Detailed history: The skull hunter.

Bill Donovan Lancer is a Louisiana man born on September the eighth, nineteen seventy. His parents were mutant supporters and were involved in protests for mutant rights. This of course rubbed off on Bill, giving him a positive outlook to people of the mutant race, respecting and treating them just like anyone else. At a young age, Bill's father (who was a former marine during the north Korea police action) started to train him to fend for himself, and how to survive in the wilderness. The training didn't go unused, for the town of Brimlock wasn't the nicest place to grow up as a kid. By the age of twelve, he already had the reputation of biting a man's nose off, and proceeded to paralyze him via throwing him down a set of stairs when he was almost molested by him. His parents didn't necessarily encourage this sort of behavior but also had a rather bitter perspective of life, thinking he should be like this now instead of later in life. Going through his teens, his life was even more difficult, being hated at his school for being a supporter of mutants, an ideal he violently defended when it was challenged The one thing that made him happy throughout his teen years was his beloved sister, Joan. Joan had a way of making everything alright, keeping Bill positive and kept him going. This was put to the test when their mother was killed in a house fire, falling asleep with a cigarette in her mouth. Bill became even more bitter after his mother's untimely death, his father slipping into a void of depression. After a night out with his sister, the two siblings would come home to a father that couldn't take it anymore, a father that slashed his wrists open while sitting in his favorite chair.

Bill was eighteen when his father killed himself, his sister was nineteen. The two inherited what little money their father had and continued to live in a trailer park together, feeling that they could not separate for they would lose their own minds alone. By this point, Bill was on the edge of darkness, and the only thing holding him from it was Joan. The two lived together for two very decent years, Bill working at the local gun shop where he learned a vast amount of knowledge when it came to weapons, and Joan worked at the only diner in town as a waitress. Things seemed to be turning up for the two Lancers, but that was going to change very soon. Bill and Joan were ready, ready to get out of that town and hit the road, look for a new life away from the darkness that surrounded them. There was just one stop left before leaving town, the ice cream stand that their parents always took them to when they were kids, for old times sake. While sitting down at the old wooden table just beside the parking lot, they were jumped, by a group of punk mutants. Normally Bill would be ale to take care of a few teenagers, but not when they had powers. They took what money they had saved up inside the trailer that they had in the parking lot while beating Bill to a pulp, these mutants made it clear that this was just out of hatred for humans. Nobody came to the rescue, people strayed away from the scene and cops were to scared to intervene with mutants involved. Bill Lancer, had to watch his sister, Joan lancer, get raped, beaten and thrown around for two hours, they made him watch the entire time. With their fun spent, they decided to shoot Bill in the chest. The last thing he got to see while bleeding out on the grass was his sister thrown in the trailer, and the trailer set ablaze with the help of a fire manipulating mutant. This was not the day Bill was going to die however. After the gang had fled, another mutant stumbled across the scene, with the power to heal, he sealed up Bill's gunshot wound to save his life. Bill thanked him by snapping his neck as soon as he was breathing again. Something had awoken after that night inside of Bill Lancer, a lust for bloodshed, a need for killing, a fire of vengeance Bill said his goodbyes to the ashes of his sister, and promised he would get who did this to her. He made his way back to his childhood home, not for memories so much as the hidden weapons cache his father had kept from after his service in Korea. Not only that, but he also found his old war journals. Upon reading them, his father told a story of when he was in Korea, and they were hunting down a crazed soldier in the jungle. The unter survived for an entire month on nothing but the wild, killing over seventy troops. For every high ranking soldier he had killed, the mad man would cut off their heads, skin them, and collect the skull as a trophy. The Korean man was noticeable almost instantly by the massive white skull symbol painted on his chest. Bill took this to heart, taking the method of operation the crazed man had, painting a white skull on a black T-shirt, becoming the skull hunter.

The skull hunter found out everything he could about the kids that killed his sister and shot him, where they lived, where they hung out, their favorite color. And one by one, hunted them down and killed them all, collecting their skulls as the final insult. To this day, on the welcome sign of Brimlock, four skulls are nailed to it, the skulls of the mutants that killed Bill's sister. Nobody dares remove them, out of fear of the skull hunter. Bill proceeded to hunt down mutants, good, bad, it didn't matter, he may have got his vengeance but his blood lust seemed unquenchable Finally,an authority got involved with Bill's one man war on the mutants, however they didn't contact him to arrest him, they contacted him for recruitment. The cape killers, task force for dealing with meta human and mutant threats of all kinds. They had their eyes on Bill as soon as he collected his first skull. All the soldiers need to say was "kill mutants", and Bill accepted.

Two years after military training, Bill was at the peak of his game, his body honed to be the perfect killing machine, his senses were near feral from the brutal training that a cape killer had to endure. At age twenty, he started his military career, fighting back mutant rebels that seemed to flock during the nineties Bill went from private to captain in record time, his infamous skull hunter alias quickly quaking the other cape killer squads in fear of him. Like the skull painted on his combat vest, his brutality stood out from the rest, showing no mercy on any operation. The skull killer had been around the world twice fighting the rebels, every tour becoming more and more skilled in the art of war, and killing. He fought omega class mutants, and even the infamous Quintus Knightfall during caped crusader's first year of being a vigilante in Manhattan. For the next twenty three years of his life, Bill was a cape killer, the baddest of cape killers, the most brutal, his art of killing had become unparalleled, without a rival. He was an apex predator, he was the skull hunter. In January, 2013 however, things changed. The registration act passed, mutants who didn't sign up became instant targets, it was massacre Bill and his squad were back in Brimlock of all places, killing any renegade mutant they could find. After a while though, the squad busted into a house where a young brother and sister were huddled in the corner, unregistered mutants. Bill finally saw what he had become, at first his goals were just, he hunted down evil mutants, terrorists, but this? This wasn't why he became the skull hunter. Without hesitation, Bill brutally killed his entire squad to save the two kids lives. Bill surrendered himself to the cape killers for killing his own squad, thrown in the brig to rot for a long time. However, on the day of the examination of his case, Bill murdered his captors and sunk the entire freight ship he was imprisoned on. As of that point on, Bill lancer was a cape killer no more, but he was still very much so, the skull hunter. Bill now travels place to place and hunts down any criminal, whether they be mutant, or human. With his massive array of killing knowledge and war expertise, the skull hunter starts a new war against crime, against evil. He was destined to collect the skulls of the wicked, to bt the skull hunter, until the day he dies.