Blog Return!...Kinda

How is it going everyone....every...two...

With the new 52 i've had a new lease on comic life. Which means a new lease on this blog which i constantly promised a return and never did. But im hopinf with everything all shiny i will be inspired to write something interesting. I'm planning on doing some type of content at least twice a week. One purly comic related maybe one not so much. i'm interested if anyone is reading this and wants anything specific?

I have read both detective comics and batwoman. I will be doing a review of every batwoman issue that comes out. that's a promise.I am doing that in attempt to recount my thoughts on the issues to get a better understanding of what might be come my new go to comic Zatanna is officially dead....well her ongoing is. I will attempt to at least do review of most of the new 52 that i will be reading which will be about 20 of them. I am not reading them all.

Heres the big BUT of the whole thing. I don't have a keyboard right now. Ive written the whole thing with my tablet which was much harder then i thought it would be. I should be getting something to actually type with this weekend so you may not see the batwoman review until something then.

Either way i'm really excited to start this again and i hope i get some people excited to. so let me know....anyone here?


Sonic Threekend Part 2: Issue 222 Review Supplement AND MORE!!

Welcome again everyone. The Blog where i talk about sonic for way to long and i pretend people are interested.
So i finally gave in to curiosity and wanted to look into a part of the sonic universe i knew very little about and what better thing to do is to write about it. Now i originally was going to do some research before as a way to know what i was getting into. They are on issue 222 after all which personally is quite a feat for what started as a video game tie in. The only thing i knew about the comic is that super sonic fought hyper knuckles and it was cool to a 11 year old me. But then i remember the old saying "every issue is someone first" and i decided i would go into these issues with no extra information  I mean it is mainly a kids comic so it shouldn't be that bad. ive started more complicated comics in the middle of  story. So when i started issue 222 i basically just assumed that everything in the Sonic SatAm show i watched as a kid was all the character information i needed to know.  
When i went to my local comic book shop (Strange Adventures Halifax. if your ever  here give it a look. its great) i had a near feeling of embarrassment buying not jsut one but multiple sonic comics.  though luckily its a comic book shop so there is always someone nerdier then me there. on a side note i noticed a lot of things i never knew theres a comic for. Also i saw the darkwing duck comic which i got the first issue for but then kinda forgot about it. i may do a review if requested.
All and all this has been an interesting look into  a new (for me) part of the sonic universe. 
But on the opposite end..... 
Gotta go faster! 
While watching the old sonic cartoons i remembered one sonic animated show i never watched. that show is the newest of the ones released. Yes, Sonic X. I mainly was interested in watching there adaption of Sonic Adventure 2 which is my favorite 3d sonic game. or at least the one i played the most. I also wanted to see an animated look at Shadow the Hedgehog who i really liked in that game but do admit they made him way to emo recently. lets not forget about the guns. which i do admit i didn't hate as much as most but still did not like whatsoever. so i decided to give that arc a look see. 
Now Before you ask i saw both versions of the storyline and by that i mean the 4kids version and the Subbed version. now the 4kids version is without a doubt way worse. but you already guessed that. They try to localize too much and assume kids cant see anything violent or mature or there little minds will explode. But in all reality both are really not great. 
 All in all the story for sonic is pretty cool for what it works with. cool dark version of sonic? check? threat of planet being exploded? yup. super sonic fighting a giant liazard with a space station up his ass? you guessed it. which is why i was suprised how bad they implemented the whole thing. epically the supersonic fight which seemed like it was a sidenote in the story. 
The big thing about sonic x is that sonic gets thrown into a dimension that is basically are our own and befriend a kid named chris. He is in fact the biggest problem with the whole show. he sucks. he totally sucks. the idea behind him is to relate the kids but hes wholly uninteresting and kind of annoying and unnecessary.  
But even without the kid the show would still not be great. the fow of the show is not great, the other characters outside the main cast are unmemorable, and  its just not very exciting. youd think a scene where Eggman captures sonic and throws him in a capsule the explodes in space would be exciting or at least tense but the Vo and music totally ruins the mood. 
 It may seem like im bashing this series pretty bad and its basically what i'm doing. now ive seen worse animes and worse sonic properties (sonic '06 sonic '06 sonic '06) but i was really disappointed with the arc as a whole. they also did sonic adventure and i may look at this if the interest is there but overall i would say stick to the older sonic Shows and the games. you'll be a lot happier.
Yours Truly   
Brad Brains
And So Ends this huge blog post. but there is still one more day left of sonic threekend. i am staring at my issue of sonic unvierse with silver on the cover right now. All i can say is i hope they make him look cool because sonic team sure cant. 
Thanks for reading guys!
Ps: this was basically a freeform rant post so you may have to excuse the article structure.

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Welcome To Sonic "Threekend

So i got some new comics today. new action comics at the top of my most excited list. i also picked up the last secret six as it connects to the last issue. i dont know if ill continue reading that series after this but you never know. probably not as i get behind with the comics i have.
I did read the latest Zatanna as well. ill probably do a review. expect that next week. ill also try to do another Darkstalkers review. 
Speaking of review i just posed a Sonic review. thats right. i kept my word this time. and with that review begins what i call "Sonic Threekend". so during my three days off ofr Threekend i call it because i like fucking stupid play on words jokes like that. so youll get that review to read (and theres a lot to read. the review is majorly long) and then as stated before a big sonic related blog post and a review of the sonic adventure 2 arc of sonic x. that will be tomorrow. Also i did purchase an issue of sonic universe so that review should go up Monday. 
Anyway im done advertising for today. as always feel free to comment or request anything. 

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Small updates

so as you probably didnt even notice the sonic comic review has been delayed. mainly because i havent made it to the comic book shop recently. expect it this weekend. there will probably be two comic review for it as they are doing a silver story in sonic universe their offshot series which ill admit im semi interested in to see a non sonic 06 version of the character
but! to make up for it i will have a pseudo sonic x review. here a preview: FUCKING AWFUL 
in other news. its snoswing and raining here. its really gross. be happy your not here.\\ 
....anyway ill check you guys out saturday.

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a sonic comic?

Long time no see everyone! 
been very busy lately with a lot of personal stuff but heres some comic related updates 
I picked up the vertigo Cinderalla first issue and am really excited to read and write something about it. 
Ive  officially added deadpool max to my subscription list. though i think it doesn't have enough deadpool i really enjoy the comic. another subscription change: i took amazing spider man off. i think they've done well with the big time storyline but i just haven't had a time to stay up to date epically with its bi-monthly schedule and the cazy amount of batman comics. 
 In Other news ive been playing way too much sonic games and... 
wait...come back here! theres a comic related point to this. im getting to it... 
so anyway while playing old sonic games  i got thinking of the sonic about the sonic archie comics. i remember reading a few isses at least fifteen years ago. i mainly remember a cool issue (well it was cool when i was ten) about super sonic facing hyper knuckles in a not so final showdown. in fact knuckles seems to be the one i remember the most as i believe the knuckles comic was the one i did read.  
Either way i was thinking that maybe id look into a sonic comic or two and see if its was just because i was a kid or is there something to this comic that has kept it going for over 200 issues. 
But the final factor that made me know i wanted to look at the comics is because there is really no coverage of these comics on the site. so i will takethe bullet and look into these comics for you. the fans.....the fan. 
I Will try to actually talk to you all soon rather then in two months this time 
Brad Brains

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Supermans and injured spidermans

Welcome all. the last time i wrote anything was about a month. being the most busy month for most people im hop noticed that much. i bought my first comics last week in about a month. i have a pile a good foot high to read. Most being batman comics as there have been a boatload of new batman comics released. though i maybe most excited to read the new issue of supergirl as i find she is the best "super" comic available right now as superman is really hard to count on these days. also two interludes in 3 months for the grounded storyline? come on. 
Also im kinda of excited to read the new big time storyline for spiderman as i hear at least the first couple issues of the story are pretty good. only bad thing is there is one comic i have before that storyline starts at its long. Speaking of spiderman apparently more injuries for the spiderman Broadway show. no way that thing is going on tour. 
Im becoming more and more obsessed with getting cover run by Adam Hughes. the next pay after Christmas is totally going towards a copy of that box. sadly my local comic box story does not have any. 
the good new for me and for all of you is that with the holiday season in full swing ill be doing me traveling which means ill actually have time to read my comics and i hope to review or post something about everything i read. probably next week. i also have to make sure i read the dc holiday special before Christmas is over even though i dont think its really holiday related. o and i want to watch santa claus conquers the martins. the mst3k version of course. in fact in going to do that now. 
ill talk to you all later. 
Ps. im starting to like deadpool max.the 3rd issue is starting at me right now. begging me to read it. its sad its the only comic ive been inclunded to read this month. ive gotten lazy.....


Whats Your Review Format?

Two new reviews up. also my first marvel review. new Darkstalkers review up as well. 
I opted for a more traditional review process this time which i think helped me be a bit more thorough. but what do you think. Do you like reviews separated by good and bad? Or do you rather it in more of an essay format. or is a quick reference your cup of tea. 
Basically what i asking you is when your looking at reviews what kind of format works best for you when you want to know about a comic?


Not blog a day 19

So has the one or two people who read these can tell by no posts from me the last couple days. blog a day is on semi-perminant hiatus. i decided that i was going to try for quality over quantity.  now saying this you very well may see daily content form me but i feel like being off a schedule will inspire me to work on big production like those videos i always say i'm going to make.  but hey if you disagree or even agree let me know.
Also with thanksgiving being in the states i have the day off with the benefit of stores being opened so im going to take advantage of it and get the last two weeks of comics i haven't gotten. most excited for batwoman #0. i will probably read and review it . also does anyone know if her detective comics run will be or is in trade form?

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Why Do You Stay With Your Comic Publisher of Choice?(BlogADay18)

Hell Hello 
3 New Reviews up. give em a read and comment on your opinions. 
I was having a discussion about the comics i choose to read and i was wondering. what keeps you with the comic book publisher(s) you do.?
Now for the most part im a DC person. i do read spiderman and sometimes deadpool but for the most part i only read DC. i wont be against a good comic ever but normally the characters of DC are the ones that appeal to me. now i was trying to figure out why and get your opinions. i think a lot of it has to do with the classic feeling and history of a lot of the DC characters. Characters like batman and superman have been around for  70 or so years. when seeing that i became interested in what they could do for that long and how time changed them. Some of it has to do with the shows i watched as a kid as well. i loved the batman and superman animated series' 
I'm interested in your reasons for your alliances. so speak up! 
Lata Y'all 
Brad Brains 
PS apparently it snows here today? way to early for snow i think.


Blog a Day 17: A Promo or: A Green Lantern Rant

Hello once again. i come from you from the  the world of vacation. yes i don't work till Wednesday which means its time for a shit load of reviews. i am planning to review all the comics i read this weekend.  so expect a load of content from me. quality content.  
So this week is the big change in batman as batman inc starts up. now unfortunately for me i cant get my comics on Wednesday and will have to wait till next Thursday to see any of it. do you know how hard it is not to spoil this stuff while being an active member of a comic book website? not too hard actually. i just wanted to be dramatic. but i do have to be careful. maybe if this review-athon works well this week ill do a batman inc review extravaganza too. what do YOU think? 
speaking of comics i had a thought. is there any comic book centric tv shows out there? not like shows based on comics but shows talking about comics? i cant think of any. thats a good idea. 
also sad news...for me. amazon is a liar. i was told my trades for wonder woman and batman was supposed to be here today. it was not. disappointing. i should receive them monday though. 
   o yes. almost forgot. i watched the green lantern trailer. still don't know what to think completely. now its hard to judge from a trailer.what i can say is that they almost tried to make the trailer to humorous. but maybe thats hows the movie is going to be? but from what ive been told it seems the movie is mostly serious. what i can say is the general public will most likely hate this movie because it is not batman.  people want there comic book movies more realistic. i don't think aliens and going into space will work will for those people expecting a dark knight kinda of movie. also most people don't understand green lantern or know much about him. i know i don't. saying that i will still see the movie and try to enjoy myself. but i think those 2 sequels will never come to pass. 
Well thats basically all for today, expect the content to flow tommorrow 
Lata Y'all 
Brad Brains 
PS: my roommate has never seen either the godfather or the shawshank redemption. tell him hes crazy. seriously

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