the housing game and how it relates to drawing

so I met with a realtor today to start the home selling/buying process and was promptly kicked in the balls with the news my house could not be listed for what I owe and will have to bring cash to any closing...hurray...tonight's a good night to draw cause now I feel like taking a $30k hit, oh could always be worse


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Back to the grind

Started making notes for a new comic idea today after scrapping the story I'd been working on the past 4 years...well I should say scrapped I just threw it on the far back burner, I should be firing up the Wacom soon to start pushing out some concept art in the next couple of days which I'll toss up on my Deviantart page along with all my old concepts, oh how I love the idea wheel churning


Comic Collection update

I'm excited because I'll be completing my Rick Remender run of Uncanny X-force by this weekend as well as being one trade closer to completing my Walking Dead collection with book 15...only 2 more to go...for now