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Posted By kfhrfdu_89_76k

One of the best faf-lists on the Vine.

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Posted By Zaber

awesome. it's really good list of your favorites. =)

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Posted By nerd217

How long did this take you? It's too long for my short attention span to go all the way through, so is nightcrawler on here, if not why not!?

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Posted By Jya666

cool list :)

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Posted By TheShame

Pretty cool! good to see carolyn trainer

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Posted By RoninTheFury

Wow! is all i have to say about this list.

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Posted By X_Woman

I haven't heard of half of these people.  I love it! 
But a lot of the characters repeat two or three times. 
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Posted By Shadowdoggy

another great list!  
more than a few of my favorites on that list too
I bet you were a JL: Taskforce fan back in the day, huh?
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Posted By xboy79

  great list very much !!!! :))

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Posted By Illyana Rasputin

This is a remarkable database. I had to bookmark it.

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Posted By MichaeltheFly

The biggest favorites list I have ever seen and probably the most complete.