October Pull list. (under construction)

This is a list of comics I'm getting and a look at the cover and my thoughts on it.

Uncanny Avengers

The big book of September has a fairly weak cover don't get me wrong I love John Cassady's artwork but this is fairly weak and I'm not a fan of Thor's design. The whole premise of the issue sounds pretty good and I will buy and I love Rick Remender's writing and it has the funeral of (I am going to say this it was pretty big news) Charles Xavier and that sounds pretty good and sad.

Winter Soldier

This series has been amazing with writing art and the covers and I'll be sad to see Brubaker go but it's nice to see Bucky interact with people other than Natasha and Nick Fury.

Captain America

That is a great cover possibly the best of the month and it should be for such an important issue the last issue of Brubaker's captain america and Steve Epting back on art what more could you want? I don't normally buy this series but since it's the last I had to get it.


Freaky in a good way this series continues to be awesome well written and Chris Samnee's art is great this series has been near faultless but things don't look good for Daredevil.

Captain Marvel

This series started off well but issue 3 I did not like unexpalined stuff and lack of pages but I hope it gets a lot better but the cover's great and the interior art is great.

Daredevil end of Days

That's a great cover and I'm looking forward to reading it and I hope it's good and it will be nice to see Daredevil go back to the dark gritty style that it used to have.

Uncanny X-men

This makes me pretty sad I'm not saying the covers bad but it's just sad the series is ending after 20 issues and they were all great. Lets hope All-new X-men will be good (even though I'm not going to get it).

X-men Legacy

This also makes me pretty sad this series I wouldn't say is the greatest bit of writing ever but it's good fun for what it is. The covers have always been good though and this may be the best.

Uncanny X-force

This series has been great and will be sorely missed when it ends. I would even say this is the best X-book of the last 5 years. The covers have always been good by Jerome Opena even after he left interior art duties his covers are still great.

Wonder Woman

I haven't been buying this series so far but I jumped on the series with issue #0 and will continue to buy the series. The covers good as well.


This series even though I started with the #0 has impressed me from the covers to the art to unbelievable writing this series is a must buy.

Swamp-thing annual

Like is said for the actual issue this series has been great and I hope the annual is too. Yanick Paquette should do covers for everything he's so good.