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Hammerhead? No. Punisher? Yes. 0

I'm a newcomer to the Brand New day variety of Spider-Man. While Dan Slott's regular run on Amazing starting with Big Time caught my attention and made me a true believer, I hadn't really read Amazing Spider-Man since the middle of the Clone Saga. Once Slott had his claws in me, I decided to go back and check out everything from the beginning of Brand New Day.While I found this volume to be entertaining, it wasn't spectacular. That reaction really comes down to two factors: Hammerhead and Chris ...

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Good start! 0

I have been curious about this title for a while now. I picked up the first collection at the library this past week. While it started out weakly for my taste, I eventually warmed over to this book. The first few issues were almost painful to read. The dialogue was stilted and hokey, the story kind of blah. It was until the twist in the middle of the book that I actually got hooked. Issues 11-13 were quite brilliant and a nice reinterpretation of the Superman story. I don't want to spoil t...

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0.1 a Good, but not great place to start. 0

The Point One issue find Johnny virtually in the same place as his the Spider-Man back up stories collected in the Motorstorm one-shot, but with less fun. Ghost Rider isn't a comic character, but his dire situation doesn't need to bring with emo-level brooding. This issue was heavy on said brooding. Johnny Blaze is tired of being Ghost Rider, which is totally understandable. I wish the issue had explored the reasons why he wanted to give it up in a little more depth. I know the Point Issue shou...

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Everything the main title is not! 0

This title has everything lacking from the main Fables title: action, adventure, intrigue, and a snappy dialogue. Literally everything about this title works, even the flashbacks. In fact, I love the use of the flashbacks so much I have dubbed this the Vertigo version of Lost.  The characterization of Dorothy is so rich and deliciously evil. When has Fables introduced anyone even remotely as interesting? It has to go back to before the war at least.  This title is practuially begging to be made...

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It's over? Thanks, I guess. 0

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS HERE!    This book contained a holy shit moment for me. That's big because this book hasn't had too many of them in the last couple of years. It's both the good and bad kind of holy shit moment. Mr. Dark has been defeated. I'm perplexed, excited, and annoyed by this all at once. I'm perplexed because he was built up as this bad ass pre-issue #100. If they were going to deal with him, that should have been the place. But no, Willingham and crew kept him around and al...

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T.H.U.N.D.E.R.-ing to an end? 0

I love this title. It's been a great addition to the comic world and has introduced me to a group of heroes I never knew about. That being said, I would be down with the slow pacing of this story if there weren't only a couple of issues left. DC has said this book will return after September, but even if it does I feel like this title is on the clock. I enjoyed this issue and the story is compelling. It's just too "patiently paced." Iron Maiden's past in interesting, but I can't shake the fe...

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Millar finds new ways to make you want to read anthing but this. 0

It's sad to see Millar sink to such lows. Wow, this is just bad. His return to the Ultimates has been awful. And that's actually being considerably charitable. It's been twenty-four issues of devolving stories, with each arc find new, insipid ways to make you rue the day Millar ever decided to return. This issue hits a new low as we are treated to Hulked out versions of Punisher, War Machine, Fury, and Hawkeye. Yeah... it's that bad. Next issue puts everyone out of their misery. Thankfully....

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Jeph Loeb can write good comics? Get out of here! 0

It's taken just over a year to release five issues, but it's been worth it. Jeph Loeb almost redeems himself for Ultimatum with this (now) miniseries. Though it didn't come close to answering the highly intriguing post-Ultimatum status of mutants in the Ultimate Universe, it sets up the new Ultimate X-Men nicely for said task. I like the group they've assembled. I hope this means Ultimate X-Men will hit the ground running without having to rehash an origin story again. Wishful thinking, I...

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Classic in the making? 0

This is great storytelling! This is the best Punisher story arc at least since the Ennis era. Unless Aaron manages to screw this up majorly, this is Top 10 material. This issue built up the stress from the previous issues. I do like the insertion of Nick Fury into Frank's origin, though I know some purists will cry foul. This is Frank in prison. It's been done many times before, but never this well. Highly recommended!...

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Lackluster End for the Heart of the Ultimate Universe 0

Spoiler: Spider-Man dies. "No shit," you say. Well, yeah, no shit. I have mixed feeling about this. Ultimate Spider-Man was one of two books I attribute to reintroducing me to Marvel Comics (and superhero books in general) after an extended leave of absence. I've invested time, resources, and thought into this book over the last 160 issues. I have got to say, this does not seem to be a natural progression of the story. Then again, nothing has felt natural or organic about storytelling in ...

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