Marvel Genesis: Thunderbolts pre-formation

Thunderbolt project

  • Maria Hill – Acting director of super human affairs, has a lot on her plate.
  • Agent Coulsen - second in command of super human affairs and Hill’s errand boy
  • Nicholas/ Nick Fury – Head of S.H.I.E.L.D, rather rash and very busy, tending to forget

In a large office with the shield logo, grandly shining on the marble floor against the sky light. Maria Hill dressed smartly walks towards a large reception desk with a tiny, but most likely deadly receptionist.

“Hello, I am Maria Hill; I would like to talk with Nicholas Fury”

The receptionist pushes a button and warily sais

 “Maria Hill”

A short pause and the women moves her hand towards the door

“He will see you” (her eyes intense)

Nick Fury’s office was pitch black except for a small lamp which showed a glimpse of his desk where several blocks of papers sat and his hands lay on the dark desk. There was a dull white glow behind desk from the windows, giving a very ghostly outline to Nick Fury.

“Cowering in the dark Fury, not like you one bit”

“You want something Hill, I’m busy”

“I have the list of the Thunderbolt project’s candidates”

“What list, Hill I have more pressing matters too deal with, not your get together with the Lightning bolts”

“Thunderbolts and you told me yourself this was top of your to-do list fury”

“Well now I have more important problems to handle, so if you’d leave”

“Go do some work I asked you to do”

“I have done it”

“Miss Hill, if you wouldn’t mind”

Maria storms out the room leaving the receptionist baffled.

“You insufferable man”

In Maria Hill’s office Agent Coulsen ruffles about documents about new super humans popping up around the world.

“Hmm, teenage girl in who can walk through walls… seen it before”

“Girl named Ruby that’s made of ruby… predictable”

“Alien on fire and likes to carry a stick with two giant flaming balls…….. Has potential”

Suddenly Maria charges in the room flinging a file right into his hands and crashes to the chair at her desk.

“That’s a man who should have never got on my bad side, I’m telling you Coulsen. “

“He’ll regret it”

Awkward pause

“So…. Are these the thunderbolts candidates?”

“Yes a few of them, these were individuals who showed they have potential to become heroes, but they just happen to be locked up or on the run.”

“That Melissa Gold was a hard one to track.”

“You mean…um, Song bird?”

“Yeah, Gold was some trailer kid, with an alcoholic dad and no show mum. When she was 15 her dad dies of Alcohol poisoning and then she disappears for six months. Then she comes back to her old town with a bunch of Circus clowns drugged up with powers calling themselves The Grapplers.”

She was calling herself Screaming Mimi and her name was justified. She somehow got the power to create hallucinations or cause you to bleed from the inside out with her scream. She had an accident with a stray bullet hitting her vocal cords. Then she finds a Power Broker who gives her an impressive ability-“

“Solid sound constructs. That’s new.”

“Yeah so she travels across on a motorbike calling her self Songbird and decided to become a hero. I don’t know about you, but we need someone like her on our team”

“Her powers could come in handy.”

“So who then is this Ghost character?”

“ hear he’s some sort of billionaire hacker, who enjoys screwing over major companies to earn his money.”

“He’s also a capable inventor even creating a techno suit that turns him intangible and turn invisible”

“His skills and his funding would be a great benefit for our programme”

“Has he agreed to that?”

“He will, if he knows it’s good for him”

“What is this…Man-thing?”

“Now he’s a unique find, some sort of supernatural creature that used to live in Florida Everglades. Until they built an amusement park nearby and people started disappearing, if you were afraid then he’d kill you. He has some sort of empathetic bond with people around him and that affect his moods”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s been locked up for the past 20 years in a containment cell. Were implanting nanites into him, he’ll be easy to control if needed, or killed if he gets of hand”

“Next on the list is Moonstone”

“What’s she like?”

“She actually volunteered for the project, wants to become famous or something like Ms. Marvel. She is a fully qualified psychiatrist so shed be useful in the staff for some of the inmates at the base, she might even get them to turn over a new leaf.”

“What can she do?”

“Her powers include; self propelled flight, intangibility, the ability to focus gravity in a variety of ways such as force blasts, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and the ability to discharge a blinding flash of light from her body. She is also capable of using the gravitational forces at her disposal to manipulate and move matter, create force fields, increase gravity around a target, generate miniature black holes, and transport objects through dimensional rifts.”

“And how does she do all that?”

“Some alien stone she’s got imbedded into her self, we can’t get it out”

“Also a model, skilled lady we got here”

Hill glares at Coulsen


“Ok, so what about this last guy?”

“Lucas Cage…”

“Luke Cage-Carl Lucas at birth-was raised in the slums of Harlem New York. He spent his childhood in a gang called The Rivals. Lucas engaged in many gang fights with The Diablos, a rival gang. One however gave him his powers. During a gang fight in a nuclear power plant an unknown chemical which we have not been able to trace spilled all over Cage. Then a freak lightning bolt struck Cage and he was in a comma for a week. Woke up in hospital pretty much destroyed the whole wing. He was subdued and sent to the Raft.”

“Raft. Was he that destructive?”  

“He reduced the whole wing to rocks, killed two doctors, one patient involved in a shooting. When he got into Raft he was a model Prisoner, deeply traumatized by what he did. Spent three years behind bars until a group of super villains broke into the raft to free some of there buddies. When Cage got out instead of escaping took down all of the escaping inmates, saved several guards and locked up all the villains and just walked right back into his cell.”

“Wow, impressive”

“So yeah I’d like you to get all of these Candidates to The Raft for orientation”

Me, I have to locate all of them”

“Well two of them are locked up, one has volunteered, one is gallivanting about and one may be invisible and on the run… so good luck”