Marvel Genesis: Cloak and Dagger chapter 1

I sort of decided just to post the chapter although it wasnt finshed so ill just start chapter two from where chap 1 left off and ill draw a new cover :P

Marvel Genesis

Cloak and Dagger #1

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: In a rusted old car park where abandoned motors lay scattered and broken. Dagger and Cloak are fighting a gang transporting drugs.

Surprising… huh. Only a couple of days ago I had a normal life.

Well as normal a life a homeless teenager could have.

But now look at me, I’m fighting crime and with my only friend in , Ty.

 We have super powers, like real powers making us legit super heroes I guess

Dagger_ How you handling these mugs Ty (smiling)

Cloak _ Its Cloak while were on the job Dagger (absorbing some goons)

They aren’t that tough I just store them in the darkness and I’ll drop them off to jail later on

Dagger_ Well don’t let it get to your head now

Cloak_ Not gonna happen, kid.

Dagger_ Hey! I’m only 2 years younger than you. I’m no kid….Jerk (Angry, then her tactics become more aggressive

Cloak_ Hey c’mon we’re the good guys, here remember that.


Underground Lab. Not the most popular Friday night hotspot.

I was on some sort of dentist chair, but surrounded by odd men poking syringes into my skin. I was weak. I might as well have been a corpse, I felt like one. I was being injected with a strange white fluid. I felt strange sensations all over my body like I was being electrocuted and my eye. It was burning…

“She is going into shock. We’re gonna lose her to the drug”

I was shaking violently and screaming but the constraints prevented relief

“I’ll be damned if we lose another test subject”

“Our benefactor will definitely cut our budget”

“My god what happening to her eye”

A short pause

“Wow… its glowing”

“Her vitals are returning to normal”

“We might have survivor”

They were all in awe somehow. I didn’t know why, but I went under again and fell asleep.

3 hours later

I woke up in a strange metal room with padded floors. I felt so alone. The only sign of life in the whole room was a flickering light bulb almost struggling to stay-a-light; soon it would die out and dim into darkness.


“Get me the hell outta here you creepy f*@&s”

Everything was still and quiet, I bet they’re enjoying a teenage girl struggle like this, sickos.

Suddenly the light went out and the whole room went pitch black.


I could now hear noises from outside, things sounded like they were breaking...


That scream sounded awful. I could then hear a familiar voice

“Tandy where are you!”

“What did you do with Tandy Brown you monsters!!”

More screams and crashing commenced.

A strange presence then loomed over the room. Although I couldn’t see through the wall, I knew something was there, something full of darkness and malice.


The wall was being ripped apart, and then in out from the shadows stood Ty. He was different…

Thank God I found you Tandy; I was worried what they had done to you or if you even survived”

I could see his face and blackness was creeping like vines all over it and his eyes were red. Ty was different.


“Oh My god what did they do to you Tandy”

Still stunned by his appearance, I managed to whimper

“What do you mean?”

“Your eye” (pointing to his right eye)

There was something over my eye, rough like bandages and straps.

“Why is… Why is my eye covered?”

“Don’t worry about it right now; we need to get outta here”

I don’t know why, but although I didn’t trust this man in front of me, there was still a part of Ty in there, shrouded by darkness. Like a candle-light in a dark cave, it was very distinguishable.

He stretched out his hand. Inside my emotions were welling up

“Ty” (Crying)

I leapt for him and embraced my tiny arms around him.

“I was so scared, they injected me with drugs and, and they…”

I looked to his face and saw that the black vines were slowly withering away.

His eyes appeared more human even one of them returning to brown.

He looked relieved

“Ok Tandy. Let’s get out of this hellhole”

 I grabbed his hand and we began running