Butterguy: Rogues Gallery #2

Name: Emanuel Salas

Alias: Burrowing

Ability: Enhanced synesthesia/Sound manipulation


Emanuel Salas' first memory was one of his worst. As his family crossed the border into the United States from Mexico, a border patrol guard captured him and his little brother. He watched the rest of his family get shot and killed. Another moment made that day unforgettable when the border officer shot the gun next to Emanuel's left ear, causing him to go permanently deaf in one ear. Emanuel and his brother were then sent away to an orphanage, where his brother soon joined a gang to keep his brother alive. However, Emanuel's brother was killed in his imitation stage, and the young deaf boy was now alone. Until, when outside one day, Emanuel starts to see colors, but in a different way. These colors were coming from sounds and from the emotions of others. When a little boy cried, Emanuel could see a sorrow blue and when a little girl laughed a faint pink arose, but what did this mean.

As years went by, Emanuel started to make more sense of his ability, eventually losing about 75% more of his hearing in the other ear. He learned how to absorb this energy from emotions and sounds and could do things, but his best thing he could do was fly.

He learned how to take the sound waves and use them as a hovering device to make him float in the air. Of course, he did this alone and kept it a secret, also plotting an awful revenge for something.

Emanuel also discovered how to use different sound waves to mask himself and become invisible, while also learning how to use people's emotions for energy himself, which he could blast on his own for a weapon. (For his knowledge in all of the emotions, eventually Emanuel was chosen to become a White Lantern however, his darkness caused to overload and his mind was shattered with different, unwanted emotions, which eventually caused him to decline the ring.)

With his new abilities, Emanuel slaughtered the gang who killed his brother, and made his way over the border by using his powers. Life became easier when Emanuel discovered he could use his synesthesia to control people's emotions, as he made plenty of people do his bidding, eventually arriving in Metropolis, to take on the greatest hero, Superman.

For Emanuel, he knew he could defeat Superman, but had to keep under a guise. Using an outfit of an owl, an animal of the night and silence, he became Burrowing (a type of Mexican owl, he was used to seeing growing up.)

However, it was not Superman that Burrowing challenged, it was Butterguy, a silly man, with a silly name. There was no way a boy with butterfly wings could defeat a man with the ability to control all sound and emotion.

However, there was much more in store for Burrowing, and he didn't know how powerful, Butterguy really was.


Butterguy: Rogues Gallery #1

Name: Zuri Scott

Alias: Rushlight

Sex: Female

Ability: can breathe fire


Zuri Scott was born to an African woman and her boyfriend, who was from England, hence the last name "Scott". When her father went out on a safari, he was killed by a lion and Zuri was only left with her mother and her estranged uncle. Zuri was a happy, bubbly girl, and she was nicknamed "Rushlight" (candle) by the tribe by lighting their moods when they were down. It wasn't soon until Zuri was two where her mother had become incompetent to take care of her daughter and died of malaria, Zuri now survived by her uncle. However, one day when Zuri was not being watched she was caught in the middle of a brushfire, charring her black from the inside and out. Her uncle had found her and brought her to the tribal witch doctor, who instead of curing the young girl, had completed a transformation to completely destroy her insides. Her organs were replaced with coals of fire and her heart a pure kiln of hatred. She was possessed by an African Goddess of fire (Adra) for she was the only one Goddess to reach to the witch doctor and save the young girls life. The fire inside of Zuri burned without hope, she was no longer the girl who she once was. She left her tribe in thought of killing herself (as she grew older, she learned suicide was a punishable crime in her family, where her whole family would suffer) for the love of her uncle. She left and never returned. She then learned that she could breath fire when the Goddess had reached out to her once more, telling that there were things to be taken care of, things to be rid of on the earth. If she had not taken out the three things, she would take the life of her and her tribe, while making them suffer. Driven mad, she vowed to the Goddess, becoming a sort of priestess to her one deity, that she would take out the three main things stopping her from rising to power.

Justice. Heroes. And especially Hope, something one hero (besides the Blue Lanterns) held greatly that lead the young villainous to his fate.

Butterguy was now her main target. She took up the name Rushlight in memory of her tribe (where for the time being she could no longer return) and she would battle the Monarchian, if it was the last thing she would ever do.

****The next blog I will be writing is about Butterguy's main(main) villain. His fame and rivalry to Butterguy is comparable to Lex Luthor and Joker. Beware the power of a new villain coming... Beware, Mothrakk.

Butterguy: Mothrakk ...coming soon...

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Butterguy: Vanessa Page

As love grows in each and every person, there is one woman to catch the idealistic view of Tobias Butters.

Vanessa Page is the love interest of the new and infamous super-being. Once a Street-Level fighter herself, Vanessa lost her ability to walk when her legs were crushed by a villain that Butterguy would soon comes to term with.

Vanessa, before her accident, was known as Xanadu, donning a light blue cowl and white cap, resembling an animal of mystical origin. Her plan was to keep the crime rates low while keeping a steady job as a museum curator, not bringing any attention to her public identity. It wasn't until an accident involving the Dark Knight himself and the Scarecrow which her enabled her a cripple.

She had lost job in the museum (however still retaining the knowledge), but swore she would exact revenge.

When she met Tobias Butters, he had flying through the skies wishing of home. She took an instant liking for him, having been interested in mystical or cryptic creatures such as a Monarchian.

...yet to be finished...


Butterguy: Flashpoint

The Story Goes the Same...

Tobias Butters had become exiled from his planet and was sent to the planet Earth, one filled with water, a Monarchians worst weakness.

However, this Flashpoint esque era caused something new to happen. Instead of an asteroid hitting the ship of course, it landed right where it was supposed to be, in the ocean. Tobias Butter's exiled ship had sunk to the bottom, airlocked tight and safe, however, oxygen was running out fast and Tobias Butters had one of two choices.

1. Die inside the suffocating ship

2. Try and swim to the top without perishing.

Tobias Butters picked option 2. He lifted up the hatch to the ship and swam out, but the water burned his skin and wings. The searing pain left him struggling for breath and manically grasping at nothing. His powers were unable to help at the time, for he had not learned yet how to use sand, let it alone be wet. Then, it all went black.

He did not remember waking up either, it all just happened in a matter of seconds, blackness and then a jail cell. Tobias could still tell he was underwater, for the massive creak of a ship and the sound of gurgling bubbles gave it away.

And, there was only one other person there at the time. He stood watching Tobias, cringing at the sight of his every move. However, this man was on the outside of the cage, Tobias was on the inside, in the corner, whimpering in pain. The man put his hand on a bar and let his face be shown.

He was blonde, tall and very handsome except for the large scar protruding down his face. He didn't say anything, but just stared at the young, frightened Monarchian. Tobias could now see through his fuzzy vision, orange like scales wrapped around his chest, almost like a fish. Then, his hand left the bar and he receded back into darkness, however he left an object there.

Tobias crept up the front of the cell where he found a reflective piece of glass, it was a mirror, something Monarchians had few of excpet for the Royal Family. Tobias tilted it to see what was inside, but to his horror, it looked nothing like it was supposed.

Tobias Butters had become disfigured. His eye was lopsided and milky white, his cheeks were sunken in and drooping. His nose was gone except for a piece of skin hanging gently and the worse part were his wings. His once beautiful royal orange wings… were gone. Well, one had stayed, however it was shriveled up and brown, but the other had completly fallen off and was gone.

Now, Tobias Butters was a freak.

to be continued...


Butterguy: The First Monarch

Tobias Butters was a young Monarchian, a type of being which lived on the planet Monarch, a planet a few times smaller than earth and not that far away. The anatomy of a Monarchian is the same of a human, male or female, except they grow a pair of "butterfly" wings when a Monarchian child hits puberty around eleven. When a Monarchian child goes through puberty, they go into a cocoon like shelter for at least a month and then come out with thier new pair of wings. Tobias Butters lived on a farm with his father and sister, working the fields, tending to the animals and just living a farmers life, when saw something fall from the sky, landing right into a field nearby. Confused, he went to his father (who seemingly did not like his son for belieivng he caused their mothers death) but realized that he must go alone in defiance to his father. There, he saw a meteor, but the meteor was made of pure metal. When Tobias touched it, his mind clouded over and he fell unconcious. When he awoke, he was in bed in his home and realized that it was all a dream. However, when he was tending the fields, he made the ground shake in anger as his father hit his sister. Tobias soon realized that he could control an element, rock. Excited by the idea, he went in search of the comet but could not find it, but had an epiphany... He could use his powers to help the Monarchian army and become the worlds first war hero. So, Tobias went to the King and Queen (and Princess) and showed them his powers by lifting the castle out of its roots. Frightened, the royal family banished the twenty-two year old from the planet and exiled him to earth, a planet made up of mostly water, the Monarchians weakness. However, the calculations were a miss and Butters landed in a city called Metropolis, where Superman, a Man of Steel, found the scared Monarchian and took him in. The Justice League of America debated whether they should let the alien stay on the planet and eventually everyone agreed, except for Batman, who believed there were enough aliens to go around. There, Tobias was trained under the best of the best, learning to control his powers by Geo-Force and learning how to fight hand to hand by Princess Diana/Wonder Woman. Finally, it was time to unveil himself to the public, however Barry Allen claimed that he could not go into public without a name, but Superman told him let the civilians decide. And as the Monarchian defeated his first villain, the people shouted for him...

"Butterguy! Butterguy! Butterguy!"

(Replace the "fly" in "butterfly" with guy because it rhymes :D)