Sonic Threekend Part 2: Issue 222 Review Supplement AND MORE!!

Welcome again everyone. The Blog where i talk about sonic for way to long and i pretend people are interested.
So i finally gave in to curiosity and wanted to look into a part of the sonic universe i knew very little about and what better thing to do is to write about it. Now i originally was going to do some research before as a way to know what i was getting into. They are on issue 222 after all which personally is quite a feat for what started as a video game tie in. The only thing i knew about the comic is that super sonic fought hyper knuckles and it was cool to a 11 year old me. But then i remember the old saying "every issue is someone first" and i decided i would go into these issues with no extra information  I mean it is mainly a kids comic so it shouldn't be that bad. ive started more complicated comics in the middle of  story. So when i started issue 222 i basically just assumed that everything in the Sonic SatAm show i watched as a kid was all the character information i needed to know.  
When i went to my local comic book shop (Strange Adventures Halifax. if your ever  here give it a look. its great) i had a near feeling of embarrassment buying not jsut one but multiple sonic comics.  though luckily its a comic book shop so there is always someone nerdier then me there. on a side note i noticed a lot of things i never knew theres a comic for. Also i saw the darkwing duck comic which i got the first issue for but then kinda forgot about it. i may do a review if requested.
All and all this has been an interesting look into  a new (for me) part of the sonic universe. 
But on the opposite end..... 
Gotta go faster! 
While watching the old sonic cartoons i remembered one sonic animated show i never watched. that show is the newest of the ones released. Yes, Sonic X. I mainly was interested in watching there adaption of Sonic Adventure 2 which is my favorite 3d sonic game. or at least the one i played the most. I also wanted to see an animated look at Shadow the Hedgehog who i really liked in that game but do admit they made him way to emo recently. lets not forget about the guns. which i do admit i didn't hate as much as most but still did not like whatsoever. so i decided to give that arc a look see. 
Now Before you ask i saw both versions of the storyline and by that i mean the 4kids version and the Subbed version. now the 4kids version is without a doubt way worse. but you already guessed that. They try to localize too much and assume kids cant see anything violent or mature or there little minds will explode. But in all reality both are really not great. 
 All in all the story for sonic is pretty cool for what it works with. cool dark version of sonic? check? threat of planet being exploded? yup. super sonic fighting a giant liazard with a space station up his ass? you guessed it. which is why i was suprised how bad they implemented the whole thing. epically the supersonic fight which seemed like it was a sidenote in the story. 
The big thing about sonic x is that sonic gets thrown into a dimension that is basically are our own and befriend a kid named chris. He is in fact the biggest problem with the whole show. he sucks. he totally sucks. the idea behind him is to relate the kids but hes wholly uninteresting and kind of annoying and unnecessary.  
But even without the kid the show would still not be great. the fow of the show is not great, the other characters outside the main cast are unmemorable, and  its just not very exciting. youd think a scene where Eggman captures sonic and throws him in a capsule the explodes in space would be exciting or at least tense but the Vo and music totally ruins the mood. 
 It may seem like im bashing this series pretty bad and its basically what i'm doing. now ive seen worse animes and worse sonic properties (sonic '06 sonic '06 sonic '06) but i was really disappointed with the arc as a whole. they also did sonic adventure and i may look at this if the interest is there but overall i would say stick to the older sonic Shows and the games. you'll be a lot happier.
Yours Truly   
Brad Brains
And So Ends this huge blog post. but there is still one more day left of sonic threekend. i am staring at my issue of sonic unvierse with silver on the cover right now. All i can say is i hope they make him look cool because sonic team sure cant. 
Thanks for reading guys!
Ps: this was basically a freeform rant post so you may have to excuse the article structure.

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