Top Black Marvel Superheroes

The most influential and also my favorite black superheroes of Marvel comics.

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Posted by Spideysense44

Good list, Black Panther is the man

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Posted by stanIMatiON

I wonder when marvel will create a male black character that has powers that isnt strength or speed without wearing armor or machinery. Would love to see that!

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Posted by BlackPan1her

@stanimation: Mainfold and Blue Marvel come to mind. Granted, Blue Marvel has strength and flight, but his unique energy projection is his signature power.

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@blackpan1her: I'll have to check them out, thanks. What comics do they appear in?

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Posted by BlackPan1her

@stanimation: Blue Marvel is currently in the Mighty Avengers book, a team also lead by Luke Cage, Monica Rambeau and Blade. Manifold should still be in one of the main Avengers books, Avengers World.

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Posted by Kokemabb200

Great list

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Posted by Adication

Blue marvel should definitely be on this list