of the main themes in this series.  There were certainly previous issues leading to this point. #4 introduced the concept that normal humans both fear and hate mutants. Having a flashback where Magneto saves Scarlet Witch from a mob about to lynch her. Toad got his own share of such loving fans in #5, as did Beast and Iceman in #8. The concept of Homo sapiens viewing Homo superior as the "enemy within" was also mentioned...

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Another supposedly unstoppable foe 0

After the solid origin story and building of suspense in the previous issue, this one seems more of a let down. Juggernaut is an "unstoppable" foe who can not be physically harmed. He is the third such foe in this title alone, following the Blob and Unus.  His visuals aren't particularly impressive, unless you enjoy seeing guys in tight shorts. Most of his dialogue is trash-talk.    Unlike the Blog, Jug is relatively easy to move. Back in #7, Jean nearly exhausted herself to barely manage to lif...

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Stan Lee, Master of Suspense 0

The creators of the X-Men book seem to be doing some readers' request lately. Readers complain the Brotherhood is overused? So long Brotherhood. This issue seems to be an answer to the request of a specific fan, Barbara Hannah. Back in issue #10, her letter was requesting an origin story for Professor X. Well this is it.   The previous issue ended with Cerebro locating a new threat starting an alarm call. Which startled Xavier and Scott. This issue follows directly from that scene. Hank, Jean, R...

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The Brotherhood dissolves 0

This issue resolves two questions that had got a lot of attention by fan letters and readers polls. Whether the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in general and Magneto in particular were overused or could stay. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were readers' favorites but there were people asking for them to stay with the Brotherhood, others wanting them joining the X-Men ranks and a third faction wanting them to go solo.   Well, as Stan Lee put it in this issue's letter pages: "We finally unloaded Magne...

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A new incarnation of Ka-Zar 0

The reason most people remember this issue is because it is the first appearance of Ka-Zar. Or at least this incarnation of him. The original Ka-Zar was one of the various characters introduced in the pulp magazines of Martin Goodman. He appeared in three issues, dated between 1936 and 1937. When Goodman went on to establish Marvel Comics in 1939, Ka-Zar was adapted in comic books. He was a regular feature in Marvel Mystery Comics from 1939 to 1942. he also had a crossover with Human Torch and N...

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Lucifer the underwhelming 0

Over at the letter pages of the X-Men, readers are increasingly complaining that the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has been overused. Stan has promised readers a new villain to rival the likes of Dr. Doom. Well, Lucifer is introduced this issue and doesn't really match the hype.   The issue has a promising start. A speeding super-liner is about to collide with an iceberg in the fog-filled waters of the North Atlantic. A Titanic-like scenario. Then twin energy beams strike the iceberg and smash to ...

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Spotlight on the Beast 0

This issue features some minor advancements on previously established subplots and a make-over of one of the main characters"  *The Cyclops is getting used to being the taskmaster of the X-Men and pushes them rather hard. Meanwhile thinking about Jean's "gorgeous... lips" and "". But he feels his new position is preventing any chance of romance. Meanwhile Jean think her love for him is unrequitted. *Iceman stll finds Angel too conceited for his tastes. Cyclops helps Bobby further de...

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Significant developments 0

The issue has several developments in the characterization and subplots of the characters.  *First the X-Men officialy graduate, gaining diplomas which signify finishing preparatory school. You would think they would be discussing going off to college education next. Instead only Cyclops entertains the idea of leaving his current school. So, graduation or not, nobody is leaving. Unless you count Xavier himself who is taking a temporary leave, attenting to mysterious personal matters.   *Cyclops ...

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Lots of action, very little rational thinking 0

This issue features several interesting concepts and subplots but ultimately leads nowhere. The thought processes of the various characters are mostly irrational to the point of having to question their sanity.   The story begins with a domestic scene at Xavier Mansion. Jean has cooked dinner and the male X-Men are about to eat. Xavier helpfully explains that this is not something Miss Grey regularly does, but its the "cook's day off". The X-Men have a cook? This is the first mention of the Mans...

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Spotlight issue for Iceman 0

The Human Torch story of the issue features a team-up with Iceman. Its main use is a spotlight for the latter character and allows him to operate away from a team setting.  The New York press features headline articles concerning the recent battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The issue starts with the Fantastic Four reading one of these issues and  conversing about the X-Men. The Human Torch pays attention to the youngest X-Man Iceman. Apparently, the press considers th...

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Graduation Day already? 0

I felt the previous issue was pretty strong. This one still has some good material along with cringe-worthy moments. Not to mention some outright curious incidents.  On the positive side:   *The X-Men have been following orders since the beginning. With Professor X seemingly out of it, this is the very first issue which has them acting on their own initiative. Notably it isn't Cyclops who acts as leader here. He has pretty much isolated himself from his team and can't offer neither support, nor ...

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Things are getting serious 0

The first few issues of the X-Men are often enjoyable reads but the events depicted were relatively inconsequential. The X-Men encounter an evil mutant, the X-Men fight said evil mutant, they get to go home. They encountered a public bemused with their costumes but ready to shake their hands, flirt with them or thank them for a job well done. This is the issue which establishes that wider humanity treats their mutant offshoots with a mix of hatred and fear. Treating us to a disturbing scene of a...

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Spotlight for the Angel 0

 This is the first crossover of the X-Men with another series and its actually a spotlight issue for the Angel. Actually a good idea since he was the most visually impressive X-Man at the time. Not that there is actually much complex characterization here.   The plot starts with the Angel rushing towards the Xavier Mansion. He decides to take a short cut through a Stark facility  where the testing of a nuclear weapon is about to begin. Iron Man notices and tries to warn him off but the Angel fai...

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Promising start, poor resolution 0

This issue is off to a good start while covering further interactions between the X-Men and introducing some defining character traits. Stan Lee has obviously given further thought concerning who his protagonists are.*In previous issues Cyclops went by the name "Slim Summers". This time he is given an actual first name, "Scott". The previous issues already established he was both among the most powerful X-Men and easily the most serious. This one establishes that the reason for all this seriousn...

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Vanisher 0

This time around the villain has some perfectly sensible plans. After successfully robbing a bank, the Vanisher breaks into the Pentagon and makes fools of the various people guarding it. He escapes with defense plans and then blackmails the Federal government of the United States in order to return them. Or else he will sell them to the Communists. Bravo. Now if he could only stop warning people in advance.There are some developments on the X-Men front, and some peculiar contradictions.*The X-M...

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Seven characters introduced 0

The X-Men series gets a decent start with the introductions of Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Magneto, Marvel Girl, and Professor X. While not exactly an origin story for any them, it helps establish a few facts  *Professor X is loaded, with a private mansion, a modified Rolls Royce and a jet. He gives a brief mention of both of his parents working in the Atomic bomb project. Too bad this clue will only be explored further in his father's origin instead of his mother's. He mentions facing prejud...

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