Top 10 DP Sidekicks, Friends and Partners (1 isn't who you think)

10.Sandi Bradenberg   






5.Blind Al  
4.Bob Agent of Hydra 




1. Deadpools head voices
This blog already exsits (created by me) but I forgot to put the relevant pages on. 

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Why is this?

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@LT1085 said:
"Why is this? "

Why is this what?
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Corn Dogs! Bottle Rockets!
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I was happy to see headpool on this list and was suprised to see the yellow text boxes of awsome DP has. :P
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you forgot Agent X when he was/is fat :(

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nice but wheres agent x

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"nice but wheres agent x "

Agent X is #12 
Deuce the Devil Dog #11
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Kinda saw #1 coming, but great choices anyways

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At least Weasel is high on the list, he is practically the original Deadpool sidekick. (Unless i'm missing something)
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im not sure if the voices count, so i wont put them on my list. 
10. Sandi Brendenberg
9.  Agent X
8.  Outlaw
7.  Bob Agent of HYDRA
6.  Taskmaster
5.  Headpool
4.  Weasel
3.  Blind Al
2.  Cable
1.  Siryn--she brought him to good and his relationship with her made the character

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LOL @ #1. A Better #1 Would Be Lady Deadpool.

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@bob agent of agency x: You forgot the part where the voices suck ass and are horribly written and serve no point but to pad the fact  that Daniel Way sucks ass.
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@Capo_Del_Bandito:  Way does suck ass, but sadly the head-voices are the best part of his writing *shudder*
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@JosephLaforte: *if* they were used in an amusing fashion, and *if* they were explained beyond 'he's crazy' (which he never was except for in a singular issue or two) and *if* it were just the singular voice and his own internal monologue (which has disappeared with no explanation TADA!) like how Duane Whatisface writes it, then maybe the voices could be handy.
But throwing them in there as a 'supporting cast because the writer is too lazy to come up with something on his own', and not even explaining them (Way rarely explains anything, like where Deadpool carries all that money he now has which he uses to bribe people randomly to skip through stuff instead of having an obstacle) is just stupid as fuck, as well as lazy as hell. 
Welcome to writing the Way style! Not sure what to do? Throw in something nonsensical! Not sure how to write a character with depth? Sum up that he's suddenly psychotic!  Oh to take such shortcuts and get paid for it...
This is what you get when you hire a redneck comic book store employee instead of trained writers.
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@Capo_Del_Bandito:  Agreed. lol
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#1 Kidpool IMHO