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I'm really feeling the story so far, but I'm only reeding it for T'Challa... Its actually more interesting since the panther god stripped him of his powers and gave them to his sister. Because it shows that he's struggling to accept that he lost his title of being the Panther and King of Wakanda, and now he's being consumed with hatred for Doom and he's willing to do anything to kill him. Even turning to magic.


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@Umbraa said:

Black Panther. 
Currently he is human, and is creating a style (Martial Arts) to destroy robots and machinery. He also has Ironman level battle suits, that he does not use…because he doesn’t need too.

He has already beat Stark, several times. Including buying his company with a phone call. LOL

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Yeh until BP is shown  actually winning, I'm pretty sure IM wins the majority of times. Future comics may change things though.

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O.K I'm gonna state the fact that T'Challa is not the Black Panther at the moment and Shuri is, and she woudn't stand a chance regardless. 
T'challa is starting to use magic to find a way to deal with Doom though and if he becomes Black Panther again I think he'll have a few new powers under his belt. I'm gonna leave this topic for a few months, or until T'Challa becomes BP again.
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.lol. I think I can answer this fairly confidently... There are many powerful vampires and they do the best they can to keep themselves as hidden as possible from their prey (humans). Also strong vampires have the ability to shape shift and hypnotise humans, so even if a human or superhuman came into contact with a vampire they most likely wouldn't notice. Blade can always locate vampires because he has the rare ability to sense supernatural creatures, so he can tell what type of creature they are and he can even tell if a human has come into contact with a supernatural creature or if the human is possessed by a demon. Also its not that many vampires are not strong enough to take on superheroes, Its simply that its not in their interest to draw attention to themselves. There are many powerful demons and supernatural creatures in the marvel universe that are hardly ever noticed or seen.

 A funny thing is that the Punisher has only come into contact with Blade once and when he did he thought Blade was crazy and making up the existence of Vampires. He also shot Blade in the back and thought that Blade was lying when Blade denied he was wearing any kevlar and said he was a hybrid vampire.

I personally think vampires are awesome because of their variability. I personally think the best vampires are the ones that are less human and more demonic.

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Hey man... Why did you repost this? You could of just edited the link on the other page you put for this video.

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@spawn_obsessed: One thing that comics always teaches us is characters never truly die... I think Al maybe hidden in the body of the current main character. Regardless of what happens, I think Al can never truly be out of the picture because he is in essence what makes Spawn interesting. Also I think most of Spawns fans are pissed that Al may possibly be out of the picture for good. So he may just be gone for this current arc and will be back when the next arc starts. But to be honest, anybody who's not part of the creative team most likely wont know the answer to your question.
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Andferne said:
I'm fine with how the suit works and have no real problems with it except for two points.1) The whole ... [more]
1) How does his walking on water seem over the top? I mean we're talking about comic book material used for his boots to give him the ability to walk on water, so why do think you have to say what is in the realm of possibilities. Last time I checked Marvel characters can fly, so what makes walking on liquid any less capable. It may not be solid, but its more solid than air.
2) What part of the most technologically advanced nation on earth don't you understand? If Tony can make his battle ready suits, shouldn't it be capable of others to do the same. The cloaking ability and adaptability is more realistic than many of the inventions seen in Marvel. It looks like your approaching this with the idea of what technology we have in real life.

I don't want to sound patronising but it seems like your dismissing things on the account of them being unbelievable. But Isn't that the whole point of superheroes?... being able to do what your normal hero can't do.

I must be missing something.
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Ok some of my favourite issues of spawn was when he was like the enigmatic character in the dark. His presence is always there but its in the form of his shadow, a bit of his cape or even just that green glow that drifts from his eyes. But when it came to killing a few people he did it in his own twisted gruesome way. This will be a first for superhero movies as Al will not be in plain sight and may leave us guessing halfway through the movie if Spawn is real or a figment of imagination.

I think people need to shift this image that spawn is your happy-go-lucky boyscout of a traditional hero... He's the type of anti-hero that makes the punisher look as evil as spongebob squarepants. I know this will work regardless of the lead role, because even a bad actor can act in a well scripted/written and directed film.
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@Buckshot said:
" Can't say "no" for sure, but I don't think that's quite what they were thinking. I feel like they might be making him more monarch and less action hero, or maybe even a helping spirit (though i really doubt that). I'm thinking more that his role will change (or be more focused) than any kind of physical change. That's just my guess though. "
Yeh I can see what you mean... I hope they don't take him out the picture and leave him as a supporting character... I honestly wouldn't see him just stepping aside and letting someone else take the role he worked to gain.