My Analysis Of The New Hawkeye Series

Let me start off by stating I love this series, the art, and humor are fantastic. I wanted to wait until five issues into the series to get a better handle of Fraction's take on the character, but I think I have a pretty good understanding. Now let the analysis begin.


1. The easiest and definitely the biggest issue is Clint's personality. Clint is cocky and confident to a fault, yes he has doubts, but he mask these things with his ego. Where is that? He is awkward, and self conscience. Feeling these things is fine and dandy it adds dimension to the character, but they never defined Clint's character the way his confidence, and "in your face" attitude did. If Fraction boosted up his cockiness just a little it would make a world of difference.

Ummm, why are you so concerned with someone thinking your a goon all a sudden?
There's the cocky bastard I love.

2. With those lovely visual lets move on to issue two. His skills are way off. He is an Avenger after all and was is trained in hand to hand combat by The Captain America; yet here he is being taken down by thugs with a fetish for the word "bro"

which apparently has rubbed off on Clint...

Seriously Bro, your naked and getting beat up by guys in track suits. Cap would be so proud.

Regardless it simply doesn't match up with what people familiar with his character are accustomed too. It just denounces the characters position as an Avenger and hero.

Those are really my only issues, but they are BIG issues. I could attack him being a leader and still having zero control in any given situation, but I forgive it because that is the flow of the book.

The awesome

1. Hawkeye has alot of fun quirky bits to it that I love.

This should be the News headline everyday. I mean it pretty much sums up what we see in the news paper anyway.

It always makes me breeze through a second time to make sure I didn't miss something. Plus in the last issue Fraction actually paid homage to his first minseries with the multiple trick arrows he used

I wonder where the Suction arrow was when he was falling out a building?

2. Kate and Lucky. Katie is absolutely awesome, but I feel that Fraction deliberately takes away from Clint to promote her and sometimes Clint acts really creepy around her "see criticism".Regardless I'm loving her character. Then we have Lucky aka Arrow aka Pizza dog. He is a fun edition, and who doesn't like dogs?

You Miss, are sounding more like Clint than Clint.


Overall this is one of the best Marvel series on shelves right now, and is completely independent from all the AVX nonsense going on in the Marvel Universe, but long time Hawkeye fans are going to notice some issues with Clint's personality and anyone who has picked up an Avengers comic is going to be skeptical of the bro thugs that love to pop him right in the back of the head.

Ps. This my first real attempt at a blog post, so I'd appreciate some feedback.


Hold On A Minute....

When Namor was defeated in Avengers vs X-Men 8 the Phoenix Force's power went to the remaining four, but in Uncanny X-Men the PF 5 got their ass's handed to them by Sinister and nothing happened. Shouldn't the force have transfered to the others and ended with making Scott the Phoenix as he was the last to fall?


Making Comparisons

My first blog post “I’ve been here over a year and never made one”. I’ve decieded to make my blog some food for thought and ask my fellow Viners to look for comparisons between their top three characters or just three of their favorite characters.

My three favorites are




Captain America

A weird grouping I admit, but they actually share quite a few common and uncommon similarities

1. All three are Avengers "Storm is questionable, but we will see".

2. All three have blue eyes.

3. Each have bad ass significant others. Ororo has Tchalla, Clint has Jessica, and Steve has Sharon.

4. All three have Led teams. I like leaders apparently.

5. Each were playable in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 "guess who my three fighters were" and usable in Avengers Alliance.

6. Each have strict morals, yet have to extremes in situations that call for it.

7. Each were against hero registration, though Clint didn't appear until after the event, but after meeting Kate he pulled a Spiderman and turned on Tony.

8. Each have been in films and cartoons.

9. Each had skrull "who do you trust" teasers in Secret Invasion. Alot of charcaters did, but hey I thought it was cool.

10. All three have Ultimate counter parts.

11. All three have led special ops teams. Steve and Clint led Secret Avengers, and Ororo is leading X-Men's security recon team.

12. Each have gone away from their usual look and fighting style. Ororo through her depowered Mohawk stage, Clint through Goliath and Ronin and Steve in his Nomad and Super Soldier identities.

13. Each has proposed or been propsed to.

14. Each has battled the Hulk

15. Each has teamed up with Spiderman in a team up book.

16. They are all primarily team players.

17. Each have killed, though hold strong morals against it. Another reason I love all three.

18. Each has been touched and ruined by Bendis. I really despise that man.

19.Each are core members of their respective teams.

20. Each are owned by Marvel... I'm running out of similarities.

I came up with twenty, and may post more.

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