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I'm just a man with a dream with the will to materalize it. Aspiring Pro Wrestler,Roleplayer,Writer. Personal Twitter account @RomanAugust94

if you roleplay as well, follow my twitter RP accounts!

@Black_Pan1her (Black Panther)

@STRIPEsyArmor (S.T.R.I.P.E.)

@Arise_Etrigan (Etrigan)

@SubmitOrPerish (Ultron)

@HeavenlyGarment (Stocking from Panty and Stocking)

@9Lives_Grant (Wildcat)

@4SkinMan (Foreskin Man)

@Trebleshooter_ (Original Character; Hero)

@DemonicBrim (Original Character; Villain)

@3EyedTuatura (Original Character; Villain)

@SolarManofAtom (Dr. Solar)

@Blood_intheSand (Spartacus)