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Lives Up To Its Title 0

This is by no means a deep and thought provoking story and guess what, it doesn't need to be. This book promises sex and violence and it delivers on just that with a straightforward albeit shallow story.Now with Gabriel Del'Otto I'm of two minds on his art. I love it when he makes a cover but as for interior art. I'm not real crazy about the lack of cover in the art but it's not bad by any stretch and I love how visceral and brutal Del'Otto makes the action scenes.Final Verdict:Highly recommende...

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Saved By A Single Solitary Detail 0

If it were not for this one detail at the end, this mini would have no right to exist. I won't spoil it, but I will say that it concerns Amiko and her future in the Marvel universe. That one detail manages to justify Soultaker's existence, otherwise it's pretty much Wolverine dropped into InuYasha (which is not at awesome in this book as you might think). The Amiko detail notwithstanding, the story itself is fairly forgettable and frankly silly at times. The artwork isn't much better as for one ...

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A Book That's Taking Risks 0

Anyone who thinks this represents everything wrong with comics either hasn't read enough comics or has their views shaped by the internet personality Linkara, who is a vocal opponent of character death. This book is taking risks and I for one intend to reward those risks if they pay off. The setup was incredible, Arcade grabs 16 random teenage superheroes and basically says, "Kill or be killed kids" There's a lot of potential in this. Dennis Hopeless being a former writer for the 90's X-Men Anim...

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