Apparently I have an anniversary coming up that I was unaware of. This would have went right on by and I would have never known if Silkcuts had not made such a big deal about his own annivesary. Since I was intrigued, I began to look for a "join date" and was quite shocked to see that not only had it not passed by me but that it is on the 7th of March. That's two days from now on Wednesday. What to do, what to do...



I'm not ready to make a go into detail and really delve into these subjects but I've been wanting to for a while so look out for :

Reed vs Reed: A Look Into Jonathan Hickman's Writings Throughout the Known Universes

Green Arrow: No Cool Title Like the One Above

And then some fan projects (Spider-Kong, Spider-House Rules, Wolverine and the X-Men Season 2) and even some original ideas of my own.

I could talk about any of these at length but would rather dedicate a blog to each one. Hopefully soon.

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Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith

Some people on here know how much I love Buffy TVS and Angel. So its only natural that I would love the comic book continuations just the same. I loved getting Buffy Season 8. The comic book let it expand and go crazy. Which I loved. The only bad thing was waiting for the next month's issue. I think that won't be as big as a deal now since we have Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith shipping with only two weeks between them. This way every two weeks we get an issue. I psyched because not only do we have a steady pace but we also have a definite end with each series going for a 25 issues. Tomorrow is the beginning of the next two years of the Buffyverse. I'll be there. Join me. 
Here's a preview of Angel & Faith coming out tomorrow!


Here's a preview for Buffy due out Sept. 14th.

Spider-Man and his Amazing Formula

Spider-Man and alike characters are just so fun and easy to follow. There's a certain something that just invokes one's self. Something that makes you what to read because you know you will have a good time. No matter who the star is whether its Puny Parker, Brock, Flash, or even the recently announced Spider-Kong. There's something in that formula of a guy swinging through a city on web and kicking ass while wise crackin' that makes me wanna pay whatever money. Even Spider-Woman works without that formula but just with the name. I wish I could find an insect to base a group of character off of and still be original. When that day comes I'll be here. Telling you all about it.


Ultimate Spider-Kong

I've been looking for better books to read for awhile now. I've been mapping out a series for a good bit now. Hopefully that will get off the ground by the end of this year but that's another story. For now I would just like to talk to you about Ultimate Spider-Kong. I plan to just make one issue to submit to Marvel but hey if they ask for more I have more ideas. Today I toyed around with the idea of what a one-shot type story would include. So GoldenEagle11 and I sat down and worked on a script and a cover. Oh and HenryReiley26 was there too for the brainstorming session. Looking good I think. I'm gonna make the story true to the universe and true to myself. Already got a villain lined out and I noted some references and throwbacks to the first Ultimate Spider-Man series which featured Kong quite a bit. It's gonna start off right where issue #160 ended. Very exciting.

Ultimate Spider-Kong
Ultimate Spider-Kong

Thoughts on the New Ultimate Spider-Man.

First let me start off by saying WAY TO F**KING LET ME DOWN BENDIS!!! OK I think I should be good now. As many of you know Brian Michael Bendis has been writing a book called Ultimate Spider-Man for over a decade. In that  time, he has really taken the time to allow for character development and growth for the majority of the supporting and main characters. With the death of puny Parker lately, there has been much speculation on whom would take up the mantle of Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe. So many things were dreamed up by readers and fans: Johnny Storm, Ben Reilly, Miguel O'Hara, Ult. Jessica Drew, and Peter Parker. My choice?
My choice was Kenny Kong. I would of loved it. Finally a heavy-set guy is a hero. But no, F**K THE FAT PEOPLE WHO NEED SOMEONE TO LOOK UP TO!!!! All you see in these shit comics are perfect looking heroes. Its sickening. I want more fat. And now. African-Americans already have a President to look up to. Who do I have? Taft? TAFT?!!! F**k him. I think I should at least have ONE, ONE SINGLE F**KING CHARACTER THAT IS A SUPERHERO who is also (heavy-set, big boned, obese, fat, whatever.)
I'm just a little pissed that I am still not represented by a hero in a F**KING COMIC. But no go ahead and create a brand new character instead of one that we have seen grow. But all I get is just another puny teenager. Oh and to just tack on Hispanic like that, for shame. Come on, don't bullshit me. Give me a real Hispanic superhero. Don't half-a$$ it both ways. I'm just gonna make my own Kong as Spider-Man story and send it to Marvel. Maybe they'll publish it as a What if? I already got a name: Ultimate Kong: Spider-Man.
UPDATE: Writing these always makes me feel better. And then I get to laugh at the a$$hole (past me) who wrote the original.

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