My Theory with Thanos and the HOTU

Ok so you all know that in Marvel: The End Thanos eventualy obtained the most powerful object in the marvel omniverse. The Heart of the Universe gave him unlimited power to do anything. Well anything accept fix the universe of course.

Now this does not make a lot of sense now does it? I mean this object is confirmed to be above both a cosmic cube and the Infinity Gauntlet, one of those objects being Multiversal and could easily fix a universe. He was easily above the entire marvel omniverse except for maybe Pre Retcon Beyonder.

So how could this king of PIS happen? Well I have two ideas. The first one makes more sense. The HOTU is just a peice of TOAA power (god of marvel)

And Thanos was manipulated by TOAA into restarting the universe he was in for whatever reason so he could have put a limitation on the power thanos obtained.

Now this makes sense but I have my own idea on why it could not work. When thanos Gained the HOTU he became one with all in all points of time.

So when he became one with all I think that is when the universe was made wrong. When the cancer had started. After he absorbed the universe it took Adam Warlock convincing him and a kiss from mistress death to realize that he was the cancer. It took him eradicating himself from creation that would make everything right.

So in short, the reason Thanos could not heal the universe was because he was the universe and the cancer at the same time. the only way to get rid of it would be to get rid of himself which he did as he restarted the universe.