75 Years of DC comics: The art of modern mythmaking.

hello peeps, 

Last monday it was my birthday and the whole family got me the huge book 75 Years of dc comics. I absolutley love it, the unseen original art, the history, the timelines. . . Everything about the book is exactly what i thought it would be and more. It doesn't only describe dc comics but it gives a global history at some points of the comic industry which is very nice to read.  
If you can pick it up somewhere for less than 150 it s definetly worth it! 
The only negative thing i can think off, is the size because it won't fit any of my shelves. I m even looking at a book stand just for that book 
anyway excelsior  

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When you start seeing heroes in everything.

what's up folks, 
Today i went to the barber and suddenly while he was cutting my hair and trimming my sideburn i noticed something funny. He could perfectly be a hero/villain. It's not that weird if you think about it, he has some sort of utility belt, he's very handy with knives/ scissors/ trimmers, His place looks very clean and his job could perfectly serve as a secret identity.( it ll only be difficult to get away while he is in the middle of doing someone's beard) 
He could be a hero "here to SHAVE the day" or making sure other heroes keep up their appearance (don't you wonder how they always have the same hairstyle?) he could have been the person that cut superman's hair cuz when he returned from the dead it was getting pretty long. 
He could also be a villain and try and cut the world to pieces. Or if Lex luthor were'nt bald from kryptonite radiation, the villainous barber could be the reason for is bald shiny head. 
i'm just sharing here what i thougt about whilst having my hair cut but feel free to comment. 
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A small step for men, A big stap for me.

Welcome people to my first ever attempt at bloging. 
I ll guess i start by telling you who i am. My name is Cas (aka burnside) and come from belgium where it's not as easy to follow up on comic from dc and marvel. We do have other comics which aren't as big but still worthy of a place among the big titles. For example "the adventures of tin tin" or " Blacksad"  
Any how i hope to blog about movies and comics in the future, editing pages as i go and finally gather some friends while doing so! 
keep it real guys!  
Excelsior ;)